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UFC Icon Khabib Nurmagomedov's Bank Accounts have been Seized for Unpaid $3.3M Tax Debt

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Posted on 04 July 2024 by "T".

The former UFC fighter may be in hot water over alleged unpaid debt worth $3.3 million to the Russian government.

It comes just days after a fight club linked with him was raided.

Khabib Nurmagomedov is facing a tough legal predicament after his bank accounts have reportedly been seized because of an alleged £2.4 million ($3 million) tax debt, according to several reports.

Nurmagomdeov has diversified into business following his retirement, but it seems these ventures have not been very successful.

Nurmagomedov, a former UFC lightweight champion, retired undefeated in 2022, with a perfect pro MMA record of 29-0 (8 KOs and 11 submissions), having ran a gauntlet up to his last fight, beating the likes of Rafael dos Anjos, Conor McGregor, Dustin Poirier, and Justin Gaethje.

Even though UFC president Dana White attempted to lure him back into the Octagon for a 30th and final fight, the Dagestan fighter never budged, saying he made a promise to his mother to stop competing, after the death of his father and trainer Abdulmanap Nurmagomedov.

According to reports from Mash and Ren TV in Russia, Nurmagomedov's personal accounts are currently frozen in Russia. The Russian Federal Tax Service (FTS) apparently confirmed it on its website, saying: "There are valid decisions on suspension for the specified taxpayer."

MSN said, citing the Russian news agency Tass, Nurmagomedov's representatives denied an initial allegation of tax evasion, "The information about tax debt is inaccurate. Khabib continues to engage in business projects and develop them."

Rough Week for the Fighter

The incident follows a rough week for the mixed martial arts icon as police raided his gym amid terror attack investigations.

According to Sports Illustrated on June 28, police raided the fighter's gym as part of search procedures linked with terror attacks in Dagestan, which Nurmagomedov condemned.

The terror attack on June 23 claimed 21 lives, including that of MMA fighter Gadzhimurad Kagirov, a suspected terrorist according to Sports Illustrated. There was substantial damage to a synagogue in Makhachkala, which was on fire at the time. Terrorists also caused another fighter to a second synanogogue in Derbent, which is 80 miles south of Makhachkala.

On June 25, Nurmagomedov condemned the attacks and emphasized that Gadzhimurad Kagirov, one of the suspects in said terrorist attack, was "not our student."

"[The terrorist] is not our student, that is absolute nonsense, it's not true. Yes, he had a camp at the gym at some point, maybe for a couple of months. But he was never part of the team."

Conor McGregor Troll Reacts

In a series of tweets on June 28, his longtime rival Conor McGregor took the opportunity to mock Khabib Nurmagomedov online.

Having learned about Nurmagomedov's bank accounts being seized for having over 300 million rubles ($3 million) in unpaid taxes, McGregor reacted to the news reposted by @Matysek88 on X (Twitter):
"[Laughing emoji] Broke and on the run. If you see him tell him push up for cash."

McGregor's "push-ups for cash" comment refers to an old video of Nurmagomedov, in which the Dagestani fighter was seen making fun of a homeless man and asking him to do push-ups for cash. He received fan backlash for the bad behavior.

In a now-deleted post on X, the Irish star accused Khabib's manager Ali Abdelaziz of being involved in terrorist activities.
"In the terrorist's gym when a tester showed up they would hold him hostage and give a random clean person's urine vs the fighters they were looking to test. All will come out now. When this comes down on top of them watch what surfaces. There is a video of Khabib walking into a premise full of people and smashing it up entirely with a bat, threatening all those inside. All will come out. Mystic Mac."

After the Russian police raided Khabib's gym concerning a recent terrorist attack, his old video 2018 press conference accusing Abdelaziz with the hashtag #ConorWasRight have been trending on social media.


Image: Brandon Magnus/Zuffa LLC via Getty Images


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11 comments on "UFC Icon Khabib Nurmagomedov''s Bank Accounts have been Seized for Unpaid $3.3M Tax Debt"

 dule-vu04/07/2024 13:02:04 GMT
when you earn so much money in life and you cant pay tax from it and then this happen! probably it was for years when this amount now is in millions! lot of players from all sports have problems with taxes in many countries, because they want to take whole money from them, but we can see when serious country is in question, they will collect what is for them!
 geseco1216/07/2024 02:09:51 GMT
Since retiring suddenly and following the death of his father, the former UFC lightweight champion has embarked on a series of business ventures that include dietary supplements and a chain of restaurants and hotels. and now a debt to the Russian state, a shame for him, I hope he can solve his problems.
 Gedemonas16/07/2024 02:47:56 GMT
It's disappointing to see such a talented and respected fighter like Khabib Nurmagomedov facing financial troubles and legal issues. McGregor's mocking tweets seem unnecessary and disrespectful given the seriousness of the situation. It's important to wait for all the facts to come out before making judgements.
 pokkerimees16/07/2024 03:42:38 GMT
It is funny to read, he has tax problems in russian federastation, in country, where stealing is norm for all , who have power, starting the biggest thief, "president". Feels like decoy operation, to point peoples interest away from war and money, that is spent on it.
 dule-vu16/07/2024 05:02:46 GMT
Its his fault that he didnt care about it!
 pokkerimees16/07/2024 11:14:50 GMT
As much as i know, investigation is not over and he is not guilty yet. He is most likely faulty of not giving enough bribe to some higher power people. You can not earn money in russia and not kick some % of it up.
 dule-vu16/07/2024 11:18:11 GMT
must be something arround when they publish news like this and give amount of money that he own to goverment!
 pokkerimees16/07/2024 11:31:50 GMT
Must be, that nazis in Ukraine are killing innocent people, if there are news about it in russian federastation media, right?
 dule-vu16/07/2024 11:33:33 GMT
again you with your politic and hate...
 pokkerimees16/07/2024 11:36:45 GMT
What, no. It was in the news. And it was also in the news, that Navalni died because of health problems. There is no lies in any autocratic country news, especially in russistan news.
 dule-vu16/07/2024 11:38:05 GMT
whatever you say! I didnt talk anything about this kind of things!

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