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Third ex-tribal leader member pleads guilty in stealing from casino

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Posted on 23 June 2017 by "K".

A third ex-member of the Winnebago Tribal Council has pleaded guilty to his role in stealing from the tribe’s casino located in Iowa.

According to reports, Charles Aldrich entered the plea on Monday in the US District Court in Omaha.

The indictment shows that the unlawful distribution of funds to these ex-council members came via the issuance of gift cards by the casino and prepaid debit cards that the casino supposedly paid for. The gift cards totaled $87,000, and the debit cards contained an overall sum of $240,500 – all of which were stated in the casino’s records as ‘miscellaneous administrative expenses’.

By the time the tribe members noticed the fund distributions, the ex-council members tried to justify it by claiming the funds were compensation for extra casino oversight duties; however, according to the indictment, that oversight was already part of their duties.

FBI supervisory agent in charge Randy Thysse of the Omaha Division said, “These individuals used their elected official positions to enrich themselves and in the process betrayed the trust of their peers and those they were elected to serve. The FBI Omaha Division will remain steadfast in aggressively investigating those responsible for perpetrating schemes like this and will continue to pursue all allegations of public corruption.”

Aldrich is one of the nine ex-council members who were accused of a conspiracy to siphon over $327,000 from the WinneVegas Casino in Sloan, Iowa.

Last month in Nebraska, Louis Houghton and Lawrence Payer pleaded guilty to the same charge, which is, theft from a gaming establishment on Indian lands.  Both await sentencing.

The six other ex-council members involved are Darwin Snyder, Morgan Earth, Ramona Wolfe, Travis Mallory, Thomas Snowball Jr. and John Blackhawk.


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8 comments on "Third ex-tribal leader member pleads guilty in stealing from casino"

 pochui23/06/2017 12:20:18 GMT
well since it was only miscellaneous administrative expenses therefore it cannot be really looked at as a steal, maybe more like a short term loan that was surely to be given back by the ex-tribal leader when the tribe would make enough money by selling organic cannabis
 Mober23/06/2017 20:13:22 GMT
If you pick a casino and start digging, you will probably discover,
something unlawful that is happening there, from robberies in or out of the casino,
to scams.
It is a magnet of big proportions Smile
 dule-vu24/06/2017 09:39:09 GMT
well its not such a big amount and they will be in prison for few years,for sure!but when they have opportunity,they couldnt resist so now they will pay for it!but it good if somebody take money from casino,when they take money from people,then this is ok Big Smile
 pajalnick24/06/2017 10:55:34 GMT
Interesting news ...... if there were previously arrested 2 members of the board, it was a great folly to do something illegal longer .. but perhaps these crimes were committed simultaneously? ... in prison they will have time to think about it and may be repentant
 Gerimantas24/06/2017 18:09:02 GMT
I also see so many different posts about casino scams and people want to take the money un any way they can think of it doesn't matter to them if they break law and risk to go to jail, they think that money is something that is most important inntheir lives, som they do all different crimes.
 Tony_MON7ANA25/06/2017 16:35:49 GMT
This sort of scam never seems to cease in the gaming industry. The perpetrators should be punished for their despicable crime. My condolences and sympathies to the victims and their families. And hats off to the FBI.
 doubletop77726/06/2017 07:37:57 GMT
It must be very tempting for anyone in these sort of privileged positions to try and deceive their employers. I am glad they were caught and they must be awaiting jail terms now
 pajalnick26/06/2017 12:13:29 GMT
I wonder how the philosophy of Indian and theft in the casino correlates ... .... maybe for these people they are so assimilated with the traditional American system that now they can do anything and the Indian philosophy does not interfere with them .. maybe

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