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BIG Enhanced odds on Euro 2016 Semifinals!

Tags: Enhanced, Odds
Posted on 06 July 2016 by "H".

Unibet is great at offering some Enhanced Odds on football matches. During this Euro 2016 in France they have had plenty of bets, and on the semi finals they have FOUR combinations of Enhanced Odds on the four teams.

Unibet combines two or more teams and then enhance the Odds, so it will be the higest odds on the market. You don't have to create a new user or make a deposit, this enhanced odds is for everyone!


Click here to get the Enhanced Odds -->

Here are the Enhanced Odds!

Portugal and France to win their matches: Odds 6.50

Portugal and Germany to win their matches: Odds 7.00

Wales and France to win their matches: Odds 12.00

Wales and Germany to win their matches: Odds 13.00

What of the combinationes do you believe will win ? - Click here to get the Enhanced Odds.


Todays Betting Tip: A surebet from E-Sports!

Tags: Betting Tip, E-Sports, Odds
Posted on 04 June 2015 by "H".

We've asked our E-Sports expert and he showed us two matches today, which should be easy wins. We have combined them at the only bookmaker online who allows your to combine these two matches and it almost gives you odds 2.00 in return!

He won't give any guarentee but he tells us, that the bookmakers has set the odds totally wrong and this one should win almost 9/10 times. Be sure to follow the picks fast before the odds drop!


Bet on the double right here -->

Fnatic vs Roccat 

Fnatic is by far the strongest team of those two and in toplane they have one of the best, Huni. He will be against Roccat's newest member Steve, which has given first blood away the last two matches. Fnatic are fantastic in the early game, and they usually put pressure on their opponents right away.

It's a sure bet, the only danger moment would be, if Fnatic get's too aggressive. It's unlikely and we believe Fnatic will win this match easily!

SK Gaming vs Origen

Origen has had first blood in their first two matched, which has come after 10 minutes. It tells us, that Origin makes very few mistakes and that is important against SK Gaming.

SK Gaming is without their absolutely best player, Forg1ven, while they gave away first blood against Copenhagen Wolves i the second match. It looks like an easy win for Origen.

Fnatic + Origen = Odds 1.90 at betsafe!

Click here to find the bets


Henze System (Millionaire in 100 bets)

Tags: 100 bets, betting, Henze system, millionaire, odds, winning
Posted on 20 April 2015 by "K".

Hi Mobsters!

Maybe you are familiar with this system, in genuine it doesn't have any name, but in Denmark they call it the " Henze System" - The system is very simple. For a very small amount of money, you can become a millionaire.

I myself will give this system a shot, and test it. In the beginning I will use my own money, but if (hopefully IF) i reach an amount where i can't bet enough because of the bookies limit, i will withdraw and continuing with a a smaller or fictive amount. The goal is to see if you can win 100 bets in a row.


So how does this system work:

1. You start with a small amount of money. It could be 10 euro, it could be less or more. To become millionaire with this system, you need to start with 100 of your currency. In my case it would be 100 DKK, but since my betting account is in Euro, i will start this system / experiment in Euroes.

2. You only play bet's at odds 1.10, a couple of cents more or less is okay, but in average it has to be 1.10.

3. You will push all in on every single bet. If you win on your first bet, you would have 110, 121 after the next bet and it will continue to grow. In average every 7th bet will double your bankroll.

4. If you succed to hit 100 bets in a row, you will be a millionaire.

I will use this article/comment section below to update my bets in the Henze System, and if you want to give it a try, you could either follow my bets or pick your own. Please update your picks in this thread, so I or/and others can profit of them :)

I will most often use live bets, so be quick if you want to follow my bets!

NOTE: This is not a safe way to make easy money. There is no promise that you'll become millionaire by doing the Henze System. This is a low risk way to win big money, if you are lucky and very good to find those small odds! - No guarentee!

Let's beat the bookies!

Starting Bankroll: 100
Current Bankroll: 346

Bet 1. Live - WON

Nogoom Mostakbal – El Seka El hadid. 1.12 x 100 = 112.

Bet 2. Live - WON

Niel Robertson win 10th frame. 1.12 x 112 = 125

Bet 3. Live - WON

Borna Coric vs Sergie Stakhovsky. o 7.5 games in 3rd set. 1.10 x 125 = 137.5

Bet 4. Live - WON

Jakub Kleprik. First to 9 points. 1.12x 137.5 = 154

Bet 5. Live - WON

Glogow - Biala futsal 1. half no one to 3 goals. 1.10 x 154 = 1.70

Bet 6. Live - WON

Kaiserslauteren - RB Leipzig. O 0.5 goals. 1.10 x 170 = 187.

Bet 7. Live - WON

Elche vs Real Sociedad. O 0.5 goals. 1.14 x 187 = 213

Bet. 8. Live - WON

HC Vardar vs HC Borec. U 74.5 goals = 1.12 x 213 = 238

Bet. 9. Live - WON

Serbia vs Honduras. U 3.5 goals. 1.16 x 238 = 276

Bet. 10. Live - WON

Beijing vs Brisbane. O 0.5 goals. 1.16 x 276 = 320

Bet 11. Live - WON

Team Socceroo vs Ceres La Salle. Ceres La Salle will win 2. half. 1.083 x 320 = 346

Bet 12. Live - LOST

Kapfenberg - Polten o 0.5 goals. 1.083 x 346.


11 bets in a row before Kapfenberg vs Polten played a 0-0 draw. It was fun while it lasted and i ended up with 246 euroes profit before it all went down in the drain :)


%-wise i was running quite good. You should in avg. lose 1 out of 10, but even 9 in a row i tough. If anyone is interesting in giving it a go, please follow up in this thread. I would love to see, if anyone can beat my 11 in a row. You don't have to start with 100 euroes. You could start with 10 or as low as 1, if you just wnat to see, how far you can go! :)

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