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Casino dealer charged with cheating and theft worth $26,000

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Posted on 05 April 2017 by "T".

A former dealer at East Chicago's Ameristar Casino has been accused of cheating the casino out of an approximate $26,000. Li Rong Gao, age 45, was charged on Friday with cheating, gambling and felony theft.

According to Lake County court records, in November last year, the Indiana Gaming Commission was alerted by an Ameristar surveillance manager about a possible cheating scheme, which involved Pai Gow Tiles, a dominoes betting game. The said game was making low money.

The video surveillance presented as evidence showed Gao purportedly dealing herself low hands many times last autumn while playing the game with three gamblers she actually knew. Through the surveillance footage, Gao's self-dealing of low hands resulted to those players winning, which cost the casino a substantial amount of money.

Gao was fired afterwards.

Court records say Gao had denied cheating and told the police that she was ‘just making a lot of mistakes'.
Oddly, court records show that she also told police that she had been dealing and playing the game since she was a little girl and stated she was an expert.

The exact amount of the casino's loss from the scheme was $26,300.75.

Ameristar casino dealer charged with cheating, theft


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10 comments on "Casino dealer charged with cheating and theft worth $26,000"

 pochui05/04/2017 07:52:06 GMT
well i guess more of this type of dealers should be doing their dealing thingies in the casinos worldwide, this increases our (gamblers) chances to actually screwing the casino and getting rich, mwoahahaha... i love rigged dealers, no pity for casino here, i just hope that this poor dealer still has all of his bones in place...
 doubletop77705/04/2017 09:06:08 GMT
The temptation to cheat must be huge when there is a lot of money at stake. Surveillance is so good nowadays in these casinos, and it is virtually impossible to get away with
 dule-vu05/04/2017 10:52:42 GMT
it would be nice that I get dealer like this and to give such a cards against me!what a funny story,when casinos cant believe anymore to people who work there!till this days,we had dealers who love to take money,now they love to give Big Smile
 pajalnick05/04/2017 12:40:57 GMT
When next to you every day a lot of money is lying that of course the temptation to bite off a piece of cake is great .... but for such work it is necessary to take people who will not commit a crime ... of course to define it is very difficult therefore such stories occur
 bowie198405/04/2017 14:18:28 GMT
How the hell they came up with that .75 cent sum at the end? There is no chips worth less than a doillar and this game was not a nickle and dime slot machine - this is ridiculous.
Ah, well - asians are really not good at hiding these things.
 Mober05/04/2017 21:14:37 GMT
Playing since childhood and suddenly started making lots of mistakes Smile

Is it something you try in a casino with all the surveillance cameras around after all?
Lost the job also and for what?
 Gerimantas06/04/2017 07:47:34 GMT
I too would like to have a dealer who is helping me not the casino Smile it is already so hard to win anything in casino so when help cime crom dealer it is a little bit easier to play, of course such dealers don't have long careers, and this is sad.
 Tony_MON7ANA07/04/2017 09:12:41 GMT
The national average base pay for a casino dealer in the United States is under $25,000. That's really not a lot. I guess Li Rong Gao, the croupier, was probably driving an older car and living in a modest home. But that is still better than getting locked up, isn't it?
 damosk07/04/2017 10:56:20 GMT
It's a nice little scam isn't it really. Become a dealer and invite your mates to play at your table and deal them the best hands. In the grand scheme of things, twenty six thousand dollars isn't that big a deal while it may be for the players who benefitted from this scam. Looking out for the next report of the next scam!
 dule-vu07/04/2017 11:32:02 GMT
well,in todays world it would be strange not see things like this!when he have so much casinos,poker or things like this,it would be strange that somebody not try to cheat or try to make money even ih he work for casino!but if you do on stupid way,like he did,that he deserved!

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