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Wynn Resorts is Building Own COVID-19 Testing Lab in Vegas

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Posted on 15 October 2020 by "T".

CEO Matt Maddox of Wynn Resorts announced on October 1 that the casino-hotel company is set to build its very own COVID-19 testing lab at its Las Vegas Strip property, Wynn Las Vegas, as a way for a faster comeback to events.

According to The Nevada Independent, Maddox says studies show many potential visitors to the Southern Nevada choose not to travel to Sin City due to fear of contracting the novel coronavirus from infected individuals. He said, "We must alleviate that fear."

Maddox says that this can be done by conducting an all-scale, quick COVID-19 testing. Along with the help of Georgetown University, leading labs in California and New York, and the University Medical Center of Southern Nevada, Wynn Las Vegas is going to build a coronavirus laboratory at the Strip casino resort which would be able to conduct thousands of rapid tests every day, with same-day results. Construction is already in progress.

Maddox says that the Wynn/UMC lab will offer patrons and employees a testing center that is most accurate in America and will use FDA-approved polymerize chain reaction (PCR) technology.

As his mentor Steve Wynn stepped down in early 2018 amid allegations of sexual misconduct, Maddox took over and has since then led Wynn Resorts as CEO.

Las Vegas Recovery
Nevada is one of the places on earth that relies heavily on tourism, and the state's biggest city is still reeling as a result of the viral pandemic.

Visitor counts remain low, with August only getting 1.5 million visitors in Las Vegas - a 57% year-over-year decline. Gross gaming revenue (GGR) in the Las Vegas strip was $317 million, a 25% drop compared to August last year.

All big gatherings and conventions are not allowed, but this could change in the remaining months of this year. Recently, Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak has announced that big venues which can hold over 2,500 people are finally allowed to operate at 10% capacity indoors, and smaller venues can operate at 50% capacity or 250 people, whichever is less.

Maddox states that the government alone is not enough to restart Las Vegas to its full former glory, "Many of the city's unique and fun experiences are not operating at all because they are mass gatherings.  Our elected officials are rightly focused on keeping people safe. I'm happy to see the progress moving the mass gathering limit to 250 but hoping our government alone will also solve getting Las Vegas back on track is not viable. Hope, as the saying goes, is not a strategy. Instead, community leaders must present science-based options that advance our broader goals to reignite our city."

How the test works

Maddox says anyone who gets tested in the Wynn/UMC lab will have their results in just hours on a free mobile app. The data is kept private.

If the COVID-19 test shows a negative result, then that person will be allowed to enter a convention, show, nightclub, or any other crowded establishment.

If the test is positive, Maddox said, "If by chance, someone is infected after they take the test, science tells us that it takes approximately 48 hours for that person to become communicable."

He continued, "We are not planning on creating a full "Wynn bubble" by testing everyone in every environment, but instead requiring a test for employees to work or guests to attend a show, convention, nightclub or other crowded space that exceeds the "mass gathering" state-mandated limits. Clearly, we will need approval from the state to execute this plan, but having worked closely with leading medical experts around the country, I believe that this approach can accelerate Nevada's recovery, and not just for the Las Vegas Strip, but also to reopen our schools. 

Nothing in life is 100 percent safe but establishing these safe zones by testing thousands of people per day with the PCR test, dramatically mitigates the danger of community spread and, with empirical evidence and careful execution, will work. The probability of a contagious COVID carrier entering a "safe zone" is less than one-tenth of 1 percent. 

I do hope a vaccine will be available and widely adopted soon, but we can't wait. We want Nevadans back to work and our kids back to school. We owe these efforts to our visitors and to the citizens of Las Vegas whose lives and futures depend on Las Vegas attracting millions of tourists and getting back to the business of fun.

I see recovery on the other side of this turbulent river, but patiently waiting for the waters to subside is not the most effective approach. Rapid tests and safe zones are the stepping stones we can use to continue to cross this river."



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36 comments on "Wynn Resorts is Building Own COVID-19 Testing Lab in Vegas"

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» Wynn Resorts is Building Own COVID-19 Testing Lab in Vegas

 CALICUL24/10/2020 10:57:24 GMT
This idea is not good from my point of view. Only specialized people can do analyzes and casinos should not get involved in medical tests. We have a little more and they will put assistants in the morgue if decision was made by politicians. That's not nice.
 dule-vu24/10/2020 20:07:12 GMT
Posted by antonis321:
A business , especially a business in the entertainment like casino industry or a hotel , it is very good news that it is interested to build such a facility . To be able to have a test for free 24/7 is sth tourists would appreciate a lot . I believe it would help a lot the local community as well , people from there would also get benefit from it as I have already said , so there is nop reason not to allow them to build such a facility . Not only Wynn Resorts , but every casino or hotel or business that wants to build a testing laboratory facility like this .

they have lot of money for this kind of things,they can pay doctors who will do it and this will small amount for them,when they know how much they will earn from players!
today I listen on news,how big problems airports have because people dont fly anymore and they want to help people do decide to fly,so airport in wien (I think that they are) will pay you test and you will know result in 15 minutes!
so yeah,everybody can make this kind of test,no matter is it casino or airport!
 CALICUL25/10/2020 13:54:41 GMT
A casino business is not the same with a medical one. Some have games and others do tests, give treatments, made operations at state or private hospitals. Here it is easy to deduce that we must to refuse all tests. It is not normal to be ''their guinea pigs''...
 antonis32128/10/2020 22:26:18 GMT
I guess it's only a test to identify if you have the virus or not , it's a simple test , it's not sth that demands many doctors or expensive materials or equipment , they won't built a whole hospital for christ sake , just a small facility I guess just for the tests to be made , at leeast that's what I understand . The people will make the simple test , in hours they will know if they are positive or not to the virus and they will know what to do . I do not think this facility will cost far too much , anyway the casinos have the money to built it , the airport businesses as well , the big companies generally Smile
 dule-vu28/10/2020 23:32:16 GMT
ofcourse antonis that you are right,but some people love to write very stupid things here,especially about health!this test is finished in 15 minutes and every person can took it,no matter are you doctor or teacher,I saw it with my eyes!you just need on room,not whole hospital!they will make something like this,same as airport do it!
in next months they will close almost every country on few weeks!as I did write before,now you can see on tv,that there will no be vaccine for maybe year and that they will be big problems when colder months come!
 CALICUL29/10/2020 21:56:02 GMT
The only test you have to do is check hospitals for see that salons from Anesthesia & Intensive Care are empty and world governments are making fun of us. I don't understand why humanity is turning a blind eye to this ugly thing.
 dule-vu31/10/2020 12:30:06 GMT
everybody must do something to attract players or customers,no matter are they casino resort,airplane company or shopping mall!you can see now problems in paris,they will close whole city for one month and you can imagine how much money everybody will lose!thats why half of them go from paris in other towns,they dont want to be closed for one month!
 antonis32131/10/2020 19:10:02 GMT
Well , if they make harder the restrictions and the measures , these facilities will offer very few things/financial benefits for the interst of the businesses , like the Wynn Resorts or any other business that wants to make a similar one , but it will provide help to the community only ,especially if the tests are free completely , a very good gift to the community , to the local region .
 CALICUL01/11/2020 10:05:41 GMT
These restrictions must not be maintained. People are saturated and there have been protests or riots in cities such as London, Berlin, Naples, Paris, etc ... Most of them were not shown on television because mass media were bribed by governments not to show on viewers (public opinion).
 dule-vu01/11/2020 18:48:12 GMT
Posted by antonis321:
Well , if they make harder the restrictions and the measures , these facilities will offer very few things/financial benefits for the interst of the businesses , like the Wynn Resorts or any other business that wants to make a similar one , but it will provide help to the community only ,especially if the tests are free completely , a very good gift to the community , to the local region .

I am sure that they will do this for free,because this will not be big cost for them as owners,but this will bring them more money from players and what most important,as you say,this will help to community and lot of people will now do they have corona or not and that they can be safe at home with family also!
 CALICUL02/11/2020 12:34:47 GMT
I don't like that with testing in casinos
 antonis32102/11/2020 12:43:22 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:

I am sure that they will do this for free,because this will not be big cost for them as owners,but this will bring them more money from players and what most important,as you say,this will help to community and lot of people will now do they have corona or not and that they can be safe at home with family also!

Yes , if this situation with the corona lasts for two years minimum , like the great pandemics do last as far as I know from history , then initiatives like these will be usefull if not necessary and a must !!!! More businesses , far a lot mote will follow their example then ., so as to help the communities , and ofcourse to atract and get more customers to their safer businesses and places
 dule-vu02/11/2020 19:26:12 GMT
yesterday they show on tv how people live in wuhan normally and that everything about corona is finished in this town!they tested whole city and nobody have corona,so now they can do everything,go on parties,shopping,whatever they want!when whole world have problems in this moment and lot of countries are closed,at their city everything is ok!
 CALICUL03/11/2020 12:59:09 GMT
The idea is that many people in my country must work to live. The country's economy is booming and it is not good with these tests and restrictions. Wynn Resorts should do its job and not accept any advice from politicians. They shouldn't bother people with tests.
 geseco1210/11/2020 05:08:19 GMT
It is very good that tests are carried out in casinos to avoid the spread in those places but always respecting the security protocols, also we must be very careful when we enter closed places, and I believe that the room is taking good measures to take care of the population .
 dule-vu10/11/2020 08:40:10 GMT
ofcourse its great that they will test people on different places and casino is one of them,where people will be sure that somebody isnt positive!yesterday I listent on news that americans made vaccine and that it will work on people,at least in 90 % of cases!we will see what will happen with this in next months!
 CALICUL10/11/2020 22:55:41 GMT
Incredible. Is it very good to test people? I don't know how are tests in United States of America, but if we allow that stick in noses, then those people will become more vulnerable. They intentionally break the membrane... that will be more exposed to all kinds of viruses.
 antonis32111/11/2020 15:26:10 GMT
So the vaccine is ready?? I also heard some things in the news . Is it complete ?? You say in the next months dule vu . I guess when it's ready it will be mandatory for everyone to do it , to take the shot . Hopefuly there will be an end to this craziness soon , the numbers tell a parallel story . the story never ends Smile
 dule-vu12/11/2020 11:50:20 GMT
well they say that it will be in next months,but ofcourse it need to pass few more tests!they are not 100 % sure at this moment,so they need more time!but as I see on news,lot of countries ,especially EU as community will order for every country and they will give when they buy them!but they need to test everything and who know till then what will happen!
 antonis32112/11/2020 23:33:13 GMT
Yes , I read some news , UK has preordered 40 million shots in case this vaccine gets approved , but still they wait for the results , or for better proofs of effectiveness , I do not read absolute certainty and determination , on another article read sth about 2-3 months later , maybe in the next days things will be clear and we will know if it's 100% ready or we will have to keep on doing the same thing we do now , wait for some time more .
 CALICUL15/11/2020 09:33:11 GMT
This vaccine comes with nanobots that will destroy people. Whoever thinks about that is a conspiracy... it would be good to think a lot. Some countries have put the army on the streets and their purpose is probably to vaccinate us compulsory. Here we realize that it is not ok and must to fight for our lives.
 dule-vu15/11/2020 21:39:02 GMT
they need to clear everything,to know how this affect on people,but this will need few months more and ofcourse when they finish it (if they finish),goverments will first give this to doctors,police and this kind of structures in country,not to normal people!we will see what this will bring to people,but I am sure that everything will be closed for new year!
 antonis32116/11/2020 03:53:11 GMT
To tell the truth , I thought two months ago that things were goning a little better , if not appearingly much better , as far as it concerns deaths from COVID in my country , and I thought we would return slowly back to normality , but no , now we have very strict rules again , and things are tougher and worse than before , more aggressive behavior by police officers vs people who don't follow the rules and measures for COVID-19 , judges sentence offenders to months of jail with suspension or very big fine At night walks only for the owners of pets close to their home . I remember some months ago two girls walikng , the one had a pig with a pink collar , I imagine her being caugth by police after midnight , the cops will toast or roast the poor beast ........ Cool
 dule-vu16/11/2020 22:27:47 GMT
well lot of countries,with better economy did close everything,but in my country they cant do it,because they will not have money to pay everything if people will not work!so they choose to have some restrictions,but not to close anything!they just hope that this vaccine will work and that next year they will have normal tourist season!if this will not work,whole country will be in big problems!
 CALICUL18/11/2020 11:38:13 GMT
World Health Organization says that: mask, distance and quarantine remain after vaccine. Don't you see that they want the total obedience of people? We will no longer have rights, doctors will implant nanobots in us, to be slaves or other terrible things?

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