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Borgata chip fraudster Lusardi released from jail after only 7 months

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Posted on 07 February 2017 by "T".

Christian Lusardi, known as the infamous Borgata chip counterfeiter, only spent a short 7 months in jail for his crimes committed against the poker community.

Lusardi's misdeed hit the headlines in the world of poker back in 2014, when he attempted to bluff his way through the Borgata's Winter Poker Open by putting in $2.7 million worth of counterfeit chips into the tournament. By the time the organizers have discovered the fake chips, the tournament was suddenly stopped, with 27 players still remaining.

Failed attempt to cover his tracks
The police pointed him as the culprit right after a plumber was summoned to take care of a pipe blockage next to the casino, Harrah's Casino Atlantic City, and it was discovered that the cause of the blockage was 500+ counterfeit poker chips being flushed down a hotel room toilet that belonged to Christian Lusardi. Due to that, Lusardi admitted to buying fake poker chips with the intention to cheat.

As a result, he was sentenced to five years behind bars.

Things are not yet done for Lusardi, as he was also found guilty of selling bootlegged DVDs and so his time in prison was added an extra three years. Therefore, he was due to spend eight years in jail.
He was also ordered to pay $1,137,864.01 restitution.
Lusardi had won in the said tournament $6,814.

Early release sparked outrage
Due to some probing by members of the Poker Fraud Alert forum, it was found that Lusardi's imprisonment only lasted roughly 7 months.

Upon a search done on the website of the State of New Jersey Department of Corrections, Lusardi's name bears the SBI Number: 000808046B. In this record, Lusardi was admitted in December 1, 2015, and paroled on July 25, 2016. Even though the record shows that his release date is January 22, 2019, he has been out of jail on parole since 2016 summer. Of course, this news of his early release leaves a bad taste to many seasoned poker players.

User Dan Druff commented on the forum, "This is outrageous, given the amount of damage his actions caused, coupled with the fact that he's a career scammer and already had a recent conviction for DVD counterfeiting on his record before this trial."

Bad luck for the players
What about the 27 players? They lost the opportunity to win a possible life-changing grand prize from the Borgata Winter Poker Open they joined in. With a total of 4,812 participants, the overall prizepool in the $500 re-entry event reached $2,325,835.

This means that the 27 remaining players were competing for a top prize of $372,123. Sadly, after pausing and eventually cancelling the tournament, the 27 individuals were forced to accept a payment of $19,323 each. Also, all eligible players who joined the event were given their $500 entry fee back, plus an extra $60. The Borgata, in total, returned $1,721,805 to the players.

In short, the result from this event was that those who were left standing walked away with a lot less than they expected, and this is all thanks to Lusardi's actions.



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9 comments on "Borgata chip fraudster Lusardi released from jail after only 7 months"

 pochui07/02/2017 13:18:26 GMT
well this was a fun story actually, not the case for the small amount (27 to be precise) of players who were left fighting for some big money, but all the remaining dudes ( over 4.5K!) were quite satisfied with the outcome i guess- they got their buy-ins back plus $60 for cheap hookers.
 IndianAce107/02/2017 14:31:15 GMT
Why did he dispose of the chips by flushing them down the toilet? They don't dissolve, obviously the pipes will clog. Is it safe to say that if he would have put them in his suit case and thrown them in a dumpster that he would not have been caught? Surely this guy will be on Americas Dumbest Criminals.
 Mober07/02/2017 20:45:20 GMT
An unfortunate end for the event, but at list all the remaining players made a profit,
which was a good one for the 500 buy in.
It didnt match the money of the first place of course, but better than nothing,
with that 20k Smile
 pajalnick08/02/2017 00:49:35 GMT
A perfect gift for the underdogs of the tournament)) money back and still gave $ 60 for vodka))) and of course the story is very interesting and funny because of sewage and honest plumbers)) laughed
 Robbo199008/02/2017 03:18:46 GMT
hard to justify him staying in jail when everyone walked away a winner and hes gotta pay off his million $ fine - cant do that behind bars
 doubletop77708/02/2017 09:59:14 GMT
This really is a crazy story and it is like something out of a bad Hollywood movie. I do feel sorry for the 27 players still left in the tournament but at least they received a share of the prize pool
 bowie198408/02/2017 13:53:41 GMT
I am not sure he really comitted crime against the poker community to be quite honest. I for one felt nothing in person when I found out he cheated. I bet others felt nothing as well except those players who played with him on that tournament.
 Gerimantas08/02/2017 16:55:32 GMT
It is interesting strategy that he created, i never heard of someone using fake chips in the tournaments i only heard about using fake casino chips at the roulette, blackjack and other games where you play agaisnt the dealer. This strategy he used was not smart and that is why he was caught.
 Mober08/02/2017 21:04:50 GMT
The thing you have to wonder is, that he thought it would go unnoticed.
In a tournament there is a standard amount of chips, so if you are careful during the end of it,
you can spot it Smile
Probably he wanted to gain some advantage at some point and then to dump the fake as he did,
but it didnt work out Smile

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