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New Casino Partner: $5 Free at Omni Casino

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Posted on 23 January 2015 by "M".


When you are thinking of an online casino the first thing that should come to mind is trust and a solid reputation. Omni Casino is at the top of the list when it comes to trust and reputation. They have been in the business for 17 years. And in the online casino business they are the ones with the solid reputation. And let's face it reputation is gold in the casino industry.

The software platform they use is the best that the industry has to offer, which is of course the Playtech platform. Playtech gives solid reliable performance with a huge range of slick titles to choose from in the slots machines department. Now, Omni has one of the biggest array of games on the planet with over 200 titles in their portfolio. That is everything from table games to card games to slots machine games and the slots machines include the very latest Marvel Comics slots. On top of that their progressives are wired into the Playtech jackpot Network which in turn is shared across most of the other Playtech casinos. The bottom line of that means that you get BIGGER jackpots that escalate faster than ever before!

And in the unlikely event that you need customer support you will be treated like royalty. Support is online and operational 24-7, 365 days a year and gives you the option of phone, email or chat. Your money can be moved to and fro by all of the big credit cards and eWallets. And payouts are processed in 1 to 3 business days. Even the game software is audited by the independent game auditor, TST Technical Systems to ensure fairness and honesty.

All of these factors come together to give you the best, highest paying and most trusted online casino in the business. The fly-by-night online casinos come and go. And quite often when they go they take your money with them, so why take the chance when you can play your favourite games securely and be guaranteed that you will get your winnings?

Click here and claim $5 Free - No Deposit Required + 200% up to $600 on your first deposit!

Click here for the full review of Omni Casino!

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24 comments on "New Casino Partner: $5 Free at Omni Casino"

 bowie198423/01/2015 16:40:33 GMT
When I am thinking of an online casino the first thing that would come to my mind is those poor eastern european girls who are operating the tables at the live section with a forced smile on their faces while reading all those - notsonice sexist - posts on the livechat.
Everything else is a blurr after that, but lets ask 'Whiskey' what are his experiences with Omni, he probably have an account here or at least 'know someone'.
 klash2323/01/2015 17:09:02 GMT
I use to play at this casino a years or two ago but I think that since the new casino laws in the UK that Britain was no longer accepted,I hope this changes and they get a UK licence as this is a decent place to play and one of the most trusted sites available.
 Davoodoo25/01/2015 12:31:58 GMT
haha bowie nice comment, i totally agree.
 Fakiry26/01/2015 19:35:52 GMT
I really have to take my hat to casino offers. People tend to misbilieve these kind of offers and i was one of those, but since i won one time i feel i have the obligation to talk about these oportunitis. They aren't always the same, and we can't all win all the forst times, but it's possible. Once my $5 bonus turned into 30$ and then into $140. I tried to withdraw and i still had to play $400 in order to turn the bonus into real money. So i kept playing and i made it. After doing a deposit, i was able to withdraw $150 plus the money i deposit. Nice huh? From this win on, i always think it's worth to give it a try! I guess you agree with me right? GL for all trying to get this bonus!
 xgcsnippy28/01/2015 04:01:21 GMT
I may actually give this casino a try if it is allowed in my country. I know I have issues with gambling so trying very very very hard not to get involved with online casinos but my curiosity will eventually sucker me in!

I am very lucky when it comes to real life casinos and I have never walked out in the negative and I am being honest there.

 bowie198411/05/2015 10:52:14 GMT
Posted by xgcsnippy:
I may actually give this casino a try if it is allowed in my country. I know I have issues with gambling so trying very very very hard not to get involved with online casinos but my curiosity will eventually sucker me in!

So? Did you try it? They allow canadians but the no-depo has 50x wagering requirement.
 dule-vu07/08/2015 11:49:57 GMT
Didnt want to open new thread,before I search and found this old thread!yesterday I registered at Omni Casino through BRM link!at offer on this site,they give 5 free bonus without deposit!I checked eligible countries and Croatia is eligible for that promotion!only term is to registed credit card and bonus will automatically be on my account!but when I did that,got nothing!
today I contacted live chat and they told me that my country is not eligible for this bonus!I said that on BRM page my country isnt restricted and that casino decision is final!
So whos fault is this?BRM of Omni?when they cant give this bonus,sure I want deposit money at their site!
hope that somebody will respond to this!

So anybody know something about this casino?any comment?Admin do you maybe know something,why they didnt give this bonus!now they say that my country isnt eligible for this,but in terms nothing about that!
 bowie198408/08/2015 11:00:37 GMT
Yeah, croatians are not on the list, neither restricted on the site where they described the terms, so I don't know what went wrong. You should send an email to BRM describing the situation...
Go on this site to Support Center & FAQ then Bonuses then Other (nothing above answered my question) that way you could contact BRM directly.
 dule-vu08/08/2015 12:26:00 GMT
Well I hoped that admin,fat tony,will see my posts,but maybe he is busy!but dont get it,nothing for restrictions,but when I asked support he tell me that I cant get bonus!well with kind of attitude I want deposit money on that site!
 klash2308/08/2015 13:16:57 GMT
I never understand how certain casinos come to their decisions on who to allow to have bonuses,some will allow you to deposit and then get bonuses but will not give no deposit ones.If they are willing to take your money then at least treat all countries the same.
This casino used to give a decent first deposit bonus with a low WR but not sure what it is like now as UK players were banned.This was a very trusted casino so it is worth playing there if you want a playtech casino. Smile
 Theapple08/08/2015 21:17:40 GMT
i think i have actually heard of this one before, and i play online casinos once every 6 blue moons. So yeah i believe its legit casino, but i still wouldnt put too much hope into free money as that thing usually comes with impossible playthrough requirements.

it usually goes like this -> wager just $19.000 with our free $5 and if you actually manage to do so, you can cashout $20 but not the rest of your money Big Smile

i know about casinos that give $800 free but you have to wager it 999 times so yeah, thats how free online casino money works Aww crap!
 bowie198409/08/2015 11:10:24 GMT
Agree, it's really not the wagering requirements going to kill ya in a no-depo promotion rather than the withdrawing limits which they've always put in the T&C for these occasions. Most no deposit casino bonus's profit is capped around hundred or just fifty bucks if you are able to withdaw after wagering.
 dule-vu09/08/2015 13:03:46 GMT
well paddy power never asked for deposit money or something like that!big sites allow you to withdraw money on back account or check even if you didnt deposit,but did won something!this donks cant even give free money when they offer!
 bowie198410/08/2015 11:20:38 GMT
Yeah, true but some sites just use the initial first deposit as another backgound check method - especially if somebody doing it with his VISA card. There are easier opening multiple Skrill accounts than being fraudulent with creditcards IMO. I'm gonna check that paddypower out...
 dule-vu10/08/2015 14:09:18 GMT
you can check,but I know for sute for paddy power!I did got check on my address,but this take a bit longer!but they will give you money!then after some period I did deposit and they are fast in everything!when you withdraw money,after 2 days its on your VISA card!
 bowie198412/08/2015 11:40:16 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
you can check,but I know for sute for paddy power!I did got check on my address,but this take a bit longer!but they will give you money!

Any site which gives me money is welcomed with open arms around here Big Smile But two days waiting period on withdrawals could be a drag too.
 dule-vu12/08/2015 14:20:42 GMT
why is two days too long?you cant expect that money,when you withdrawing,be on your account immediately,they must proceed that transaction,visa and your bank need to check that!its good period!if you wait for 5,6 days,that is too long and its not ok,so site is not good!
 klash2313/08/2015 14:16:41 GMT
I think the better casinos these days are the Netent ones with many paying out within hours and a lot will not even ask for ID if you are using a credit card or Visa debit.A good tip I have found is if the Netent casino has a UK licence with the WR around x20 it should be a good casino......always read the bonus terms though as some will exclude slots such as Dead or Alive from bonus play. Smile
 dule-vu14/08/2015 14:24:16 GMT
can you give names of that casinos,that give payout in 1 hour on VISA card,not on neteller or skrill?and what Netent casinos?and ofcourse that this payout is not just fast for UK citizens!dont know any casino to be so fast to withdraw money will be in horus or two on my VISA card!
 bowie198415/08/2015 00:12:21 GMT
Posted by klash23:
A good tip I have found is if the Netent casino has a UK licence with the WR around x20 it should be a good casino...

Any online casino with a WR of x20-35 of the bonus is alright in my opinion, now if the WR is x30-50 of the deposit+bonus - that is a total ripoff, especially if Twin Spin or DoA are excluded from wagering. But it's very rare for me catching well paying bonus rounds/features on NetEnt slots tbh.
 klash2316/08/2015 14:45:15 GMT
I think we are only allowed to recommend casinos that are on offer at BRM but BGO is quite good though that does exclude Dead or Alive from bonuses.
Casino cruise casino has had some decent reviews but I am hoping they will change the NDB and freespins from Starburst before I will sign up.
Redbet and comeOn should be OK as well but just remember to check for any excluded games for bonus play,ask live chat if unsure.......also some casinos will allow a withdrawal if you hit a big win before using your bonus money which is definitely a good thing. Smile
 bowie198417/08/2015 00:32:33 GMT
I used to cruise over the bankroll section searching 4 new casinos that are available to me 2 sign up - and frankly if I found one which I liked they either don't allowed hungarian residents to play or get a SUB or we have gotten simply excluded from the NDB promo completely. Hence I gave up the search some time ago.
 dule-vu17/08/2015 18:59:16 GMT
Many casino page,that BRM recommend are good,lot of them offer no deposit bonus for my country!but some of them,dont give normal payout if you didnt deposit or you can cashout only 50,100 euros!so you want that lot of people come on they site,but when you want to cashout,there is restrictions!this is not way to do things and to operate!
 bowie198418/08/2015 00:40:40 GMT
I do not think the withdrawing ceilings on no deposit bonuses necessarily outrageous nor something to be worth angry about - after all it's their money until you meet wagering. Having a fifty or hundred euros top on these is only bad if you get the initial NDB up into a four figure sum.

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