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UK Gambling Industry pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

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Posted on 12 September 2022 by "T".

Major sports events have been postponed in the UK to honor the death of the Queen.

On September 8, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was announced to have passed away peacefully at Balmoral Castle in the Scottish Highlands.

To honor the Queen, the English Premier League temporarily suspended the planned matches for this weekend and Monday.

The British Horseracing Authority also postponed their planned events.

Queen Elizabeth II was the longest-serving monarch in British history, having reigned from 6 February 1952 until the day of her death.

The monarch is quite known for her keen interest in horse racing, particularly the breeding of thoroughbreds for the sport. She has several roles in the sport, among them as a patron of The Jockey Club and Thoroughbred Breeders Association, as well as the figurehead of Royal Ascot racecourse.

The passing away of Her Majesty is definitely a very sad moment not only for UK citizens but also for the millions of people all over the world that were inspired by her.

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II will then be succeeded by her eldest son, who becomes King Charles III.


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17 comments on "UK Gambling Industry pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II"

 dule-vu12/09/2022 07:43:43 GMT
yeah,everything will stop in next days,same as it was in last days,because of her death, no matter is it sport or something else!I dont see in this news what kind of tribute uk gambling industry will pay?
this death will make lot of changes in life of country,now they have king,so even national anthem will be changed!
 geseco1213/09/2022 00:02:37 GMT
all of us are important, life is the most beautiful thing, but when it ends it is very sad, that is why we should always value everything for equality and give a good reminder, both the queen and those who die of hunger in the world should be news of debate.
 CALICUL13/09/2022 00:09:00 GMT
the people of England had to honor their leader and stopped many games. i have seen good and bad news about the Queen of England on the Internet. I think the percentage was 85% for the bad ones. I don't want to talk about it, but the UK industry has done it in an acceptable way.
 geseco1214/09/2022 00:23:47 GMT
we don't know how the queen's life was off camera, but what we do know is that everything we do in this world is paid for before we go to rest, while we are alive we should always be good people.
 CALICUL14/09/2022 00:29:17 GMT
It is normal for any person to have a funeral, but here it is about many things, including Princess Diana.. When someone dies, you can't speak well of him, if he did a lot of very bad things in his life. There are many bad things in which the royal family was involved in the last 70 years, but people to judge as they want...
 antonis32114/09/2022 10:09:42 GMT
I thought Queen Elisabeth would reach 100 , and even more , cause see seemed to be healthy , mentally strong, tough , but still 96 years old is good . I don't think she had any health problems during her life , did she ?/ Ofcourse , as a Queen she had the best doctors at her service . She will be buried this Monday , I guess a lot of people will go there to watch the ceremony .
 dule-vu14/09/2022 10:10:41 GMT
nobody could know how long she will live,but she had great years!
 antonis32115/09/2022 20:00:47 GMT
I hear that on Monday the funeral of the Queen will take place , do for sure on Monday no sport events will happen , the stock exchange will be closed , I guess in the weekend also many shops will be closed . After Monday everything will be back to normal I guess

Btw...I see Charles now , very old .. I read that he is the oldest heir to be proclaimed king in the history of the UK .... I do not think he likes that lol . But he had so great patience , decades waiting for his turn . Let's see how many years he will remain the king . I heard in the past that he might give up so as William , his son , to take his place as king tight away , that would be better imo , maybe the British people would also like this , a younger man on the throne , and William is very beloved
 dule-vu15/09/2022 20:08:23 GMT
Evertyting stopped till they finish ceremony!
 antonis32117/09/2022 11:22:27 GMT
I watched some videos of the Queen on YouTube , I have to admit last year's I haven't been following their news , I watched how she was in 2019 and how she was in 2022 . 3 years later she changed completely , and of course these mobility problems she had , and she lost a lot of weight . Only pictures of her were being published I think lately not videos . It was obvious she was in her last month's . Anyway , sad to see a person dying or being close to death . On Monday her funeral will take place , I wanna see how they will organise the whole thing , she was their queen for many decades !!!
 CALICUL17/09/2022 11:38:13 GMT
I have also seen movies, but it is not about something good, is about something bad. They pray to Baphomet, there were some people who chanted and made them pedoph1les, they offended them in football stadiums in Scotland and Ireland. These people know better how things are...
 antonis32119/09/2022 17:53:02 GMT
Today the funeral took place , it lasted very long , now it's over . I saw the king , I think he is somehow tired , of course all these days tiring procedures , events , preparations . I guess now everything will go back to normality . May the Queen rest in peace . And God save the new king .
 CALICUL19/09/2022 18:32:50 GMT
I read a bit that the funeral is today and it will be deposited in a chapel during the evening. Family, acquaintances will be participants there and it's normal. The public is not allowed for now, so as not to disturb the rest of family members.
 antonis32124/09/2022 15:01:57 GMT
Now it's over , the funeral is over and life goes on . I guess for some time , months , she will be remembered and referred again and again in some political events , in memory of her , to honour her , but life goes on with Charles as King . That's the real thing with life , no matter what happens , no matter who died , life goes on .
 CALICUL24/09/2022 15:06:21 GMT
sometimes it matters if they did good things.
 antonis32128/09/2022 11:46:26 GMT
She was a successful monarch , she performed her royal duties the way she supposed to do . British monarchy is an institution very important for many worldwide , not only the British . She didn't make any troubles during her lifetime , she managed well some mistakes of her family members , so as to satisfy public opinion.

Nowadays I think kings and queens have no real power , they exist only for the eyes of the people , for social hierarchy reasons , but still they have their importance . Elizabeth II monarchy lasted the most , I think Charles III's term will be very short , I think the system would like to see Williams to take the throne soon . We will see .
 CALICUL28/09/2022 11:51:21 GMT
there are many people who did not appreciate the queen

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