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FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 - Round of 16 concludes as Morocco and Portugal advance to Quarterfinals

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Posted on 07 December 2022 by "T".

Morocco fans celebrate historic World Cup victory over Spain

On Tuesday, Morocco defeated Spain on penalties (0-0 in 120 minutes). Fans are overjoyed to witness the first time the Atlas Lions will get featured in a World Cup quarterfinal.

Hundreds gathered outside of the stadium to sing national and football chants, posing happily for the cameras. This particular match felt like a home game for the Atlas Lions, with their supporters vastly outnumbering the Spanish fans.

Portugal wins against Switzerland

Coach Fernando Santos dropped Cristiano Ronaldo from the starting line-up for Portugal's match against Switzerland on Tuesday, December 6, during the Round of 16. The decision came a day after the coach expressed frustration about his team captain's attitude towards their last game, after he reacted irately to being substituted against South Korea.

Goncalo Ramos became star of the night as he smashed a stunning hat-trick for Portugal while Pepe, Raphael Guerreiro and Rafael Leao scored one goal each, defeating Switzerland.

With Portugal dominating over Switzerland 6-1 in the final Round of 16 match, the full roster for the quarterfinals of the biggest soccer tournament in the world is decided.

Knockout Stage / Round of 16 - Results

  • December 3 (Sat)
  • Netherlands 3 - United States 1

December 4 (Sun)

  • Argentina 2 - Australia 1
  • France 3 - Poland 1

December 5 (Mon)

  • England 3 - Senegal 0
  • Croatia 1 (3) - Japan 1 (1)

December 6 (Tue)

  • Brazil 4 - South Korea 1
  • Morocco 0 (3) - Spain 0 (0)

December 7 (Wed)

  • Portugal 6 - Switzerland 1

The Quarterfinals

December 9 (Fri)

  • Croatia vs Brazil

December 10 (Sat)

  • Netherlands vs Argentina
  • Morocco vs Portugal

December 11 (Sun)

  • England vs France

*Dates according to UTC/GMT +8 timezone

Top teams like Belgium and Germany were already eliminated in the group stage, while the Round of 16 saw 2010 champions Spain sinking down after a loss to Morocco on penalties. Giants like Brazil, England, France and Portugal have punched their ticket to the last 8 with convincing results.

The nations that reached the quarterfinals now feel like they have a shot at making it to the final at the Lusail Stadium on Sunday, December 18.

From this point on, all eight teams will be just three wins away from winning the World Cup trophy.

Image: TSN, The Athletic

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19 comments on "FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 - Round of 16 concludes as Morocco and Portugal advance to Quarterfinals"

 dule-vu07/12/2022 13:53:33 GMT
Morocco is nice suprise of this world cup!
 geseco1208/12/2022 02:28:30 GMT
the surprise of this world cup was the elimination of spain and the qualification of morocco, since the first minute started morocco had it clear how to play against spain, and it came out as they thought, they took them to penalties.
 dule-vu08/12/2022 06:17:16 GMT
Morocco is in great form and we will see where is end for them!lot of people are their side,because they want that some smaller team pass as much as they can!they play with heart and they play great,so maybe will be enough for another win!
 ERNESTORO08/12/2022 08:37:14 GMT
The most contested matches will be played, more balanced, Brazil is the favorite and Argentina will have to do their best if they want to continue in the race.
 dule-vu08/12/2022 09:30:11 GMT
They must show best games now if they want to win trophy!we will see tomorrow!
 Rogerio1008/12/2022 12:55:54 GMT
Argentina i do not personaly see to go to the end and win. Probaly France i think they play on one level above then al other nations. At the end will Marocco win, this would be biggest and bigger sensation when Greece win Euro 2004 in Portugal. Brazil or France are my favourites. I miss fotball everday. Cant wait saturday
 CALICUL08/12/2022 12:59:19 GMT
I'm curious if Morocco makes a surprise and reaches at the semi-finals. I think that almost the whole planet would become a fan of the rival team. In my opinion, nobody would want Morocco to have a real chance of a final.
 geseco1210/12/2022 00:05:10 GMT
Morocco is a humble and very solid team, they are getting better and better, they have already beaten Spain and don't be surprised if they beat Portugal, a great team that shows a good physical and collective game.
 CALICUL10/12/2022 00:06:09 GMT
i bet on Portugal
 geseco1211/12/2022 00:51:05 GMT
once again soccer gives you a surprise, now portugal was eliminated by morocco in the quarterfinals, although this sounds strange morocco is among the 4 best in the world, no team should trust and give everything from the first minute.
 CALICUL11/12/2022 00:53:29 GMT
Morocco has a superb result and a record for their national team
 tomex1111/12/2022 14:38:11 GMT
And we have another mega sensation. For the first time in the history of the FIFA World Cup, an African team advanced to the semi-finals. I'm thinking what Portugal has been doing since the 60th minute, when Morocco fell from strength ... Instead of pressing harder and equalizing, they often played the ball inefficiently and slowly, and if they equalized the second goal, it was rather a formality, especially since Morocco finished in 10th
 dule-vu11/12/2022 15:08:18 GMT
I am glad for morocco!
 geseco1212/12/2022 02:55:24 GMT
morocco has surprised the whole world with their performance so far in the world cup, they have not lost since the cup started and every time they are stronger and are knocking down great teams, be careful and do not be surprised if they eliminate france, we all know that is crazy, but this is soccer and the games have to be played, anything can happen.
 CALICUL12/12/2022 03:00:15 GMT
it happens that sometimes small formations are ambitious and have great results. I don't know if it will be a kind of Greece that won the European championship, but Morocco deserves appreciation. They made many surprises and it's very nice.
 geseco1213/12/2022 15:37:44 GMT
the best friends of psg, mbappe vs hakimi, will face each other for the first time in the semifinals of a world cup, a duel of great players, also they will face each other because mbappe plays left forward and hakimi plays right back.
 CALICUL13/12/2022 15:46:28 GMT
it depends on what day he will have, because this player also catches weak matches where he fails to score. We'll see what happens because i'm not that excited and i don't have any preference for the winner
 tomex1113/12/2022 16:34:39 GMT
In this match France - Morocco, in my opinion, there is only one favorite, i.e. the current world champions France. I don't think Morocco will make another sensation. I believe that the historic result of the semi-final for Morocco as the first African team is already a mega achievement for them and at this stage their adventure with the World Cup will end.
 dule-vu13/12/2022 16:47:00 GMT
well yeah,france is favorite,but same as on last games morocco wasnt favorite,but he won every time which is something that nobody expected,so who know what can happen in this game!its good that have some team in this final stage that nobody expected that he will be here!

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