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Employees Busted from Stealing $20,000 at the Casino Where They Worked

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Posted on 02 October 2017 by "T".

On September 23 Saturday, two Cambodians and a Chinese native were caught stealing from the casino where they were working at the Preah Sihanouk province in southwest Cambodia.

Preah Sihanouk provincial police officer Kuy Sophal identified the three suspects as Neak Vihheka, age 19, and Phan Bros, age 23, who were both card dealers; and Yao Fengyu, age 42, the online games manager of the casino.

Officer Sophal narrated that during last week, these three employees conspired with their friends in an effort to win at least $20,000 by means of rigging the card games and online games.

Unfortunately for them, the Vimean Khsarch Sar Hotel Casino discovered their nasty scheme and so have notified the authorities, resulting to their arrest.

All three of them have been detained at the provincial jail.



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14 comments on "Employees Busted from Stealing $20,000 at the Casino Where They Worked"

 shokaku02/10/2017 17:23:39 GMT
Another group of small fish. 20k for three, maybe even more, guys isn't that much of a prey for everyone involved. But the "rigging the online games" part should set off some alarm bells. This could have serious implications
 damosk02/10/2017 17:52:13 GMT
I still don't get why or how people think they can even start to try and get away with such alleged scales against their employers. Staff have such. Lot to lose, but I guess, depending on what they are paid, they also had quite a lot to gain from these alleged exploits. Hopefully the whole story will be uncovered and an appropriate outcome determined.
 pochui02/10/2017 18:44:49 GMT
yeah pretty much like shokaku puts it- a group of small fish. but hey fish are fish, and small fish with enough time and feed in their living area can easily grow into huuuge fish and then we have some serious issues.
 Samarietis02/10/2017 18:58:51 GMT
20 000 $ ?!?! Wow that's kinda dumb to go in jail with such a amount of money ... But that's even strange that they found out it , as mostly when people steal less they don't get caught , probably the plan was pretty dumb !
 Mober02/10/2017 20:43:09 GMT
Well, conspiring for the games in casino is something that can be done.
But for online games? How they could have done that?
The amount wasnt that big though, but still a considerable one.
 doubletop77703/10/2017 08:03:02 GMT
When there are big amounts of money at stake, there will always be some people who would be tempted to theft. I am glad that they were caught and now they must face up to their actions
 Tony_MON7ANA03/10/2017 09:48:57 GMT
Where did this incident happen? In Cambodia?
According to the 2016 economic census, US$20,000 is approximately fifteen times as much as the annual Gross Domestic Product (GDP) per capita of Cambodia. Yup, fifteen times!!!
 dule-vu03/10/2017 13:40:03 GMT
I know that is very big money for country such as cambodia,when you know for how much money people work there,so they probably wanted to steal this kind of money and to walk away!when you see their age,how young they are,I am not suprised!
 shokaku03/10/2017 18:16:32 GMT
The two dealers may be still young, but the third guy, most probably the mastermind behind the scam, isn't. And that he was involved in such activity should come as a surprise, as it will end his career in the industry.
 bowie198404/10/2017 00:19:40 GMT
20k must have been a truckload of money there if it worth to risk your job security for it. It could have been another 'unpaid/underpaid' member or two who snitched on them after all because schemes like this could last for weeks if not months if they do it right. And they blew it on their first try.
 CALICUL04/10/2017 08:43:02 GMT
In those Asian countries that money is worth more than in other parts of the world. There are a few countries like Japan where with this money you pay only rent for one year but in cambodia or china this money is very good. Sure these guys tried to steal and they were not lucky. The river destroyed them... Smile
 DaCapo7104/10/2017 10:08:43 GMT
That was a nice news that they have catched this guyx by steeling money from the Casino. Now they have time to create a better strategy to get money from the Casino wothout breaking the rules Big Smile But at first they need a new job...
 bowie198406/10/2017 00:44:18 GMT
One thing worse than being wageslave at a casino in Cambodia is being a prisoner in Cambodia. I'd imagine that their sentence will guarantee a few years for them in jail. Now if i'd want 2 ever go to jail I'd maybe choose to be a criminal in Norway, but definitely not anywhere in Asia (okay maybe Japan).
 Tony_MON7ANA06/10/2017 22:33:10 GMT
I am sorry this is a bit off topic...
Human trafficking (or modern slavery) continues to be a major problem in Cambodia. Human trafficking happens in almost every country around the globe. It is a global problem and undoubtedly one of the world's most disgraceful crimes.

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