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‘Lucky Idiots’ Bigger Threat To Casinos Than Card-counters

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Posted on 11 May 2016 by "T".

For a long time, casino bosses have been focusing on blackjack card-counters as they consider them with the most advantage in the game. Sadly, they may have been looking at the wrong type of player, say a gambling mathematician.

According to Eliot Jacobson, owner and president of Jacobson Gaming, casino bosses should pay more attention at the "lucky idiot" that always play poorly yet is able to amass huge winnings.

There may be a possibility that the "lucky idiot" is part of a team that use advantage-play techniques which are more profitable than card-counting techniques, and are also more difficult to detect, says Jacobson.
In general, an advantage play provides the player an edge, not the house, in a casino game.

Card counting and advantage play techniques are legal, says Jacobson. Casinos on the other hand try to minimize these so they can protect their profit.

In a typical blackjack game, a skilled counter with a $100 maximum bet can make $22 an hour, Jacobson says. In contrast, the advantage play known as edge-sorting can yield $200 to $2,000 per hour with a $100 maximum bet, says Jacobson.

Advantage-play techniques usually involves team play wherein a "spotter" plays near the table minimum and signals information to the "Big Player," who often sits in the middle of the table and makes large bets.
He says that shuffling methods and other techniques casinos use to thwart advantage players and identifying them proves difficult due to the large number of people who play blackjack poorly.

"A lot of people make crazy bets and play in crazy ways," Jacobson says. "Players seem to be getting even worse at the game over time." Game supervisors see so many bad blackjack moves that "it's hard to pick out the particular bad play that corresponds to some type of advantage play."



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11 comments on "‘Lucky Idiots’ Bigger Threat To Casinos Than Card-counters"

 pochui11/05/2016 11:31:27 GMT
oh yes, i have to agree that drunk player who constantly makes super -ev moves and plays for several hours or until he wins a million dollaros is definitely a bigger threat to casinos that a skilled card counter, edge-sorter who makes a regular profit on an hourly basis. darn, only now the truth has come up.
 shokaku11/05/2016 13:13:15 GMT
The wording in the headline is bad. These are players that apply systems that are even more sophisticated than card counting. On top of this their cover is better than that of counters, who are often spotted.
 demodawggy11/05/2016 14:35:08 GMT
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Big Smile< ...See,...just being BORN Rusiian has its advantages... Big Smile

I am very happy to be a part of such a great community, wish you the best of luck at the tables, off the tables, behind the tables, under the tables and in your life in general. Yours truly demodawggy, somewhere near the Great Lakes and Georgian Bay in Canada.
 pinotte11/05/2016 14:51:02 GMT
This one is again ridiculous Phil Ivey is in court with to casinos regarding edge sorting and now they come and tell us that users of this method are more dangerous then cards counter.

After all these years they are telling us that cards maker company are nt able to make perfect cards so this method will always exist and they know about it. Aww crap! Aww crap!

And then if a guy win a very good amount of money they wont pay him and accused them of cheating. Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile
 damosk11/05/2016 16:04:28 GMT
So! Correct me if I am wrong but this sounds a little bit like, lets cover our asses cos we really don't want to lose and be criticised when we don't pay someone their winnings even when we can't prove they have done anything wrong but just don't want to pay them. Of course it's hard and of course some people play badly and some people are just lucky. That's why gambling is called gambling. The bookie sets the bet amount and takes as much of a chance as the punter. If you don't like losing.... Don't play or don't entertain players.
 bowie198412/05/2016 00:35:42 GMT
So I guess Phil Ivey is officially considered a 'lucky idiot' know?
Would not be those croupiers the idiots who did not recognize on time that they are being played for the sake of edge sorting?
Also good to know that anybody who is standing up from a casino table with a reasonable sum in winnigs is just an idiot.
 shokaku12/05/2016 04:50:50 GMT
No, no. Anyone with reasonable winnings is a potential advantage player, trying to take the casino to the cleaners. So the staff there should be suspicious of any winner. It cuts into the profits of the house.
 TheMachineQC12/05/2016 17:54:44 GMT
Lucky idiots are always the biggest threat, no matter what the situation is or where it's taking place... Blink just kidding... or not Blink

But to be honest I have no sympathy at all for casinos. What they do for a living is rob people. How do they expect people not to try to bend the rules? It's human nature to try stuff untill you get burned... We're born curious and we like to test where the limits are.
 Tony_MON7ANA12/05/2016 18:36:06 GMT
Yeah, "Lucky Idiots" can be more problematic than "Card Counters."

Movies such as 21 or The Last Casino depict blackjack card counting as glamorous activity that anyone can quicky learn, and utilize to earn enormous amount of money from casinos.
Reality? Even experienced card counters can only gain a mere 0.5% or 1.0% advantage over casinos in the long term, not to mention they will inevitably suffer numerous downswings along with the profits.
 shokaku12/05/2016 19:09:19 GMT
A one percent advantage can bring quite a profit, if the player is able to play high enough, and can play a lot of hands every hour. But i guess is fare away from being glamorous and more of a grind.
 doubletop77724/05/2016 09:36:53 GMT
I was quite shocked about the amount of money these card counters seem to win. Whenever you watch the films about these, these people seem to make fortunes but is doesn't seem to be

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