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Russian Casino Under Fire Over "Animal Cruelty" During Grand Opening

Tags: Russia, Siberian Tiger, Tigre de Cristal.
Posted on 17 November 2015 by "T".

Tigre de Cristal, Russia's newest and largest casino, has received a lot of negative criticism for its treatment of a Siberian tiger cub during the grand opening last Wednesday. Some people claimed that the five-month-old female cub, named "Crystal", appeared to be drugged during the opening ceremony.

"Many observers at the grand opening told local Russian media that the cub appeared to have been drugged; carried out onto the stage as if she were asleep, then spending her entire hour in the spotlight staring at the crowd with glassy eyes under drooping eyelids," Calvin Ayre's Peter Amsel wrote about the incident that has upset many animal lovers over the globe. 

The Siberian Times reported that "Crystal had been given an oral sedative prior to her public debut so that she wouldn't bite anyone." Zoo director Ekaterina Zotova told the newspaper that the drugs given to  Crystal didn't cause her any harm. Zotova added that the casino wouldn't do anything to jeopardise her health.

Crytal was reportedly purchased for 450,000 rubbles ($6,800) from a zoo in the Republic of Bashkortostan. Her new permanent home is at a private zoo not far away from the casino.

There are around 480-540 Siberian Tigers in the Russian Far East, including 100 cubs. Not a big population but a greater number than in 2005 when there were 331-393 in the same region. The population has steadily been increasing since 2005 thanks to intensive conservation efforts.

source: Calvin Ayre, Wikipedia & The Serberian Times

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5 comments for "Russian Casino Under Fire Over "Animal Cruelty" During Grand Opening"

 bowie198418/11/2015 02:05:24 GMT
Republic of Bashkortostan!? Is that a place in Russia? Is that even a place?
Yeah tigers deserve better, especially the ones who are in grave danger 'cuz of the low reproduction numbers, but this story is a bit overblown.
The danish zoo where they've killed and anatomized a lion and a giraffe in front of the public has done way worse things and nobody cares about them anymore...
 pochui18/11/2015 07:48:12 GMT
ah the good old republic of Bashkortostan, i remember that once on my trip to meet new cultures of the world i had a chance meet a couple of Bashkortostanis over a bottle of vodka... really great people, one oddity is that instead of pigs they are growing siberian tigers... other than that they are pretty normal
 klash2318/11/2015 12:22:31 GMT
Sometimes these animal rights guys go somewhat extreme in their views.....obviously it is not illegal to own the tiger and I think sedating the cub is probably better for the cub than not.
 damosk18/11/2015 19:12:12 GMT
Some interesting views pervading here in the forum on the relative and alleged treatment of a tiger cub. I really could get engaged in this but won't, at the risk of being outrageous. Haven't people learned that animals are not for show but to live their lives as it was intended.
 bowie198419/11/2015 02:16:12 GMT
Posted by damosk:
Haven't people learned that animals are not for show but to live their lives as it was intended.

You mean to live their lives to see the day when some rich new aristocrat/oligarch is shooting them between they eyes just like happened with many thousands of (siberian) tigers during the last century?
I think the zoo/reservation is better option.

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