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Victim Robbed Of $7,000 By Man He Just Met At Casino

Tags: casino robbery, Illinois, Rivers Casino.
Posted on 14 September 2016 by "T".

A man apparently made a new friend while he was gambling in the Rivers Casino in Des Plaines, but little did he know what disaster awaits him as soon as they come out of the casino premises. The title of this article instantly reminds us of that parental advice we always tell our little children - "Don't talk to strangers" or "Don't trust strangers".

The unnamed victim reported to police that he met the man while playing in the casino last Saturday night (September 10). They even had dinner and played poker together before leaving at about 1:50am Sunday. When both of them reached the victim's car in the parking lot, the suspect then assaulted him and took $7,000 cash from his pocket.

Via a security camera recording, the suspect is seen running through the parking lot, got into a black pickup truck and drove away. The suspect is described to be around 6 feet tall and weighs 215 pounds with short brown hair, wearing a white shirt and blue jeans which both had a tool company logo.

Police advised casino patrons to be careful with their money. Police commander Chris Mierzwa called the theft ‘an unusual occurrence at the casino', saying, "We don't have these kinds of problems there."

The suspect is still at large, and anyone with info on the robbery is asked to call Des Plaines Police at 847-391-5400.



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5 comments on "Victim Robbed Of $7,000 By Man He Just Met At Casino"

 doubletop77716/09/2016 07:51:26 GMT
These kind of stories really make my blood boil. I hate violence of any kind and to read about this is truly awful. I hope that the video footage picks this guy out clearly and he is caught quickly
 damosk16/09/2016 14:25:17 GMT
It amazes me how these robberies happen inside or just outside casinos and yet the identify of the offender is such a mystery. Don't these casinos take the names of the people coming in, or at least have CCTV which is of decent quality to identify people and make customers feel safe? It's a crazy old world.
 pajalnick16/09/2016 18:50:43 GMT
Now do with kollichestvom cameras and modern methods of police (such as searching for DNA) who is trying to commit a crime and not to remain entrapment? I think the capture of a criminal just a matter of time
 pinotte16/09/2016 23:49:43 GMT
Maybe that the camera shot in the parking lot are not to good since it was late night.

However every casino have inside camera and both guys were together for a long time. I really don't understand why they can't identify the robber if they had camera i n the parking they surely have some inside.

Aww crap! Aww crap!
 Mober17/09/2016 15:48:35 GMT
These incidents are frequent. Easy targets for all the criminals, the ones playing in the casinos,
regardles their age.
I dont get it though, why every time , there is a description of the perpetrator in the article Smile
Is there a chance from someone reading it to recognize them Smile

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