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Dalton man wins Lucky for Life lottery prize

Tags: big win, Dalton, lottery, Massachusetts.
Posted on 22 December 2021 by "T".

A Dalton man has become the lucky winner of a $25,000 a year for life prize from the "Lucky for Life" game.

Paul Herbert, from Dalton, has claimed his prize in the "Lucky for Life" drawing on November 26 after the first five numbers on his ticket matched those that took place on November 24. Paul opted the cash option on its prize and received a one-time payment of $390,000 (before taxes), according to the Massachusetts Lottery website.

He bought his ticket at Williams Street Market & Deli located at 740 Williams St. in Pittsfield. The store will be awarded a $5,000 bonus for selling the winning ticket.

The "Lucky for Life" is a $2 Massachusetts ticket that randomly draws five winning numbers out of a field of 48 and one winning Lucky Ball out of a field of 18.


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19 comments on "Dalton man wins Lucky for Life lottery prize"

 CALICUL22/12/2021 13:08:03 GMT
these stories are too many and almost always lucky. The important thing is that people win and the publicity should be placed more on their prizes, not on the events that brought them profit. People prefer to see sums and some tips to play more often. The part with the beautiful stories goes into second part...
 geseco1223/12/2021 13:38:53 GMT
beautiful stories that tell us about the lottery games, this is to have a lot of luck, enjoy it and keep having fun, that's the best thing that can happen to anyone, good luck to everyone in these games.
 CALICUL23/12/2021 13:39:09 GMT
almost always are good or very good stories when they win
 subsonic23/12/2021 20:17:24 GMT
He made $ 25,000 out of $ 2!! Dollar Very lucky! This is how to do it! Thumbs Up Thumbs Up If the Dalton brothers find out... Big Smile Big Smile I would mention the store wasn’t bad either where Paul bought the ticket. Blink I think $ 25,000 is good for everyone! especially at Christmas! Shock Smile
 CALICUL23/12/2021 20:18:34 GMT
he was lucky. I know someone in my neighborhood who won $ 12,500 at slots
 subsonic24/12/2021 10:45:05 GMT
Posted by CALICUL:
almost always are good or very good stories when they win

And if we don't win, the ticket goes to the trash. Angry Big Smile We may curse and swear we will never buy another one... Cool
Of course, we won’t be in the news like a lucky big winner... Disagree Cool
 CALICUL24/12/2021 10:55:20 GMT
it is harder to win, but it is not impossible. Some people earn a lot, some less and some lose. This is the situation and we accept it. Smile
 ligador3724/12/2021 13:54:18 GMT
What a nice way to end the year! It would be great to win a figure like that at this time.
Another winner who, instead of the annual prize, which for my country is a large figure, prefers the single payment.
Surely it depends on the specific case, but I think I would choose the annual payment of 25,000!
congratulations to the winner! It only cost him $ 2 !!!!
 dule-vu24/12/2021 13:54:30 GMT
yeah,great way ti finish this year and great win with such a small amount!
 geseco1224/12/2021 17:42:43 GMT
this person ends the year with tremendous profits obtained from a game, we all want to end the year in the best way, even if it is not to obtain millionaire prizes, but with little we are happy.
 CALICUL24/12/2021 17:43:36 GMT
it is good to have a such luck, but only a few succeed
 geseco1226/12/2021 00:25:29 GMT
you are very right my friend, in these games many are the ones who participate, few are the winners, we know that it is 100% a matter of luck, but you lose nothing trying, maybe you or I will be the next winner, that's why every day more and more people play, the fun is guaranteed with these lottery games.
 CALICUL26/12/2021 00:30:53 GMT
I could play the lottery in NetBet if I send an email to extend my lottery options. There is something like this there, unlike other rooms. I saw that there are some strong lotteries, I have a bankroll and I could risk some dollars. I hope to try in the next year.
 antonis32126/12/2021 06:53:11 GMT
One more winner , who won a lucky lottery ticket , awarding him 400.000 $$ , not bad at all !!! I also liked the decision to award money , 5.000$ to be exact , to the shop that sold this lucky ticket !!!
 dule-vu26/12/2021 07:12:26 GMT
Great amount just in right time,before december and all holidays!
 geseco1227/12/2021 00:52:14 GMT
it is very gratifying to win big prizes and just at Christmas time when you spend a little more, but that's luck, others win anonymously in these games, but one must always play responsibly and not fall into depression when we do not play, we all want to win but few are the lucky ones.
 dule-vu27/12/2021 00:52:28 GMT
This is just right amount to win it!its still big for everything that you want!
 Calmplay28/12/2021 19:58:23 GMT
Wow $25k per year for life, that would be awesome if I could even win one quarter of that amount for only 10 years. I just learned that the price for unleaded petrol in Mauritius has just increased and I am curious to know how much is one litre in yours. Life is becoming more and more expensive and our government is not helping us.
 CALICUL28/12/2021 20:13:09 GMT
it's good money even after tax, but let's not forget that governments don't help if they aren't under pressure. This year, it seems that other games do not help to make too much money and it is more difficult, but we play in the hope of some winnings. We have no other solution. if we like it.

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