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Nairobi Gambler Killed by Angry Mob after Murdering Two Casino Employees

Tags: Kenya.
Posted on 18 February 2016 by "T".

A gambler who was denied credit by a casino after losing Sh30,000 in Kenya's capital Nairobi murdered two of its employees by stabbing them, which led to his gruesome death on the streets when an angry mob chased and lynched him outside the casino.

The incident happened in the wee hours of Tuesday morning, February 9, 2016.

The Tanzanian gambler was identified as John Barnabas Mchanga, who, according to reports from the local media, became enraged after he lost an amount of Sh30,000 (equal to US$300) to a gambling machine at the City View Bar and Restaurant Casino located in Eastleigh, Nairobi, Kenya.

Mchanga then went to the manager's office where he requested that the casino should offer him credit or free play so that he could chase his losses, but to his dismay, they refused to do so. Prior to his exit out of the casino, he reportedly argued with a female employee named Winfred Mbuvi, age 40. He returned a short while after bringing with him a weapon that some locals described as a dagger, and others said it resembled a Somali sword.

According to the reports gathered by local police chief Japheth Koome, the disgruntled gambler first attacked Mbuvi for refusing his credit request. Another casino employee named James Lutea, who works as a security guard there, attempted to protect his fellow coworker, only to become Mchanga's second victim.
Mchanga also seriously stabbed another guard named Kevin Ogada, who luckily survived and is being treated in a hospital.

After the horrible acts, other gamblers in the casino who witnessed the crime chased Mchanga out of the premises and pursued him down the street. When he was cornered, the angry mob began to bombard him with rocks. According to police chief Koome, Mchanga was already dead when his officers arrived on the scene.

Since the suspect was already killed by the mob, the world will probably never know what other factors may have contributed to his mental state that pushed him to kill others. A witness, however, believes that Mchanga was "simply not prepared to lose."

source: http://www.nation.co.ke/news/Gambler-lynched-after-killing-two-over-Sh30-000/-/1056/3068286/-/10w16yy/-/index.html



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5 comments for "Nairobi Gambler Killed by Angry Mob after Murdering Two Casino Employees"

 pochui19/02/2016 15:52:14 GMT
well there you have it- never enter the casino if you are not prepared to lose. as for casino employees- customers carrying daggers and/or somalian swords should not be allowed to enter the premises, unless they are prepared to lose. and finally for those who are not prepared to lose- don't run into places where there are rocks on the ground.
 tropical01/03/2016 23:51:07 GMT
For a website that promotes gambling, you sure like to highlight the worst behaviour by gamblers.
Even mainstream media does not paint such a gloomy picture about gambling.
Son steals mom's life savings, employee steals from office safe, lottery winner blows his money on stupid stuff, degenerate gambler kills two casino employees.
Try to balance the range of your articles, i would say that you are too polarized.

 Tony_MON7ANA04/03/2016 13:06:58 GMT
 vic7506/03/2016 21:02:21 GMT
I guess security wasn't doing their job the only way you can prevent this if you have arm the security with a smith and Weston or taser in the end the degenerate got what he deserved.
 bowie198406/03/2016 22:20:16 GMT
One thing I am not sure of - the angry mob consisted people who were otherwise winning in this casino regularly or in Africa lynching just happen when enough people want to see some blood?
'cuz I am sure as hell would not go after a murder suspect especially not in Nairobi...

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