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Beautician Jailed 7 months For Fake Casino Chip Scam

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Posted on 04 August 2016 by "T".

(Image source:ST)Singapore - A beautician was jailed for a period of seven months on Monday, August 1, for being involved with three others in a conspiracy to use counterfeit chips at the Marina Bay Sands (MBS) casino.

The scam -- they would exchange a few counterfeit $1,000 casino chips for the authentic ones of a smaller value, mix together the real chips with the added fake ones, and then exchange the entire lot for cash at the Marina Bay Sands in Bayfront Avenue. To avoid detection, the runners of the transnational counterfeit casino chip syndicate were instructed not to cash-in more than $5,000 worth of chips at a time. After completing the task, each runner would pass the cash received to the recruiter, and then they will receive a certain amount of money as their reward.

On Monday, August 1, one of the runners, Tang Shiwei, age 26, a mother of two and works as a beautician, was sentenced for seven months in jail for conspiring with her cousin and two other men in the act of passing the fake chips off as real ones.

On November 22 last year, Tang, originally a Chinese national and now a Singapore permanent resident, was found to have exchanged a number of 30 pieces of counterfeit $1,000 face-value chips, which equates to $30,000. In return, she got $600 from the syndicate.

MBS discovered the scam only a week later (November 29 last year) and ordered to recall all its $1,000 casino chips. The casino suffered losses of over $1 million. They have reported the scam to the police, which prompted subsequent investigations resulting in the arrest and charging of many individuals found to be connected with the syndicate.

Tang admitted to one of 12 charges of abetment in a conspiracy to use as genuine casino chips that she had reason to believe to be fake.

Tang cried when her lawyer was mitigating on her behalf and seeking the clemency of the court, emphasising that they be merciful to her since she has two young children, aged 10 months and the other three years old, and her husband is simply a hairdresser. Also, Tang expressed that she trusted her cousin, a 30-year-old Chinese national, who asked her to join them.

Seven others were caught - four women and three men - and they were jailed between six and 22 months for the same offenses.

The case against the co-conspirators is still pending.
If not for the court's clemency, Tang could have been fined up to $150,000 and/or put behind bars for up to seven years.



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8 comments on "Beautician Jailed 7 months For Fake Casino Chip Scam "

 doubletop77704/08/2016 08:15:28 GMT
These scams are becoming more and more frequent and Casino's all around the world must be losing millions and millions. When there is a lot of money involved, these things will keep happening
 pochui04/08/2016 09:55:19 GMT
how fcukin convenient it will be to all the prison women to have a beautician (although kinda scary looking one) amongst their ranks. whenever the ladies would want to impress whoever/whatever they want to impress they would just need to call their own beautician and voila... gorgeous prison women are born...
 damosk04/08/2016 12:22:54 GMT
Can you imagine the image right now. The beanutician having done the rounds of beautifying all her fellow inmates, arranges a nice friendly poker game...... I'm sure she'll be able to make some beautiful little poker chips that they will be able to play with and it'll feel just like playing with the real thing!
 bowie198404/08/2016 23:58:34 GMT
Posted by pochui:
whenever the ladies would want to impress whoever/whatever they want to impress they would just need to call their own beautician and voila... gorgeous prison women are born...

Except hardly any women prison allowing make-up inside their walls, so her skillset is practicaly worth zero I think.
 Mober05/08/2016 19:28:23 GMT
No matter how much money the casinos lose from these scams, they actually dont lose at
the end.They just win less.
Their profits can cover all the losses from the scammers, probably in less than a day Smile
She got lucky i guess with only seven months in jail.
 Tony_MON7ANA07/08/2016 08:29:31 GMT
She looks not too bad without makeup in mugshot. I have seen worse. She is going to go through tough times in a correctional facility being isolated from her family and friends, even length of incarceration is less than one year.
 DaCapo7107/08/2016 13:02:32 GMT
She can do that a verry Long time of 7 month in These Casino. But it was good to see that one day every gangster was catched and spend some time in the prison for that Big Smile Ok she had a good idea but it was not okay lool
 Mober07/08/2016 20:53:33 GMT
Casino's have great security. I doubt banks have such systems as casinos do.
It is a bad choice to start, even thinking of going against them.
And you will be lucky enough, if they follow the "legal" path to get you after all. Smile

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