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BC Canada Lottery Winner says he will get a Car for his Mom

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Posted on 17 February 2022 by "T".

A man who won $1 million in a lottery draw last summer but did not know about it until half a year later says his first purchase would be a brand new car for his mother.

Eric West, who lives in Mackenzie, British Columbia, Canada, won a $1 million prize in the June 22 Lotto Max draw, but he did not find out that he won until Christmas Eve.

He also didn't realize how much he won at first. He told the B.C. Lottery Corporation he first believed his lottery ticket was only worth around $1,000, but it was his mother who pointed out to him that he should have it scanned at a store.

He was visiting her at that time, so she was the first to know.

Eric said, "I was so surprised that it was actually $1 million. My mom has always helped me out so the first thing I want to do is buy her a new car."

Eric did not say what he will do with the rest of the cash.

Another BC resident claimed an even bigger prize in the June 22 draw. A 61-year-old semi-retired truck driver from Kamloops won half of the $70 million jackpot prize. He had been playing consistently for two years, using these numbers 7, 11, 22, 28, 33, 44 and 49.

The odds of winning the top prize in a Lotto Max draw are 1 in 33,294,800.

The chances of winning the Maxmillions prize, like Eric did, are the same.


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61 comments on "BC Canada Lottery Winner says he will get a Car for his Mom"

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» BC Canada Lottery Winner says he will get a Car for his Mom

 CALICUL05/03/2022 01:38:59 GMT
it is a good thing, but it is very important because he told his option with the gift and in the future many winners can do the same. Generosity can be imitated by others when they hear such stories and that is great
 geseco1205/03/2022 02:43:10 GMT
It is true that these are stories that help us also to behave in solidarity with our loved ones, it is always good to give something to our parents and much more to fulfill their wishes, this man has done it and we can do it too.
 dule-vu05/03/2022 02:43:38 GMT
Its easy to behave like this when you win this kind of money!
 Rogerio1005/03/2022 16:51:10 GMT
Yes that's for sure. And what you said Dule in post before this. The best thing is to share. Whatever i have i love to share with my friends or girl or just people we have same interests. Not just money but also experiences, i dont see the poont if you have things that you have it just for yourself. I mean not share all of course but i always share allot.
 CALICUL05/03/2022 17:01:53 GMT
most of us would make a gift for our mothers, but here is a slot player who would not give anything to his mother Big Smile
 geseco1206/03/2022 03:15:13 GMT
It would be very nice to surprise a mother with a super gift, and it would be much easier when we have the money, this man was very easy for the prize he got, a great happiness this mother must have taken.
 dule-vu06/03/2022 04:58:14 GMT
Everything is easy when you have money,like in this case!
 geseco1207/03/2022 03:55:52 GMT
That's right my friend, everything is easier when you have the means to buy very expensive gifts and surprise your parents, but even if it is not an expensive gift, it is always good to share with parents the most meaningful gifts.
 dule-vu07/03/2022 05:58:54 GMT
If he have other family who need some help,it would be nice that he do that and that he invest in his future!
 geseco1208/03/2022 17:32:38 GMT
this man surely made a great day for his mother by buying a beautiful car, with the money he won from these lottery games he was able to buy a very good one, a good gesture of this son, always share our joys with others.
 dule-vu08/03/2022 17:32:51 GMT
Whats most important is what he will do with rest of money and how he will invest it!
 geseco1209/03/2022 23:45:54 GMT
it is true, you have to have a lot of head to be able to make your money grow and not spend it on things that will not help you grow, that is why it is best to invest for higher profits, but it is a matter of the person.
 CALICUL09/03/2022 23:59:35 GMT
It is absolutely normal to give a car as a gift to your mother, if you earn a good amount of money. This would be done by most of them, except for the slot player. He doesn't make a gift. The rest of us are fine and can be generous if we are lucky like this winner. Big Smile
 geseco1211/03/2022 01:29:17 GMT
It is much easier when you get a large sum of money, this man gave a big car to his mother, a good gesture, maybe many will do it someday with his mother when they have good money.
 CALICUL11/03/2022 01:46:18 GMT
i think the winner is very happy with this. I think that when you win, don't have to look at some money and make your mother happy when you choose a gift for her. She deserves this because she is special in almost all cases.
 geseco1212/03/2022 02:23:02 GMT
It is much easier when you have that kind of money, this man was able to get it and give a tremendous car to his mother, the happiness of this mother is inexplicable, that is to have a great love for their loved ones.
 CALICUL12/03/2022 02:28:04 GMT
with a million dollars after tax you can buy more cars, so this winner was able to make a nice gift. The gesture matters the most in these situations and here they ( parents, family, friends), can see if it is generous or not.
 geseco1213/03/2022 02:57:32 GMT
a great gift for a mother, we should always think of our loved ones like our parents, always give her a lot of happiness and if there is money give her the best for her, I am happy when I see my parents smile.
 dule-vu13/03/2022 02:58:04 GMT
Its about love,not about money or gift!
 geseco1214/03/2022 20:42:23 GMT
it is very true, love comes first, but gifts are very nice gestures where you mark the feeling of a mother or father, we must always give to our loved ones while we have them alive.
 dule-vu14/03/2022 20:42:29 GMT
Its all about to be here,not just when its money!
 geseco1215/03/2022 22:07:18 GMT
but we must always follow the example of this man, whatever we can achieve in life or obtain something great we must share, this man fulfilled one of the goals and dreams of his mother, how happy she must have felt on that day.
 CALICUL15/03/2022 22:32:56 GMT
a gift is a gift, but this thread have many comments about this winner giving a gift to his mother's. I think it's good to write in other threads, because it's necessary... Good luck with your games, mobsters.
 geseco1217/03/2022 02:05:54 GMT
I think yes, you are right my friend, there has been a lot of talk about this case, it should be closed to give priority to the new news that are coming out that are very interesting.
 CALICUL17/03/2022 02:14:54 GMT
In every thread from news section are subjects that are not discussed too much and i think it's fair... I know, it is nice to make a gift when you win because it might be the most beautiful gesture and it will help both you and them, but i like to be able to talk about something else, if someone does not block the threads for me... Good luck, my friend Big Smile

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