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Online Poker in Michigan to Wait until 2021

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Posted on 28 January 2020 by "T".

Michigan poker players will likely have to wait until 2021 before they see the very first legal hands dealt in online poker, according to a report from The Detroit News.

Brandt Iden, the sponsor of the bill, said that Michigan won't procure any significant tax benefits until online gambling is launched, "Until we're fully integrated online, I don't think we'll be able to capitalize on revenue. But from a consumer protection standpoint, from getting players interested, certainly getting up and going in person is helpful."

Gov. Gretchen Whitmer signed Iden's bill into law a week before Christmas last year. The bill made online gambling of all forms legal, including in-person sports betting and online poker. In 2018, former Gov. Rick Snyder vetoed a similar bill, who said he did not want to push away the market from the state lottery, which was the main source of funds for Michigan's school system. Whitmer also shared the same sentiments but reasoned that the 8% tax rate proposed by the legislation by Republican Rep. Brandt Iden was very low to offset any potential losses to the public education system. Whitmer wanted a 40% tax rate.

Regulators estimate that the rules that will govern the online gambling activities in the Wolverine State will be completed by next year. By the time these rules are finalized, then the licensing procedures can begin and the operators would be allowed to launch their products.

Spokeswoman for the Michigan Gaming Control Board Mary Kay Bean said that the target is determined by how long it took to create the rules for other gambling sectors in the past. She added that the retail sports betting regulations will be implemented much sooner and casinos are expected to launch these services in the upcoming months, "For in-person sports betting at the Detroit casinos, the goal for launch is this spring."

"The MGCB is following the regular rules process, which provides opportunities for stakeholder and public input - holding a public hearing and offering a public comment period - and to file a regulatory impact statement. All of these elements are missed when emergency rules are approved."

In other American states, the online sector makes up a significant portion of the betting market. In Pennsylvania, online sports bookies garnered $8.4 million in revenue, while their retail counterparts made $3 million. In New Jersey, one of the nation's biggest gambling markets, $468.8 million out of the total $562.7 million of sports betting revenue actually came from the online market.

In sports betting, the casinos are keen to get started, hoping to take bets just in time for the men's college basketball tournament called March Madness.

Penn National has made steps to launch its sportsbook and is just awaiting the green light, while the MGM Grand Detroit has already opened a sports lounge that will become its sportsbook area. Also, the Firekeepers Hotel and Casino in Battle Creek are ready to open their sportsbook section, having had it in their drawing board for the past 15 months.


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10 comments on "Online Poker in Michigan to Wait until 2021"

 Mober28/01/2020 14:57:05 GMT
If it is until then, then it is not a big deal. And this for the recreational players.
Cause i doubt the professional ones will be staying there, if they cant play online.
The way it goes it will be regulated, in all of the usa soon, once more.
And this time i doubt there will be another incident like the one that took the
whole thing down to the drains.
 maragatero28/01/2020 15:29:41 GMT
I don´t understand this matter. Poker online is running since 1980, more or less. And in this forty years the legal criterious of the countries could not establish an agreement between them about this activity. It can be explained by the ethics or moral differences between cultures. But the fiscal criterion should be better defined at this stage of events, don´t you think? Each country that aims to define a regulation starts from scratch. Have no sense!
 dule-vu28/01/2020 16:10:12 GMT
well everbody know that this bring big money to all,so they should take less time then this!they should or give that licence or not,but not to say every year that they want to give legal gambling,but then they postpone till next year and so on!everything can be legal,its just question by what rules!
 CALICUL29/01/2020 00:40:45 GMT
It takes a long time to reopen online poker in the United States of America and over two months and a half is 9 years from the black Friday. The time has passed pretty quickly and americans players i think they were very disappointed with this. Next year some of them will play again.
 roeish329/01/2020 12:49:13 GMT
I hope they keep re-openning online poker in the states, so maybe it will affect local decision makers and get online poker bavck to Israel. Online poker could be very easily be managed so it will do very little harm if any. I'm okay with poker played under governing eyes that keep everything on the legal and safe side.
 maragatero29/01/2020 13:36:02 GMT
As I said, I still not understand what is the real Problem. If I not mistaken all the countries, less in islamics, has some kind of gambling for money: casinos, sports bets, lottery... But in the same countries the poker online is taken like a special matter. In Argentina, my country, there were many rumors, even bills, but for now there is no regulation Worship
 roeish331/05/2020 18:22:23 GMT
In Israel only gambling allowed is state owned gambling - lottery and sports betting that is both owned by the state and the revenues goes to building sports arenas, schools, etc.
I think that disallowing poker games helps the country to kill the competition for it's own sites.
I believe that poker games should also be governed by the state to see that the money doesn't go to criminals but rather to good use but they should make playing online poker legal since this is not gambling.
 CALICUL31/05/2020 22:07:12 GMT
The law of United States of America it was very strong because from 2011 until 2021 is 10 years in which this country has been deprived of many poker games. I don't know why the Americans won't leave to enter in online rooms and to invigorate many tournaments.
 roeish301/06/2020 18:25:58 GMT
Online gambling is not allowed in many of the US states mainly because of the lobby of the major casino holders, like Sheldon Adelson.
They use their incredible wealth to push governing bodies to eliminate their competition from online sites.
As long as they have this power online sites will continue to be banned from many countries. I don't see it changing soon.
 CALICUL01/06/2020 22:04:24 GMT
This is not the main reason for stopping online gaming in the United States of America because American players were in all poker rooms 10 years ago. I don't think there is a network that would have banned this. Something big happened thereand now they have not resumed.

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