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partypoker Canada League - Win up to P$10,000 for Free!

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Posted on 26 September 2023 by "T".

The partypoker League for Canadian players is back! This time, the partypoker League in Canada offers thousands of Party Dollars in value, in addition to priceless bragging rights among your peers!

Each month, partypoker players from Canada (except Ontario) are invited to participate in up to two partypoker League freerolls per week, and battle it out for a P$1,000 top prize. To top it off, the best performing players over a three-month period get to face off for a share of P$10,000 for free!

partypoker Canada League

  • Two partypoker League freerolls per week
  • Top prize: P$1,000
  • Top 10 finishers are invited to a quarterly P$10,000 freeroll
  • For Canada players only

Don't forget to sign up first for a partypoker account through The BankrollMob!

The partypoker League freerolls start at 19:00 ET every Wednesday and Sunday.

Both freerolls are freezeouts, so make sure to bring your A-game since it's your one and only bullet. Each partypoker League freerolls has a P$250 prize pool, which is already cool initially, but note that you also earn leaderboard points just for entering, although you bank even more for finishing high in the payout ladder.

Aim to be one of the top 150 points earners at the end of each calendar month to claim a prize. Those prizes are paid out in Party Dollars, which starts at P$2 and increasing all the way to a cool P$1,000.

What's more, the top 10 finishers are invited to a quarterly freeroll that has a whopping P$10,000 prize pool. Imagine winning the lion's share of P$10,000 without having to spend a single cent doing so!

A maximum of 30 players are invited to the quarterly freeroll

Who can play in the partypoker Canada League?

The partypoker Canada League is open to all real-money partypoker players located in Canada. Ontario residents are not qualified, therefore they must register for an account at the dedicated partypoker Ontario site.

Eligible players must bet at least 19 years old and have made at least one deposit into their partypoker accounts. If you've passed these two requirements, head over to partypoker each Wednesday and Sunday, enter the P$250 freerolls, and see if you can best your fellow Canadians to emerge as the King or Queen of the partypoker Canada League.

Party Dollars

Party Dollars, shown as P$, are the in-game currency that partypoker uses aside from the traditional currencies. Unlike the tournament dollars they replaced with it in the past, Party Dollars are more flexible and can be used to buy in to any of partypoker's real money cash games, fastforward cash games, sit & go tournaments, jackpot SPINS and any online multi-table tournament.

They come with a 12-month expiry date, which means you have plenty of time to decide on how to maximize the use of your Party Dollars.





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55 comments on "partypoker Canada League - Win up to P$10,000 for Free!"

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» partypoker Canada League - Win up to P$10,000 for Free!

 dule-vu07/10/2023 16:34:07 GMT
And from lot of other countries!
 geseco1208/10/2023 01:06:24 GMT
I am very sad that it has abandoned some countries, this room is very good for all poker players, it has always been concerned about the players, that's why many times it makes promotions like this to give prizes in tournaments for free.
 dule-vu08/10/2023 04:31:42 GMT
Yeah, yeah!
 geseco1209/10/2023 02:12:02 GMT
I hope they can return to the market they were once able to operate, it makes me very sad to hear and see news of rooms leaving certain countries for certain reasons, a pity, this must change very soon.
 dule-vu09/10/2023 05:06:01 GMT
They will not return for sure!
 geseco1210/10/2023 02:23:23 GMT
it may be that they will not come back, but there is always a small percentage that gives hope to this, the room is still alive and the games too, as long as this exists and people want to play it there is a lot of hope to be able to come back.
 dule-vu10/10/2023 05:02:38 GMT
They will not back again!!!
 geseco1211/10/2023 04:15:43 GMT
For now it is impossible for this to happen, but maybe in the future this system can be improved and we can have the possibility that big gaming halls are present in all countries.
 dule-vu11/10/2023 04:59:49 GMT
As I said, they will not!
 F4xis11/10/2023 06:56:49 GMT
Nice thing
 dule-vu11/10/2023 07:23:11 GMT
Thumbs Up
 geseco1212/10/2023 05:00:52 GMT
for now this is impossible, things are not going very well in all countries, but in later years this may change if everyone in one way or another makes an effort to make this happen, the population is the one who really rules in the end.
 dule-vu12/10/2023 05:06:36 GMT
For third time, this will not change and they will not back!
 geseco1213/10/2023 13:18:44 GMT
nobody knows the future, that's why if we want the gaming community to grow we all have to work harder to make it happen, the support is mutual, and we all want this. canada has benefited a lot from this partypoker promotion.
 dule-vu13/10/2023 13:23:52 GMT
Yes I know! Goverments want tax, they will not pay and they will not back!
 geseco1217/10/2023 21:18:58 GMT
as you put it is a reality today, nobody wants to lose out, that is why this is almost impossible, over the years this can change, everything is to put yourself and reach an agreement for the benefit of all.
 dule-vu17/10/2023 21:21:13 GMT
No, they will not change!!!
 geseco1218/10/2023 23:46:33 GMT
Today this is impossible, but with time it may change, the most benefited are always the players, this room is one of the best, and is always giving its best, and also the government must contribute its part.
 dule-vu18/10/2023 23:46:58 GMT
They will not change, especially for smaller markets! End of story!
 geseco1220/10/2023 01:22:15 GMT
you are very right, in the smaller markets it is almost impossible that this can change, but it is always good that this will happen someday, now the Canadians are the most benefited with this promotion.
 dule-vu20/10/2023 02:31:18 GMT
Now we can close thread!
 geseco1221/10/2023 01:40:03 GMT
I think this will be the last message regarding canada on the partypoker promotion, for the last time I think it's a great promotion for that country, plus they should take advantage of it before it's over.
 dule-vu21/10/2023 03:40:10 GMT
Oh, every time same story!
 cocozza02/11/2023 09:08:16 GMT
A website has announced that partypoker may be closing. Operating in barely a handful of countries these days, Entain (the parent company of PartyPoker and Bwin) has signalled that Poker is not important to them anymore
 dule-vu02/11/2023 09:13:43 GMT
you mean they will stop working in your country?

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