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Man on Grocery Store Errand takes home $50,000 Lottery Prize

Tags: big win, lottery, USA.
Posted on 07 February 2022 by "T".

A man who came home after doing a grocery store errand had a lovely surprise for his wife - a winning lottery ticket!

He told lottery officials that he purchased the $5 Jumbo Bucks ticket right after he finished grocery shopping at the Food Lion on the Asheville Highway in Inman, South Carolina, USA.

When he arrived home, he then handed the ticket over to his wife.

She scratched it off, revealing a $50,000 win.

The man said, "We are ecstatic!"

Two top prizes of $50,000 in the $2 Jumbo Bucks game are still out there, at odds of 1 in 600,000.

Food Lion #2835 in Inman received a commission of $500 for selling the winning ticket.



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19 comments on "Man on Grocery Store Errand takes home $50,000 Lottery Prize"

 dule-vu07/02/2022 11:21:44 GMT
o my god,50000 dollars and he got it just because he was on shopping!he had to spend only 5 $ to win such a big prize and even his wife was lucky to scratch it!you can imagine that feeling when you win it,but you dont expect at all,you just buy ticket and give to somebody else!
 geseco1208/02/2022 04:44:45 GMT
incredible news, these are things that happen, this time the man was very lucky to win this prize with only 5 dollars that the lottery ticket cost him, the probabilities of winning are scarce, but this man has made it happen, congratulations.
 dule-vu08/02/2022 06:03:57 GMT
Yes,its great and what a luck you must have to go in shopping,to remember to buy scratch ticket on end and then to give wife to scratch it!when she got winning symbols,they probably didnt believe it!nice for them!
 geseco1209/02/2022 17:18:53 GMT
sometimes luck can be with you that way, you buy a ticket and there are many ways to scratch it and sometimes it works, this time this man gave it to his wife so she can scratch it and it worked.
 CALICUL09/02/2022 17:28:41 GMT
I like this kind of lottery and sometimes it's good to risk some money here. Big Smile
 eloy223/02/2022 03:34:04 GMT
What good news, this time the man was very lucky to win this prize with only 5 dollars that cost him the lottery ticket, congratulations and may the successes continue for this man
 dule-vu23/02/2022 05:51:09 GMT
Yeah,yeah,great win!try some new news,not just old one's!
 eloy203/03/2022 04:27:13 GMT
What good news and the great luck of this man who with only a ticket of only 5 dollars that cost him the lottery ticket and had the great luck of winning a $50,000 prize, congratulations
 dule-vu03/03/2022 05:52:31 GMT
Buy food,buy ticke when you are there and win big amount Big Smile
 geseco1203/03/2022 22:55:29 GMT
excellent prize, with only a 5 dollar ticket he was able to win a prize of 50 thousand dollars, surely the wife burst with happiness, that's the way things are, sometimes in the least expected days luck happens and you enjoy it in a big way.
 dule-vu03/03/2022 22:55:43 GMT
Great win for just a low amount!
 eloy205/03/2022 01:22:47 GMT
this news is surprising to imagine that with only a ticket of 5 dollars he could win a prize of 50 thousand dollars, congratulations
 CALICUL05/03/2022 01:43:59 GMT
There are many lotteries where you can win $ 50,000 with one, two or more. In Europe it is the same, but in euros, probably in pounds. I think it's good to play more often, if we like to take risks in more games.
 geseco1205/03/2022 02:33:50 GMT
what a joy it must be to win a prize of 50000 dollars with only 5 dollars, it does not happen very often in our lives that's why we must enjoy it well, good luck to all and may you share your experiences with us someday.
 dule-vu05/03/2022 02:35:15 GMT
Even just to win 5000 and not to talk about 50000!
 geseco1206/03/2022 03:02:07 GMT
Incredible prize that this person won, he did not expect it, but he surely enjoyed the moment in a unique way, that does not happen very often, luck came to this couple, and surely it will not be the last prize they win, you can see that they like to play this kind of games.
 dule-vu06/03/2022 05:04:58 GMT
For sure he didnt expect it,especially when you go in grocery store for other things!
 geseco1207/03/2022 03:39:43 GMT
It is true, she did not imagine the great prize she had in her hands, luck can surprise you at any time, a great happiness of this woman, it is a prize that suits her very well.
 dule-vu07/03/2022 06:05:22 GMT
It always come when you dont expect and when you dont think on it!

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