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Starbucks Employee Wins $900,000 In NFL Betting Contest!

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Posted on 12 January 2017 by "T".

A 32-year-old Starbucks barista named Damon Graham has successfully won the record-breaking Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest, which made him $900,000 richer. To those still in the dark, the SuperContest is the largest NFL handicapping competition in the world, held yearly at the Westgate Las Vegas, which also boasts the world's largest race and sportsbook.

The aim of the whole game is to outsmart the bookies, or in this case, Westgate's point spread, picking 5 games each week throughout the 17-week regular season. The contest started in the 1980s as a platform for the best pro sports bettors to compete against one another, and since then it has become something of a Las Vegas tradition.

Sports enthusiasts who checked the statistics said that this year, the contest boasted its biggest ever field and numbers have grown significantly thanks also to the craze brought about by daily fantasy sports. Nowadays, both pro and amateur bettors like to do their homework first and then compete. Therefore, the huge field and the $1,500 buy-in fee resulted to a huge prize pool and almost $1 million is up for grabs as the first place prize.
The Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest actually drew a record attention, similar with the growth of the World Series of Poker during the poker boom. Does this mean that the winner, barista Damon Graham, can be likened to Chris Moneymaker of sports betting?

As more and more amateurs participate, the event has grown from 345 entrants (in 2010) to 1,854 this year.
The emergent winner Graham bought into the contest for the max two entries, to turn his $3,000 investment into a whopping $907,699. As Week 17 started, both his entries were tied for 4th place, and so he decided to go opposite sides for the remaining 5 games with each entry, one of which came in at 5-0 to win him the title.

He told ESPN, "I've never been happier to be wrong about anything in my whole life."

How could a humble barista afford the $3,000 buy-in? He answered, "I decided last year, after just having one entry, that I wanted to give two a try. I just saved my money by cutting expenses and making sacrifices in my social life. I worked and just got ready for the football season."

He spent Sunday morning at Starbucks concocting double chocolatey-chip frappes and iced café lattes as usual, only to discover (via TV at his work) during his lunch break that he had won the event.

He said, "I went to work to take my mind off of it. I knew I was going to win something, but it was pretty amazing to find out I finished first."

Graham told ESPN that he is not really a serious sports bettor, therefore his win can be similar to that of an amateur player winning the WSOP main event.



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10 comments on "Starbucks Employee Wins $900,000 In NFL Betting Contest! "

 JUGADOR201112/01/2017 21:36:53 GMT
Excellent prize for Mr. Damon Graham and little by little he was building his victory, consistently and without pressure, I hope to achieve a quarter of what he achieved to win some day in poker hehe, his experience can serve as a motivation for us That we hope to win someday
 doubletop77713/01/2017 09:10:30 GMT
Many congratulations to this man on winning this monster prize. He must be very knowledgble on football to risk the $3,000 entry fee but his risk has well and truly paid off
 Robbo199013/01/2017 10:38:45 GMT
fantasy football has been huge in america for awhile, but i think the $$$, sponsorship and laws is just catching up.
 pajalnick13/01/2017 11:34:25 GMT
Of course it was a very risky decision to spend $ 3000, but I am very glad that miracles happen and that person got a big win ... now he probably will find it more interesting job than he has now ... or just going to live on this money not working
 pochui13/01/2017 17:34:30 GMT
i don't know what to say, oh wait i do- kinda stupid investment which turned out to be the best investment he ever made. surely now lots of people will chase his feat and pour their savings into this bottomless bucket hoping to become rich... ah well it's their money, why do i have to care...
 damosk13/01/2017 22:53:05 GMT
Not a bad return on investment... $3000 to win $900,000. I would be pretty happy with that but it is still a huge amount to place on a bet in the firs instanc. I can't perceive of a day existing where I would be placing a bet that large, unless of course I win it in a satellite that cost somewhere around not a great deal. Well done him!
 bowie198414/01/2017 01:28:35 GMT
And now he is gonna pay a truckload of taxes which makes him the unlukiest lucky bastard of the Starbucks Universe of course.
BTW 3k is not that big of a deal to pay, and Starbucks employees have decent employer contributions/benefits so the part in the article where they wondered how he could afford both entry fees does not make much sense 2 me...
 sammybeyo15/01/2017 11:15:52 GMT
Goes to show that anything is possible working a low paying job to suddenly striking it rich the dream is still alive and real Worship Thumbs Up Big Smile
 Gerimantas23/01/2017 12:19:19 GMT
$900000 is a vet big amount of money to win in any contrest, i reven had to count how many zerros I have to write to rexpress this amount. Sincre he is not a goosd business or famous sports or a moviestar this is very bug money to him which can change his life, he was very lucky to win it.
 TerryKoz27/01/2017 05:05:55 GMT
wow,,,awesome to hear the dream still lives for some people,,,people who have the balls to take a chance and succeed,to bet on themselves,,,have more faith and you will be a lot happier person. Cheers Blink

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