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NFL Rookie wins $514K Jackpot at Las Vegas casino

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Posted on 28 February 2023 by "T".

An NFL rookie player has managed to win over $500,000 while gambling on the Las Vegas Strip.

Los Angeles Rams running back Ronnie Rivers, age 24, went to Caesars Palace on Saturday, February 4 to celebrate his and his mother's birthday. Little did he know that by just playing Three-Card Poker, he hit a Mega Progressive Jackpot, a huge win worth $514,837!

Rivers entered the NFL scene as an undrafted free agent in 2022, signing with the Arizona Cardinals out of Fresno State. Later on he spent some time with the Seattle Seahawks prior to joining the Rams' practice squad.

Rivers saw action in eight games and even made one start this season as running back for the Rams during Week 8 against the San Francisco 49ers, rushing for 21 yards on nine carries and 29 receiving yards on five catches.

For an NFL player who wasn't able to get the guaranteed money that draft picks do, it's great to see him win big (almost doubling his 2022 salary) at the casino this offseason.

Watch the moment Ronnie scored more than $500K:


Rivers said he plans to buy a house with his newfound winnings.



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48 comments on "NFL Rookie wins $514K Jackpot at Las Vegas casino"

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» NFL Rookie wins $514K Jackpot at Las Vegas casino

 geseco1220/03/2023 18:08:59 GMT
It is very true, it is also good to have extra knowledge to be able to play well and not waste our money in silly bets, but besides luck this man was surely concentrated and knew how to play.
 CALICUL20/03/2023 18:34:20 GMT
when you play more money, you have more chances of success. I don't know how much this player invested and i could call him a double player, but the man won a very good prize and that's what matters. Good luck, mobsters.
 geseco1222/03/2023 00:43:59 GMT
This is the reason why many enter to play daily, because besides having fun we all have the chance to win, but this does not become an extreme obsession for the game because you fall into ludopatia and that is dangerous.
 dule-vu22/03/2023 00:58:15 GMT
 tomex1122/03/2023 05:24:40 GMT
I don't think he invested much. He just went to the casino on his birthday to have some fun. And that he managed to win over $ 500,000 is a coincidence and great luck. Well, unless he often went to the casino, not only on his birthday ... Anyway, with such a win, he is definitely in the big plus.
 dule-vu22/03/2023 07:19:00 GMT
he will back on las vegas for sure! just depend for how big amounts he will play!
 geseco1224/03/2023 02:00:20 GMT
Of course, with the experience he has had in these casino games he will come back to play and try again, I hope that again luck will smile on him, but I think it is more difficult.
 dule-vu24/03/2023 06:14:12 GMT
For sure!
 tomex1124/03/2023 06:21:19 GMT
Well, it often happens that after a big win someone returns to the casino. Then he most often loses the money won along with his own. This is how gambling and the human psyche work. But I don't know, maybe he didn't do it and spent it wisely, invested the money he won...
 dule-vu24/03/2023 07:39:35 GMT
he will back to las vegas, especially when season is over!
 geseco1225/03/2023 03:01:04 GMT
He will surely come back again to play it, these players are often always playing these games, with that money he earned he will have enough to keep playing for several more years.
 tomex1125/03/2023 06:41:16 GMT
It is the most common thing that people after winning come back to the casino and lose everything... Although with very big wins they don't have to do it. If the win allows them to do whatever they want for the rest of their lives. However, if someone is a gambler, then there is a problem ... And even a lot of money can be lost very quickly.
 CALICUL25/03/2023 09:35:59 GMT
I don't think this player will risk all the money he won because he has no reason to. The rest of the people who play and win big sums, then lose the money, are naive. They have to spend the money with their families, because the chances of winning large sums are rare
 geseco1226/03/2023 03:55:53 GMT
It is a great amount of money that he could win, of course he will not risk all the money won but at least a percentage will be destined to continue playing, luck may smile on him again.
 dule-vu26/03/2023 08:53:14 GMT
O god...
 geseco1227/03/2023 04:08:16 GMT
It proves that it is always worth trying, maybe you can win a big prize like this player who was lucky enough to be able to win without knowing or having much experience in this game.
 dule-vu27/03/2023 06:21:52 GMT
he probably love live casino games and know what he play and what he do, so this isnt strange! we will see what news we will have in future, because he will back at some casino for sure, just depend what he will play and on what stakes! but best win is when you just seat and play and dont expect anything at all! now he can enjoy!
 geseco1228/03/2023 04:30:27 GMT
Playing in live casino is very different than playing online casino, the adrenaline, the experience is unique, this man is used to play in this casino in high stakes, he was lucky to win something big, good for him.
 dule-vu28/03/2023 06:19:32 GMT
you are right, but such old news!
 geseco1229/03/2023 05:20:07 GMT
I have never had the opportunity to play in a live casino, where I live there is no casino as such to go to, but I would like to have my first experience as a player, I hope it will be this year, it would be great.
 dule-vu29/03/2023 06:04:01 GMT
then just go in some bigger city where you have, it must be at some town!
 geseco1228/04/2023 04:57:39 GMT
yes there is a bigger town 3 hours away from my house where there is a casino, I just found out that they are operating, there they have incredible tournaments every day at night, I hope to go, the experience will be incredible.
 dule-vu28/04/2023 05:15:16 GMT
Ok, great for you!
 subsonic29/04/2023 09:34:19 GMT
I'm not familiar with nfl player salaries but...I think in a few years when his career takes off this much money will be peanuts! Dollar Big Smile
I hope he spends it on charity! Smile Like for the benefit of failed gamblers!! Big Smile Cool
then he'll just get a multiple of the sponsorship money! Blink Agree
 CALICUL29/04/2023 10:14:34 GMT
they earn a lot of money because this sport is very popular overseas and they know how these money are made. It's about everything in general... People support the teams and everything goes well from this point of view.

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