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Study reveals Online Gambling soared during Lockdown, especially among Regular Gamblers

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Posted on 27 May 2021 by "T".

According to new research, regular gamblers were six times more likely to gamble online as compared to "before the occurrence of the COVID-19 pandemic".

The study was led by the University of Bristol and published May 17 in the Journal of Gambling Studies. The study showed regular male gamblers were prone to gambling much more often online during the lockdown in the UK, compared to their previously-reported gambling habits.

Even though overall people gambled less frequently during the lockdown, mainly due to the fact that betting shops were closed, some types of gambling increased. For example, the usage of other types of online gambling such as bingo, poker and casino games grew six-fold amongst regular gamblers. Those who gambled occasionally were also found to be more than twice as likely than before to gamble online. Even those who had financial struggles before the pandemic were also more likely to engage in gambling during lockdown.

Lead author of the study Professor Alan Emond of the University of Bristol's Medical School said, "This study provides unique real time insights into how people's attitudes and gambling behavior changed during lockdown, when everyone was stuck inside and unable to participate in most social activities. The findings reveal that although many forms of gambling were restricted, a minority of regular gamblers significantly increased their gambling and betting online. As with so many repercussions of the pandemic, inequalities have been exacerbated and particularly vulnerable groups were worse affected."

The results of the comparative research, involving over 2,600 adults who participated in the survey, revealed that during lockdown men were three times more than likely than women to gamble regularly, described as more than once per week. Drinking heavily, described as more than six units in a session (equivalent to more than three pints of beer) at least once per week, was strongly linked to regular gambling among men and women. These findings are likely to be much greater in reality as the majority (70%) of respondents to the surveys in lockdown were women.

Professor Emond, also a public health expert, said, "The strong link between binge drinking and regular gambling is of particular concern, as they are both addictive behaviors which can have serious health and social consequences.  With the wider availability of gambling through different online channels, vulnerable groups could get caught in a destructive cycle. A public health approach is needed to minimize gambling harms."

The research also builds on other evidence that claims regular gamblers turned to new online options during the lockdown, such as UK punters betting on eSports, since traditional live sporting events were temporarily suspended that time.



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22 comments on "Study reveals Online Gambling soared during Lockdown, especially among Regular Gamblers"

 dule-vu27/05/2021 22:08:50 GMT
something that we talked about on forum for months and that all we know before this news,that people played lot more online and spent lot of money because of corona situation!who know how much money did casino and betting sites earned on online gambling in last and this year!even if you wanted to go out,you couldnt do much things,so you had to be at home and ofcourse lot of players did played games!
 geseco1228/05/2021 04:04:58 GMT
During the confinement almost all countries went through the same thing, bingo, poker and casino games multiplied, the attitudes of many people completely changed, that makes the online game improve, mainly poker.
 CALICUL28/05/2021 16:23:39 GMT
bettors had to play somewhere or casino lovers, but poker did not increase significantly, because i did not see such a thing in three rooms. The tournaments have fewer players than in 2019 and means that these players prefer cash or have chosen other rooms. They know better but it is normal to play online if you have nothing to do.
 geseco1229/05/2021 05:11:27 GMT
It will depend on the room they are playing, we know that many will choose rooms with better promotions, but that online gambling increased, that is not questionable, because many have had time to play and not get bored at home.
 dule-vu29/05/2021 09:10:15 GMT
this will just grow every month and this year will also have record with spending money on gambling,no matter is it casino,poker or betting,because soon will start euro 2020 in football and people will spend lot of money on this mathces!
but with corona situation casino and poker games was almost everything to players and now this cant be stopped,so this grow will be even bigger this year!
 CALICUL29/05/2021 17:12:45 GMT
888 poker is a very good room, but i have not seen this increase. I did not check numbers of real money players between 2019 and 2020, but i'm not an expert to really know this thing. 888 have major differences in each country with his games... Anyway, is good for poker rooms.
 dule-vu30/05/2021 09:52:33 GMT
here is talk about gamblers in uk,not about 888 site,how much players spend on gambling and not do sites have more players or not!but yeah,spam is spam!
lot of players who were just regular,they did play more in lockdown and spend it more money on different games!
 CALICUL30/05/2021 17:10:10 GMT
if in the fall comes wave 4 of a lying pandemic and the authorities will put us back in our homes, then players will bet even more online. England is strong in sports betting and i think it has the strangest bets from this world. Anyway, important thing is to have events to bet with pleasure.
 geseco1230/05/2021 20:15:00 GMT
If there is another lockdown by quarantine, I think online casinos will double, because the statistics have said it, but for the players it is well more recreational online and to win.
 dule-vu31/05/2021 10:54:00 GMT
even without corona situation,this year they will have big grow because of euro 2020 in football and olympic games and other big competitions,like copa america!you can imagine how much money they will wager this year just on bets,without casino and poker games!
 CALICUL31/05/2021 17:31:28 GMT
I don't know if it will double, but it will have an increasing percentage. Many people play in the hope that they will earn in every month or week an amount of money. This thing can make as in 5 years, street bookmakers to be replaced with online ones.
 geseco1201/06/2021 04:45:06 GMT
online gambling will always exist, and compared to previous years this is growing by leaps and bounds, do not be surprised when we find more than a million players online in poker rooms, this tends to that.
 dule-vu01/06/2021 12:28:31 GMT
its strange what can man learn in life,no matter how old he is and now I know that we have "street bookmaker" and they will be replaced!just wonder what kind of street bookmakers are this and what kind of people are they!
we all know about local betting shops,but street bookmaker is some new profession!
 CALICUL01/06/2021 17:43:17 GMT
there is a possibility that this internet will break down because of the satellites from space and online betting will disappear for a few months, years or for a very long time? we can't know that, but this industry has a growth and it can be much better, if searches is simplified... when we bet.
 dule-vu02/06/2021 14:02:10 GMT
this summer will be even bigger for all gambling companies and this will bring them even more money,especially with euro and olympic games,but we can imagine how much players will spend on casino games and poker games,because we will still have everyhting online!its hard to make live poker tournaments in next months!
 geseco1202/06/2021 17:32:00 GMT
Online games will always be present and much more in these times where many people see it as a favorite pastime, I hope this continues to grow for the good of the players and everything in general.
 CALICUL02/06/2021 17:49:58 GMT
their strategy is a good one, because nowadays almost all people have access to the internet, where they can bet on what games want. Motivation of easy money and hopes of earning make them to play. This is good for everyone because online we save time.
 antonis32105/06/2021 00:01:58 GMT
What happened during the lockdown , the consequences for live or online gambling , are absolutely rational and predictable , you do not need a proffessor to confirm the real life facts that we all witnessed n online poker rooms and casinos , the increased number of players and games throught some months especially
 dule-vu05/06/2021 17:09:50 GMT
you can imagine what number of gamblers will be in next years,online ofcourse,because of this new generation that will come!they are more on computers,smartphones and this kind of things and not in sports,so they will spend time on casino and poker sites and this maybe will be even bigger problem for goverments and families!
 CALICUL05/06/2021 20:15:45 GMT
In Romania, the gambling market is valued at over one billion euros per year in terms of bets made by Romanian players. When the coronavirus shut down agencies, some of them lost money because many people did not learn to bet online. Even so, it was good in the end.
 dule-vu06/06/2021 18:32:49 GMT
this whole industry will just grow and they will increase their profit every month!people love to gamble on any sort of game,casino,poker,football,whatever,but with this corona situation,they play even more and who know how many new gamblers we will have till end of year,especially younger people who are not so much in sports!they love computer and everything about it,not normal life!
 CALICUL06/06/2021 21:18:54 GMT
two years ago i tried to find with succes a serious online bookmaker, that offers good betting methods. After a period they changed old software with a new one, but it's worse than before. I look for different bets and lose more time than in the past. In this way they can lose many customers.

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