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Gambling Addict Carjacked Two Women In Casino Garage

Tags: armed robbery, carjack, Detroit.
Posted on 23 September 2015 by "T".

Jones - Photo: Detroit Police DepartmentWayne Jones, 49, earned over $100,000 yearly as a steel worker, but his debts kept piling up due to a gambling problem. On Thursday, in an attempt to fix his financial situation, Jones decided to bet everything at a casino in Detroit. After losing it all, he allegedly decided to rob two persons of their belongings.

According to police raport, he carjacked two women at gunpoint in the casino garage and demanded them to hand over their belongings, including cellphones, cash, house keys etc. After driving for a while, he ordered them out of the car in a desolate area and took off in the car. 

The women walked for approximately two miles before meeting a man who took them to the police station. Investigators were able to identify Jones through the casino player card activity and surveillance footage. Jones was arrested at his workplace around 3.30 p.m. on Saturday and is currently being held on a $100,00 bond.

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6 comments on "Gambling Addict Carjacked Two Women In Casino Garage"

 klash2324/09/2015 13:03:17 GMT
This guy is no genius when it comes to crime is he!!Though I was surprised to see that a steelworker earned over a 100k a year in the US.I think that was the point when he discovered the rock bottom of addiction-unfortunately now it looks like he will be going to prison for quite a while.
 bowie198424/09/2015 15:01:53 GMT
Posted by klash23:
Though I was surprised to see that a steelworker earned over a 100k a year in the US.

Yeah, I am not sure that's not a typo - I mean steelworks is a very hard physical job to do but I can't see these people earning over 5k/month even with double shifts etc. and that is a really good wage in the US for just one.
100k as a steelworker especially when the chinese pushing the prices on the market down every year in steel is insane.
 Calmplay24/09/2015 17:38:20 GMT
I also agree that the amount of his yearly salary is not realistic there, but I could see that he's not just gambling addict he might be the game Grand Theft Auto addict too...

 Heskor24/09/2015 18:19:13 GMT
Yeah manual jobs tends to get you a lot of money this days all around the world as sometimes people tends to look down on those jobs and all, anyway good luck mate have fun at the tables and hope we do not hear more of those bad news, kind of make poker and betting to be the bad guy when the fault lies in the person, anyway peace out guys enough for today i am tired and have to rest and i will be back tomorrow so cheers!
 pochui24/09/2015 18:53:07 GMT
100K here 100K there, does it really matter how much he earned- he gambled everything away anyway... and then a lighting struck him on the head and he decided that a couple of used cellphones and thongs somehow gonna wipe that 100K loss away and he can live happily ever after.
 klash2325/09/2015 13:20:04 GMT
From watching the American news I thought the wages in the United States had declined massively,mainly because of the Obama immigration policies but maybe we can't believe everything Donald Trump says!!

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