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Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild (NetEnt's Latest Slot)

Tags: Net Entertainment.
Posted on 21 March 2017 by "T".

NetEnt, the leading provider of digital gaming solutions, brings to life nature's colourful sights and sounds as it takes players on a journey in its latest game release Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild, a 243-bet way, 5-reel, 3-row video slot that features free spins, a symbol expansion feature, and a brand-new Butterfly Boost feature.

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13 comments on "Jungle Spirit: Call of the Wild (NetEnt''s Latest Slot)"

 pochui21/03/2017 21:04:36 GMT
arrrrrrrrrr, the call of the wild, rrrrrr you feeling it, i personally definitely do, but on a second thought... that might be actually my empty stomach who is making all the wild calls and not the netent's latest 243 way 5 reel 3 row's video and audio slot with the all new butterfly boost feature...
 dule-vu21/03/2017 23:02:51 GMT
I tried this slot and its not bad and you can win good amount,so will be interesting when big site add this slot and probably will play!more and more slots have this 243 way payout for small bet per spin!hope that will be luck for all players who play this!
 pajalnick21/03/2017 23:55:08 GMT
I like this company Netent ......... they have quite interesting slots and the bonus game is sure to be in these slots ..... Of course there is a possibility that the bonus game will not happen at all while you are playing but as a rule It happens during the game
 Robbo199022/03/2017 00:51:20 GMT
this is from bitzstar isnt it?
 bowie198422/03/2017 11:44:57 GMT
Might try this one, at least it is not the usual 20 payline borefest NetEnt put out every two weeks just to make sure nobody will play their game for fun. Big Smile They do have some okay games but so many of them sucks.
 Gerimantas22/03/2017 12:49:04 GMT
Ha ha call of the wild, who is thinking about all of these games Smile I think it is a good job to cteate slots, all the crazy ideas work here, people play some slots just to see something different and try it, some change of the graphics and pictures and you have a new slot
 Mober22/03/2017 21:52:33 GMT
I havent take a look at this slot yet, to see if it a copy cat or an original Blink
It has 243 pay lines, which means it can give good wins with the free spins.
Will have a test run shortly, to see if its a good one.
 dule-vu22/03/2017 23:06:59 GMT
free spins bonus is good and you can choose from which animal you will have in bonus rounds and how many spins you want,up to 20!its lower of higher risk wins!very interesting slot and for sure will play in future on casino sites!
 damosk23/03/2017 08:24:28 GMT
The call of the wild is drawing me towards it in a way that I have never been drawn to anything before in my life....... or is it? It's a slot game! Yes..... just another lot game. Designed to entice you with spangly new features and the chance to lose all of your money. Why wouldn't you want to play on it? Step away from the slot machine!
 DaCapo7123/03/2017 10:42:41 GMT
The slot from Netent have a good solid software and for some free spins i try this new slot Blink But at the moment i can´t find a free spin offer for thgis new slot and a casino bonus was not interesting for me, the payment rules are too strong in my opinion.
 Mober23/03/2017 22:21:19 GMT
Tried the slot last night in netent site, in a big screen edition where you can enjoy the game Smile
but not impressed.
These free spins are hard to get. Never got them.
And if it wwasnt for the random butterfly bonus that gave me two big wins,
the game would have been a complete disaster way too fast.
 dule-vu23/03/2017 23:17:43 GMT
damosk some slots are stupid,some are good!some of them are interesting,some not!depend what you like to play!but you can lose money on any oniline game,poke,slots,video poker,black jack or whatever!
 Mober24/03/2017 22:34:08 GMT
I did try this slot again last night. This time results were different.
I had two big wins in free spins, which i finally got Smile one with 32x and the other one with 16x.
With 1$ bet i got 250. And after quite some time that i let the autoplay running,
about 2000 spins, it was still even money.

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