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Three Arrested In Cheating Conspiracy At Council Bluffs Casino

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Posted on 26 July 2016 by "T".

Luck has apparently run out for three men as they were arrested and charged for multiple felonies after an investigation revealed a conspiracy to cheat at the roulette table at the Horseshoe Casino in Council Bluffs.

A floor supervisor, a dealer, and a patron are in hot seat as they face felony charges on the aspect of conspiring to cheat. Investigators deem that all three had been working together in order to move chips to winning numbers or cheat on a round of roulette. The patron will win thousands of dollars in illicit winnings, which the three conspirers will then split.

Casino supervisor Jonathan Rumery, and patron Cody Schroeder, have both been charged with -criminal conduct, conspiracy to commit a non-forcible felony, first-degree theft, and altering the outcome of a game - all of which are felony charges. The dealer, Jonathan Waugh, was charged with one count of felony for his role in altering the game.

Investigators believe the amount that has been illicitly obtained by the trio was over $20,000.
Special Agent David Dales of Iowa Division of Criminal Investigation Special Enforcement Operations Bureau said, "We do see patrons that try to cheat, but with the conspiracy that is alleged in this kind of activity. Where you not only have an employee, but you have a supervisor, that is trying to take advantage from the casino, that was particularly alarming to us that that kind of move was made in this case."

Waugh cooperated with investigators and has made initial court appearance and has been released. He told investigators that Rumery approached him regarding the scheme back in February. All three had discussed the plan before they executed their scheme.

According to the affidavit, Schroeder would play at Waugh's table while Rumery supervised the table. Rumery also personally took charge of video surveillance review of Waugh's table during the nights their cheating conspiracy was put into play.



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7 comments on "Three Arrested In Cheating Conspiracy At Council Bluffs Casino"

 shokaku26/07/2016 13:20:33 GMT
Einstein thought the only way of winning at roulette was, to take chips from the table, when the croupier wasn`t looking. Those guys found another way, but in this day and age of video taping, this couldn`t go on unnoticed for very long.
 bowie198427/07/2016 00:20:27 GMT
What the actual effin frak?
Felony charges over something that only cost the casino an amount which could be a price of a shitty new car? Is this a joke?
Nobody will press charges to Hillary Clinton over her e-mail scandal or Benghazi but these three will be in prison for at least 5-10 years?
God. Damn.
 doubletop77727/07/2016 09:22:47 GMT
There will always be a very big temptation to cheat when there are vast amount of monies involved. Casino security nowadays is so good that it becomes almost impossible to get away with it though
 shokaku27/07/2016 12:21:55 GMT
I wouldn`t call 20k dollars, still to be divided between the 3 guys, a vast amount of money. So those guys are just small fish. But that a floor supervisor was involved should still alarm the casino industry.
 JorAxe27/07/2016 15:10:02 GMT
Too bad the truth, because who would like to go to a place where the same administration is quei casino makes you lose and you without realizing it. Too bad poe them.
 pochui28/07/2016 09:28:56 GMT
the fact that only three were arrested in cheating conspiracy at council bluffs casino come as a huge surprise to me, since i was largely expecting at leas six to seven would be arrested in cheating conspiracy at council bluffs casino. guess my sources have let me down this time.
 Tony_MON7ANA01/08/2016 07:16:06 GMT
I am surprised there is still such an unsophisticated group of thieves collaborating to physically move roulette chips to winning numbers or cheat on a round of roulette at the casinos. They thought they could get away with that?

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