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What does Brexit mean for Premier League ?

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Posted on 24 June 2016 by "H".

This morning the world got the news of the British people voting for Brexit. 51.9 % against 48.1 % voted for England to leave the EU. But what will the EU referendum mean for the Premier League?

At the moment it wont change anything, but in a couple of years there could be a lot of problems for Premier League clubs buying foreign players. Currently it is very easy for a club in the Premier League to buy a EU resident, but in a couple of years it can be very difficult for non EU players to get a workpermit in the UK and thereby not be allowed to work in the country (Play football)

A reserach has showed that currently 108 players in the Premier League, would NOT have been able to sign with a Premier League club, if Great Britain wasn't a part of the EU when they signed their contract. Some of those har big names, infact the most expensive teenager in football history, Anthony Martial whould not have been able to leave Monaco for Manchester United, if the UK wasn't a part of EU.

Other big names is French superstar Dimitri Payet and not to forget, N'Golo Kante, who certainly has been one of the biggest reasons why Leicester City ended up winning the Premier League. All these players could not have been part of the Premier League, if the UK wasn't a part of EU.

So. What does this mean in the future. They players obviously doesn't need to leave their clubs and travel back home. The players in the UK now can stay there, but in the future the demands of getting a work permit in the UK will be much harder.

The rules for non EU residents to get a work-permit in England.

* A player from a top 10 nation on FIFA's world ranking must have played at least 30 % of international caps in the last 2 years.

* A player from a top 11-20 on FIFA's world ranking must have played at least 45 % of the international caps in the last 2 years.

* A player from a top 21-30 nation on FIFA's world ranking must have played at least 60 % of international caps in the last 2 years.

* A player from a top 31-50 nation on FIFA's world ranking most have played at least 75 % of international caps in the last two years.

Neither of Dimitri Payet, Anothony Martial or N'Golo Kante had played 30 % of international matches for France in the last two years, and they could not have signed with any club in the UK, if England wasn't part of the EU before.

It whould have been hardest for Manchester United, because 18 of their goals this season came from players who couldn't have got a work-permit in the UK.

All 20 Premier League clubs was for REMAIN - What is your opinion on this topic?

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14 comments on "What does Brexit mean for Premier League ?"

 3pokeronly25/06/2016 02:51:46 GMT
The rules governing this and the restrictions will obviously change as will much of the investment, property and general employment rules. This will impact more on the UK residents than any other non-UK person. Soccer's internal rules to (try to) allow a balanced league system with good local representation will essentially be loosened up a bit and the EU based players will have to meet similar criteria as above.
 T3ddyKGB25/06/2016 06:20:49 GMT
"What does Brexit mean for Premier League ?"

i guess nothing...?

back the days italy just gave em an italian will england if necessary.
problem solved.
 shokaku25/06/2016 06:27:34 GMT
Not that much will happen. If real problems will arise, the UK will just change the rules on the work-permit for foreign players, as they are now free to do so as they see fit, and those problems will go away.
 IceQueenAce25/06/2016 07:39:54 GMT
Premier League is rich.

The rich get richer.
The poor get poorer.

There is some good news though. The poor people down the job centre who can't get a job 'because all the immigrants took them' can now all become doctors and stuff, innit bruv!
 doubletop77725/06/2016 08:45:49 GMT
I dont think that many people will be worrying about the Premier League after this vote. I agree with Shokaku, that the rules will just be changed to allow these players to play
 Ingrind3325/06/2016 10:18:16 GMT
Posted by IceQueenAce:
Premier League is rich.

The rich get richer.
The poor get poorer.

There is some good news though. The poor people down the job centre who can't get a job 'because all the immigrants took them' can now all become doctors and stuff, innit bruv!

Oi mate, let our Europeans back our bags and live in Syria or somewhere in Africa. We can start a new colony there. Nice weather. We only have so build a pipe line that pumps seawater to a filtration plant. Solar powered of course. We enforce man and gays to wear burkas and we beat them up with belts.

We force our atheism on the locals and force them to drink coca cola because we are not going to adept to country you live in. O wait...
 IceQueenAce25/06/2016 10:25:32 GMT
We bomb Iraq and other such countries, then when all hell breaks loose and refugees have to come somewhere, we close our borders and say no.

 vaci3825/06/2016 10:42:31 GMT

I do not believe that this decision will change in the premier league something , it is the Kingdom of England , who could of UEFA something to think about to introduce some changes or punishment , it is the poor countries like mine , football began to be played in England and prolong the play , it may be a problem with players from EU , but this will negotiate two years time to exit
 dule-vu25/06/2016 11:02:09 GMT
well this affect very much on quality of premier league!it was easy to buy players from whole european union,now will be just like every stranger from rest of world!things will change and in this article,many players,like payet wouldnt play if that rules are now!but brithis people wanted this EU exit!
 damosk26/06/2016 07:23:31 GMT
Have you guys heard of someone called Jamie Vardy? A few years ago he was playing non league football earning next to nothing. Oh by the way he is English. He now plays at the highest level of English football and has earned a call up to the England squad and has been (to some extent) involved in the success of England at the Euro 2016 football championships.

Why do I mention Jamie Vardy in this thread? Well, he was given a chance. He has been allowed to train with a premier league club and has developed his game accordingly. A bigger club are now interested in him. Why was that bigger club not interested in him before he moved to Leicester?

They weren't interested because English players are invariably more expensive than non English players. Why? Because average European players can get signed and developed cheaper. Who were Payet and Kante before they emerged on the Premier League this season. They were Jamie Vardys, but not from England. There must be thousands of budding Jamie Vardys playing football in Britain but aren't given the chance to progress.

If the rules change about signing European players, this may have a beneficial impact on the premier league in that clubs will be able to develop more British youngsters and that will have an impact on the British international squads also. More British Jamie Vardys .

So, yes it will have an impact on the premier league, those players that deserve to be here because they are quality will get here. Those that are blocking the route for 'homegrown' talent won't be.

It will also change the meaning of 'homegrown' according to European football rules as it will change how non British youngsters can be called 'homegrown' when they are not.

Seek the positive and don't scaremonger. It seems to have become a way of societal life to be full of doom and gloom. Be positive and seek opportunity to get better.

Would you stay in a relationship that had broken down or would you leave, or would you stay hoping that it would be good for the kids....... It won't be!
 pochui26/06/2016 11:50:27 GMT
i would like to pint out that mr. damosk's post is so long that it definitely deserves more than 10 mobpoints, not to mention the fact that it deserves complete and utter respect for the fella. regarding the change in rules- change only changes the fact tht something ill have to be changed in the future.
 Calmplay27/06/2016 06:15:24 GMT
as someone mentioned above, the UK will find a way to change a rule where all of this will not be a problem because the Premier League in England is a very important thing for the country economy and if they can't bring some foreign players clubs won't be able to compete at the highest level in European competition... yes England have some talents but not gonna be enough IMO.
 pajalnick27/06/2016 10:30:47 GMT
I do not think that the team's Premier League postadayut a little bit of what happened ... probably prizoydut any changes in poravilah that clubs did not suffer from the bureaucratic rules ... especially since this is England and clubs of this country is traditionally very strong and will suffer in first football .. so I do not doubt that we will see Premier League clubs with no changes in the composition of players
 DaCapo7127/06/2016 14:06:00 GMT
I see no Problems for the Premier League teams in the future, the Football association are verry creative to handle it. I think the EU players get the same status like the players from England. The english Football Teams payed a lot of money and all guys want to participate for it.

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