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888 Holdings launches 888bet in four African Countries

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Posted on 17 October 2022 by "T".

888 Holdings, a giant gaming operator in the UK, has announced that they have launched 888bet in Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia, with local licenses through the joint venture 888AFRICA.

The 888AFRICA brand was founded in March 2022, with the intention to license 888's betting and gaming brands, allowing it to operate and expand across Africa's regulated online betting and gaming markets.

It is managed by a team of industry leaders, led by Christopher Coyne, former CEO of GOAT Interactive and former CMO of The Stars Group.

888AFRICA shall pay a license fee to 888, and its brands will be operated via a third-party technology platform.

888AFRICA will utilize the full-service betting and gaming platform provider Sportingtech to provide the operator's online platform, called Quantum, across Africa. The Quantum platform provides end-users with an optimized betting experience, and operators with the flexibility of a highly customizable solution, access to more than 65 sports, 9,000 games and over 1,000 betting markets.

Its products and content would be designed ideally to meet local preferences, and its offering will be made available in Swahili, Portuguese and English.

CEO of 888AFRICA Christopher Coyne said:
"We are delighted to hit our target and launch into four regulated markets within 6 months of founding the business. This is an important milestone that provides us with fantastic opportunities for further expansion in the future. We have enormous ambitions and believe the strength, history and trust of the 888 brand gives us a real competitive advantage as we look to build market-leading positions across Africa. We look forward to introducing 888bet and its unique offer to new players across the region in the months ahead."

CEO of 888 Itai Pazner said:
"It is great to see Christopher and his team successfully launch 888bet in Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia and begin 888AFRICA's growth story on the continent. As a region with significant potential, we are excited to watch 888AFRICA continue to develop its offer and launch new and exciting products for players over the coming years and months, while introducing consumers to the fantastic 888 brand."

About 888 Holdings
888 Holdings plc (and together with its subsidiaries, "888" or the "Group") is one of the world's leading betting and gaming companies. In 2022, the Group acquired the international (non-US) business of William Hill to create a global industry leader.

Headquartered in Gibraltar, and listed in London, the Group operates from 15 offices around the world and employs approximately 12,000 people worldwide.

The Group's mission is to lead the gambling world in creating the best betting and gaming experiences, bringing unrivalled moments of excitement to people's day-to-day lives. It achieves this by developing state-of-the-art technology and content- rich products that provide fun, fair, and safe betting and gaming entertainment to customers around the world.

The Group owns and operates internationally renowned brands including:

In addition, the Group operates the SI Sportsbook brand in the US in partnership with Authentic Brands Group.


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31 comments on "888 Holdings launches 888bet in four African Countries"

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» 888 Holdings launches 888bet in four African Countries

 dule-vu22/10/2022 15:56:43 GMT
Good that they will have chance to bet on legal and secure site!
 geseco1228/10/2022 01:31:35 GMT
the poker community is excellent, the game must reach all parts of the world, and I believe that the African continent will be a good option to expand the game at all levels in all countries.
 CALICUL28/10/2022 01:35:20 GMT
Africa can be a solution if they have the money to play, but there won't be too many players risking money in 888 poker. This continent has poor people who can't afford too much, but there are many and enough players for 888 to be satisfied...
 geseco1229/10/2022 01:51:58 GMT
you are right, there are many countries in the African continent that lack money, where that could be a factor for not growing in it, but hopefully that can change, it would benefit everyone really, the poker community should grow every year.
 CALICUL29/10/2022 01:58:37 GMT
for now 888 is cautious and has only launched in 4 countries that will give some figures in a few months. Africans can bet because they are people who like risk. The calculation of those from 888 will see if Africans gamble a lot or not at bets.
 geseco1201/11/2022 04:04:01 GMT
There will always be a number of people who can make the game grow as time goes by, Africans can encourage this game to grow, I hope that poker can grow in this part of the world.
 dule-vu01/11/2022 04:43:29 GMT
In this news point is in betting...
 geseco1203/11/2022 14:38:10 GMT
Of course, I don't have the data and specific information on what is the percentage of preference of the players of each continent in front of the gaming rooms, many will like casino games, others sports betting and others poker.

 dule-vu03/11/2022 14:38:35 GMT
But its about betting and you need to invest less then in casino or poker!
 antonis32104/11/2022 11:02:58 GMT
Wiat a minute man , this news sounds strange to me , Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique and Zambia ?? Do the people in these countries have money to play on games , sportsbetting or casino ?? I had the impression/feeling they are very poor , actually maybe extremelly poor .. I do not get it , why 888 would launch 888bet in these countries ......
Anyway , 888 is a leading company in betting of all kinds , so if they have money , they will be able to enjoy all these options and games , and good luck to the new players ...
 dule-vu04/11/2022 11:10:11 GMT
for betting you need few dollars!
 geseco1204/11/2022 16:43:12 GMT
There are players who do not have any dollars in their accounts when they start, but perseverance and the spirit of getting ahead make them see the way to be able to grow their bankroll and play the games they like, plus the rooms give you many possibilities to make bankroll.
 CALICUL04/11/2022 16:46:48 GMT
I don't know what interesting tournaments 888 has in other countries, maybe they probably offer good things for the clients from there, but in Romania i am very disappointed with what this poker room offers, even there are many Romanian players who play on this platform. It's not like a few years ago and i don't trust them anymore. It is not about a weak period of mine, but is about the fact that they are not fair...
 geseco1205/11/2022 22:21:48 GMT
this room is one of the best in the business, I hope it does not disappoint in other countries, it offers great benefits for its players, now they are going to operate in another continent, I hope it does well and that they continue to expand throughout the African territory.
 CALICUL05/11/2022 22:23:30 GMT
888 poker is good when it's neutral, but when it doesn't give you a chance, then it's not fair play...
 geseco1208/11/2022 04:34:47 GMT
If they do things right they will surely grow much more in this continent, we know that 888poker is a big room and very recognized worldwide, hopefully it will be a great acceptance in this African continent.
 dule-vu08/11/2022 06:19:43 GMT
Its about betting,read sometimes news!
 geseco1209/11/2022 18:54:16 GMT
everyone bets, the most important thing is that the players accept this platform in their market, it surely benefits everyone, I always like 888poker, each time they grow much more, I hope they continue like this, expanding, Africans will be happy with this news .
 dule-vu09/11/2022 18:54:36 GMT
They know what are they doing and why they in invest in africa!
 antonis32110/11/2022 14:18:32 GMT
888 goes to Africa , this is very good , to expand in these territories and lands , new markets . Although I would prefer if they re-entered markets with many potential consumers and customers for gambling products . For example Greece. ....
 dule-vu10/11/2022 14:47:19 GMT
Maybe they will in future!
 geseco1210/11/2022 20:30:56 GMT
Africa is a continent of many inhabitants, it would be great that 888poker arrives and stays in that territory, I think that with the great game room that is 888 will do very well.
 CALICUL10/11/2022 20:43:32 GMT
Africa is a big continent and I think some players will gather to be beautiful and for 888 poker. I hope that things go well for everyone and that there are no problems
 Rogerio1011/11/2022 10:54:48 GMT
Africa has big potentianl when they would allowed to play casion games and indinas, hope this will be another boom. Becouse now i don't see nothing special. Indians have ome of their own sites, but when i see the reviews i ratherr not play there. Still fan of classic old and secure software like party poker and o thers.
 dule-vu11/11/2022 11:09:00 GMT
everybody can invest few dollars in month and they want that money from african players!

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