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Microgaming Holds Guinness World Record For Biggest Jackpot Online

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Posted on 15 December 2015 by "T".

It's official! Microgaming has been awarded the title of "Largest jackpot payout in an online slot machine game" by the Guinness World Records.

It was on October 6, 2015, that a UK player named Jon Heywood hit the mega jackpot prize while playing on Microgaming's Mega Moolah online slot game, making him £13,213,838.68 (€17,879,645.12 or US$19,745,207.27) richer!

Mr. Heywood, a Cheshire soldier who went to Afghanistan with the Army in the past, became an instant overnight multi-millionaire just from a 25p bet. After a comprehensive approval process with supporting evidences submitted by both Microgaming and the online betting and gaming company that he played at, along with confirmation from eCOGRA, the Guinness World Records has declared the win as a true-blue world record for the world of online gaming.  Heywood shares this Guinness title with both Microgaming and the site where he played.

The CEO of Microgaming Roger Raatgever said, "When news broke about Jon's amazing jackpot win back in October, we were overjoyed - what an incredible and heart-warming story. We've achieved many industry records over the years, but to be officially awarded a Guinness World Records title is a special and proud moment for us all. It cements our position in providing the largest and most exciting progressive jackpot network in the industry. We can't wait to hang the certificate in our office reception!"

The representative of Guinness World Records also stated that, "I'm pleased to confirm that the Guinness World Records title for the largest jackpot payout in an online slot machine game is €17,879,645.12, which was won by Jonathan Heywood, while playing Microgaming's Mega Moolah."

When asked what to do with his winnings, Mr. Heywood instantly answered without any hesitation - he will first and foremost buy the "best possible medical treatment" for his father who is waiting for a lung and heart transplant. He added, "Family comes first and I'd give all this money back for him to be healthy again."
When he won the jackpot on October 6, he even went to work the next day and kept quiet about it for a good 3 days!

Mr. Heywood currently owns a Fiat Punto, and he said that with his winnings he would also like to buy himself a luxury car, which is a yellow Bentley Continental convertible GT.


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Source: Microgaming - Guinness World Records - eCOGRA -


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10 comments on "Microgaming Holds Guinness World Record For Biggest Jackpot Online"

 bowie198415/12/2015 14:16:45 GMT
From Fiat Punto to a Bentley GT - now this is what I call the most urgent thing to do when I will become a millionaire to be quite honest... Everything else could wait.
 klash2315/12/2015 14:50:39 GMT
A great story and good to see that this went to an ordinary guy,one year he is fighting and risking his life for his country for a terrible wage and the next he is a multi millionaire.
Also good to see that he was only playing 25p spins and not massive stakes like some jackpot games.There is hope for us all!!
 TheTheMASTER15/12/2015 15:52:03 GMT
oh my GOD!!! the biggest win with a tiny bet!! the best combination ! he just made his life way more comfort!
 Heskor15/12/2015 16:07:07 GMT
Hi guys hope you having fun at the tables and making a lot of money, hopefully we might make it to the top, have been playing for a while, just come back to the game and im still losing money and what not and this sucks big time lol, anyway keep up the good work at the tables if you playing and keep making a lot of money , cheers peace out from me going to sleep in a while and come back refresh and ready to own!
 crash5815/12/2015 20:45:14 GMT
well if they hold this record then they also hold another.
How many millions and millions and millions were spent, across all of microgamings skins, aprox 60+ before he won that jackpot.
Since very little of each bet placed on that game actually goes toward the jackpot.
the amount spent must be hugh.
Well congrats to him anyway

Merry Christmas to All
 Buva1315/12/2015 22:06:09 GMT
Woww, nice 4 someone who fights other peoples war to get some kind of life insuranace and to change his life. I wish life can award all of us with large amount of money to live a decent life and not have to worry what tommorow brings. Already sick of dirty rich people who dont knot what to do with their money so they buy guns, 99 (cars) baloons and a villa next to another dirty rich a33hole who has a golden toilet seat and cheap ass slut with silicon boobs and lips that her firtst rutine in the morning is to draw another line of white.

P.S. Some balance in life God. Please!
 doubletop77716/12/2015 09:54:27 GMT
What a great heartwarming story this is. This guy wins over thirteen million quid for just a 25p outlay and it couldnt have gone to a more deserving guy than this. Enjoy spending it all mate and well done to you
 Gun2her16/12/2015 15:02:37 GMT
All these slots are worse than cancer. Smoking may give you cancer, but usually takes decades. These can ruin a life in much shorter time and these will make you want to kill yourself which is much worse.
 bowie198416/12/2015 18:29:34 GMT
Posted by Gun2her:
All these slots are worse than cancer. Smoking may give you cancer, but usually takes decades. These can ruin a life in much shorter time and these will make you want to kill yourself which is much worse.

Exactly. I can't find the heartwarming part in this story either. He is gonna spend it all, mostly on gambling.
 Theapple16/12/2015 19:12:52 GMT
thats a very decent win, but i wonder how many poor fu#((#s had to pay for it. millions probably because it was so high and its financed, well, by people losing money on slots Tongue

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