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UK Government Releases No-Deal Brexit Guide for Gambling Operators

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Posted on 11 October 2019 by "T".

The UK is set to leave the European Union on October 31. Therefore, the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) of the UK has released an 8-point guide or checklist for gambling operators, to help them prepare for a possible no-deal Brexit.

Three of these points involve staffing issues, which include:

  • Whether staff needs to apply to the EU Settlement Scheme
  • Whether staff needs a visa or work permit for the countries in which they plan to work
  • To ensure that they meet immigration rules including ‘crossing into Spain from Gibraltar' (Gibraltar is the place where several UK-licensed gambling operators opt to base their EU-facing business).

The government of UK strongly believes gambling operators must make sure there are no legal issues with their handling of personal data from the EU and European Economic Area. Operators must ensure their reporting and accounting practices meet the EU/EEA requirements.

UK-based online gambling operators that provide services to customers in EU markets have to appoint an EU representative to make sure that their online security standards meet the approved grade. Existing contracts must be thoroughly checked to make sure that operators have the necessary copyright permits to offer specific licensed content outside of the UK.

Furthermore, the Government advised gambling operators to make sure they can import hardware from the EU, in case UK should leave without a deal.


Question: What are your thoughts on Brexit? 



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15 comments on "UK Government Releases No-Deal Brexit Guide for Gambling Operators"

 CALICUL11/10/2019 13:23:02 GMT
I hope this does not affect certain countries and we can no longer play where UK operators are authorized by Gibraltar. I think that this thing has to be normal and we should take part in their games. It is ugly that England leaves the EU but this is the situation.
 crankmuppet11/10/2019 13:34:30 GMT
Wow! Just did a search on the UK gov site for 'brexit no deal'.

Returns 34,746 results !!!
 Nightkid11/10/2019 14:47:01 GMT
umm the truth just go to comment something hahaha because the truth I think it does not affect that this happens in a country very far away from mine hahaha but well we must see what they think about it regarding this issue and how it will affect Confused Confused Confused
 dule-vu12/10/2019 07:43:15 GMT
this will change lot of things,now its up to british companies to think and to make solution how will players play normally as we played before!for some players will be good that they are not anymore in EU and terms will be better for them!hope that they will make that all sites work as they worked before and not to get ban from this sites!
 damosk12/10/2019 11:58:05 GMT
At the risk of becoming political... the concept of Brexit is raising far more questions than answers and that was ever envisaged by everyone who voted in the UK referendum three years ago that has led to Brexit. It is only a matter of days now before there may be some light shed on what may happen from 31 October 2019 or whether once again nothing happens as many people (especially politicians who wrap their concerns in the common good or national interest as they call it) are frightened of leaving the EU whether with or without a deal to leave the EU.

Many UK politicians lack the imagination or business nouse to get on with leaving and make a better UK outside of the EU.

Lets watch and see what happens over the coming days!
 bowie198412/10/2019 21:13:40 GMT
Funny thing is - in case of a no deal brexit - they will be running out of toilet paper sooner than running out of gambling operators, that's for sure.
Otherwise no big gambling companies are run from the UK anymore, they maybe operating there but most of them are offshore entity anyway...
 dule-vu13/10/2019 08:17:54 GMT
yeah,they will have bigger problems if they go away without any deal and gambling companies willl be on last place to thing about them!but on some side I am glad that they will have problems,because they didnt think for they vote,what kind of problems they will have,how they will travel from now,how they will buy anything!nothing will be same for them!
 shokaku13/10/2019 14:31:37 GMT
I guess the UK government had to give some guide here. But actually, i dont expect Brexit to happen. In the end there will be another vote on the matter, and after that things will go back to normal.The usual EU way.
 CALICUL13/10/2019 14:32:49 GMT
I noticed that the guven of United Kingdom he was also interested in hardware of the online gambling operators. This is very good and the players of other countries will still be able to play without major or medium problems. It is good that the operation will not be stopped.
 bowie198414/10/2019 21:43:18 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
... because they didnt think for they vote,what kind of problems they will have,how they will travel from now,how they will buy anything!nothing will be same for them!

It was a very close vote, something like 52-48 and it proved why direct democracy (handling all issues with a direct majority vote instead going through with a mitigated responsibility involving government and parlamentary fractions) could backfire onto any nation.
 Gerimantas14/10/2019 23:15:38 GMT
to me personally this all Brexit deal is so much nonsense, I think many people in first not vote or vote because of fun and now when people understand what can be same people make different vote. but politicians not allow to make voting second time
 dule-vu15/10/2019 09:34:06 GMT
bowie it was very close,when whole UK had votes and england had more yes,but scotland had more no,but they cant decide for themself and they now have to pay because of others!now all countries must go from EU!they will lose a lot,they just dont know that in this moment,but soon they will see everything!
 Mober16/10/2019 17:18:59 GMT
Who knows what will happen in the end. Political games in their worst with too many
outcomes. What will actually happen will be know after the move, if and when happens.
How it will affect Uk and the rest of the europe. It wont be a "wound free: Smile for none
if it ever happens Smile
 CALICUL16/10/2019 22:42:25 GMT
I don't think there will be anything restricted because the poker rooms, casinos and sports betting houses took action early and the UK will lose money, if it stops certain games or operators. Don't be scared because there will be nothing serious and gamblers they will not have major problems.
 levi981218/10/2019 12:45:05 GMT
aaahaa, the gamble rules, it what we where a waiting for LOL XD brexit is the most undemocratic event that happened in years!! i hope the brittish people finally get what they are voted for, because this where black years for brittain citicens. i hope them the best, and see some brittain friends at the poker table soon! Smile

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