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Woman accused of Stealing Reward Points and Identity of Casino Patron

Tags: Ana Morales-Hernandez, Illinois.
Posted on 22 February 2017 by "T".

According to a criminal complaint that was filed in Will County court, a woman from Joliet, Illinois stole Harrah's Casino Total Rewards Points worth about $10,000, and then used a man's identity in order to get food from the casino's diner.

Ana Morales-Hernandez, age 43, has been officially charged two counts of theft as well as identity theft with regards to the incident.

The criminal complaint stated during the summer, she allegedly stole the rewards points ranging between $500 and $10,000 from a male patron named Philip Castrogiovanni.

Moreover, she used the identity of the said name to buy food from Harrah's Casino's Ace's Diner.
The Illinois Gaming Board secured the charges for her arrest. Bond has been set at $7,500.
Police have arrested her on February 10, Friday afternoon.



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9 comments on "Woman accused of Stealing Reward Points and Identity of Casino Patron"

 doubletop77722/02/2017 09:53:26 GMT
I have never heard of anyone stealing reward points to spend in the casino diner before. Surely if you steal such a large amount you wouldnt spend it all on food!! You read something new every day!
 ivanjkp22/02/2017 11:43:10 GMT
Interesting thing steal reward points for food...Well these days nothing strange people will steal anything if they got chanse for it SmileOne day thats reward points next time will be casino chips or maybe some cash direct from bank Blink Cool Dollar Cool
 Gerimantas22/02/2017 22:27:13 GMT
This is a strange story, I think reading that it was a woman and a man involved and woman used the privileges of the man had, I have an idea that this woman knew the man, don't know how well, but I think he was just another man from the many who got cheated by women Tongue
 Tony_MON7ANA23/02/2017 07:42:12 GMT
Maybe this woman had been having a hard time getting enough money to feed herself. Or she just got careless and stupid. The good news is that she will be fed 3 times a day every day in US jail!
 pochui23/02/2017 09:00:37 GMT
so did she steal the rewards card or is she a top hacker that can break into the casino database and steal a bunch of rewards points and exchange them for stuffed turkey worth $10K? hmm kinda strange situation wee see unfolding here right in front of our unsuspecting eyes.
 Ingrind3323/02/2017 14:09:09 GMT
She must be really hungry. I feel kind of sorry for her, if the story is correct she didn't steel money for just getting money, she stole food for to feed herself. It is bad but sad at the same time. It can be also possible that she was fat and need fast food. like a fastfood junky. I hope she had a nice meal in jail and I hope she doesn't get sexually assaulted by the "man-ladies" over there. Because half of the women in prison are in to women i presume. What a story.
 Mober23/02/2017 18:34:51 GMT
Rewards points from a casino worth 10000 US$ ?
How much that player had wagered i wonder.
Do you want these points from all games or from slots only i wonder.
Cause if it is only for slots, we are talking about serious addiction here Smile
 pajalnick23/02/2017 22:07:53 GMT
interesting news ..... steal Points casino is something new for me ...... but if you have the opportunity to steal something that probably there will be people who will do it .... but the intsindent pretty funny
 dule-vu25/02/2017 13:35:11 GMT
well when its about food,then everybody can forgive her!it must be some BIG women,when she spend so much reward points on meal or she spend that money on some other people too!is food just expensive there or she can eat a lot!?

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