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BankrollMob's World Cup Betting Competition: 50 000 Mob Points In Prizes!

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Posted on 16 November 2022 by "T".

Bet on all 2022 FIFA World Cup matches for free on and compete for a prize pool of 50 000 Mob Points.

How to participate?
From the Mob Games section in your Mob account, you will be able to place your bets for free on the outcome of each game as well as on the correct score. Each bet has a stake of "100 points". So if the odds of your bet is 2.75, you will win 275 points if your prediction turns out to be correct. These are the points that will count toward the leaderboard. 

The betting competition will run throughout the entire football tournament (20 November to 18 December 2022) with one single leaderboard where the top 20 finishers will receive a slice of the 50 000 Mob Points prize pool. Mob Points can be converted to real money and cashed out to Skrill/partypoker).

Good luck and enjoy! 

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» BankrollMob''s World Cup Betting Competition: 50 000 Mob Points In Prizes!

 CALICUL20/12/2022 21:11:35 GMT
he doesn't have to worry about the prize, because will get what he won and will enjoy with the money. It is important to read the rules and everything will be clear to understand. Good luck in the future, mobsters.
 antonis32121/12/2022 04:24:57 GMT
Congratulations tomax11 on the 5tg position , which awards 5.000 mobpoints or $50 , spend it well !! I think you got 14.000 points in the leaderboard , so that means you had a lucky guessing in many matches , so as to accumulate many points . First 5 members for the best rewards , the first $100 . Congratulations. Good luck for the next promotions , competitions or games that you play here on BankrollMob. Smile
 dule-vu21/12/2022 07:09:47 GMT
now when everything is over and soon xmas calendar will be over,brm will finish great year with style!lot of rewards will come in next days and hope soon some competition like this we will have,maybe something before next world cup,because we can see that members love to guess results on football!
 tomex1121/12/2022 18:24:36 GMT
We are waiting for the money for a great contest of predicting the finals of the world cup. Maybe you could do a similar competition with betting on other disciplines or, for example, on the euro in football. It's a lot of fun and you can attract more new users to the bankrollmob site.
 CALICUL21/12/2022 18:27:19 GMT
there is a rule, and it says when you will receive the money, so you don't have to be upset about it. You need relaxation and waiting. You can also read the rules and everything is ok. Good luck
 antonis32122/12/2022 01:37:18 GMT
I do not believe there is so much interest for the euro , so as to run this contest for that event . But if they did this z that I would like . It's a cool contest , it motivates you to study the teams , watch more sports and football . Why not . It is a cool contest .

Maybe it would be better if they put some greater odds in some higher scores . Not the crazy odds on the sportsbetting market , but yes , some higher it would be nice . Any other score cannot have 10 multiplier , the same for scores 3-0 or 3-1 , it must have much higher , 20 let's say . But not a crazy odds like 100 , as then players might try to take advantage of this z bet more on these high odds events to as yo get more points in no time .
Maybe Odds of 15 and 20 for some very high scores , this improbable , that would be nice
 CALICUL22/12/2022 01:44:09 GMT
who is interested in betting money on matches, can document, follow matches, results, rankings, etc... Those who wants, can choose something else because it is not mandatory to play what we don't want.
 androlo22/12/2022 17:09:40 GMT
Smile Smile

Smile Smile

Smile Smile
 dule-vu22/12/2022 17:12:47 GMT
Please dont spam
 Gedemonas23/12/2022 15:41:54 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
now when everything is over and soon xmas calendar will be over,brm will finish great year with style!lot of rewards will come in next days and hope soon some competition like this we will have,maybe something before next world cup,because we can see that members love to guess results on football!

Agree, would be nice to have more this type of competition, I hope we will not have to wait 4 years to the next one Smile
 CALICUL23/12/2022 16:13:52 GMT
I don't know if there will be 4 years, maybe only two at the European Championship, if there will be a leaderboard contest. In the end, i don't know if a competition is that important. Much better is games where you can win more money and in 2 or 4 years we can have enough success with our bets.
 tomex1123/12/2022 18:27:40 GMT
Someone wrote here that it would be good if in this type of competitions there were higher odds than max 10 for correct high scores, and I am of the opposite opinion, and not only me. That's how it was 4 years tmeu when there was also a contest on the bankrollmob site with betting on the finals of the world cup in football in Russia, where in the final France - Croatia 4-2 for this result there was a cosmic odds and people complained that they fell in the ranking because of this one match at the end.
 CALICUL23/12/2022 18:50:45 GMT
we can't decide, only who is responsible for it...
 damosk24/12/2022 09:52:55 GMT
I started playing this game then quickly realised that despite my love of football that as always I am not very good at predicting the scores or outcomes of after dropping way behind on the leaderboard and realising I had no chance of getting anywhere near the rewards I decided not to play anymore. Well done to those that won.
 dule-vu24/12/2022 11:22:45 GMT
ha,ha,probably lot of us think like you! no matter how good you know football and how much time you spend watching him,you still can be sure in some games how it will be,what you will bet or give right result!but it was good competiton and good fun and we can see that members love to play it and to try to be best in it!
 Gedemonas24/12/2022 14:49:01 GMT
I received my points, thank you very much Bankrolmlob Heart Heart Heart
 dule-vu24/12/2022 15:22:22 GMT
Enjoy in prize!
 Gedemonas24/12/2022 15:45:58 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
Enjoy in prize!

Thank you very much Heart
 CALICUL24/12/2022 16:15:57 GMT
I hope that all members who won points will be satisfied and enjoy them after they accumulate that number for withdraw. I think it's a good chance for them, if they choose to play where is nice and to earn even more money.
 tomex1124/12/2022 18:39:17 GMT
I'm happy because it was fun and I won $ 50, which I already ordered on skrill Smile I messed up the tip a bit because with better typing I could even take first place and get $ 100, but it's still good. Let's hope there are more competitions of this type and various activities on the bankrollmob site, so that users have great fun and the opportunity to earn additional Mob Points
 CALICUL24/12/2022 19:02:04 GMT
I'm glad you're happy and if you want to bet this money, i hope you'll be inspired and win more. This thing is possible, but you have to choose well what you play. I prefer sports betting. I wish you much success
 antonis32125/12/2022 00:43:52 GMT
Merry Christmas Everyone Smile
Yeah , top players in the leaderboard take the lions share , and ofcourse the little mistakes cost points and therefore you win less money. But still , 50$ is good money , it's completely free , so it's a sweet win . Congratulations tomex11
 CALICUL25/12/2022 01:20:46 GMT
is very good , of course Smile
 speedolino2230/12/2022 21:24:20 GMT
I dort have win enyone its su ks

I dort have win enyone its su ks
 CALICUL30/12/2022 22:07:59 GMT
many mobsters won many prizes here

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