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Suspects wearing animal masks arrested after burglary at jewellery store in Bellagio

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Posted on 28 March 2017 by "T".

Three well-dressed robbers wearing animal masks, carrying sledgehammers with them, smashed their way into a posh jewellery store in the early hours of Saturday at one of the most luxurious hotels of Las Vegas, Nevada.
The robbery forced authorities to lock down some parts of the high-class Bellagio Resort & Casino, which sent guests scrambling outside in panic.

Lieutenant Carlos Hank of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police stated the robbers were wearing stylish tuxedoes or suits, and one of them wore a pig mask. The police believe that one of the suspects was armed with a gun.
Lt. Hank said, "It is like a movie, it's just crazy".

The suspects' faces were completely hidden by the masks as they fled from the casino after grabbing valuables from inside the store. One suspect, however, had been captured and was interviewed by investigators the same day. His comrades were also arrested afterwards.

Bellagio is home to many different first-class watch and jewellery stores, including Omega, Harry Winston, Tiffany and Tesorini; however, police did not indicate which store was robbed.

The Bellagio jewellery store sledgehammer heist occurred hours prior to a separate incident in which a person was killed and a portion of the Las Vegas Strip was shut down by the police. One person was arrested over the deadly shooting.

Customers and eyewitnesses shared their experiences and images of the bizarre burglary on social media.


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16 comments on "Suspects wearing animal masks arrested after burglary at jewellery store in Bellagio"

 Gerimantas28/03/2017 12:58:12 GMT
Ha ha ha a robber wearing a pig mask this is funny Smile I think he really is a pig to commit crimes, all robbers are pigs so he was wearing the correct mask. Maybe he could enter the casino too to take some money from the roulette and blackjack tables just for fun or even place a bet Smile
 bowie198428/03/2017 13:05:12 GMT
Posted by Gerimantas:
Ha ha ha a robber wearing a pig mask this is funny Smile I think he really is a pig to commit crimes, all robbers are pigs so he was wearing the correct mask.

I swear it was not me. oink-oink Big Smile
 demodawggy28/03/2017 16:05:54 GMT

... Big Smile< ...I saw that on the TV news yesterday... Shock

... Big Smile< ...Those guys have a LOT of BALLS to try and pull something like THAT off in front of onlookers all the while...!!!

... Big Smile< ...I guess THAT stuff will be "Staying in Vegas"
 Mober28/03/2017 17:45:03 GMT
t is a robbery that can someone say had no programming at all.
They just decided to go and whatever happens.
With surveillance systems and bystanders all over the place, how far did they think
they would go...
 damosk28/03/2017 20:46:26 GMT
Pig arrested stealing watches from the bellagio. It's nice to see that having been caught attempting to trot away that as soon as the cops laid hands on him he squealed on his fellow beasts who were soon joining him in the slammer. Well done on the cops being able to catch a pig and get the rest of the animals to join him.
 pajalnick29/03/2017 00:08:43 GMT
A pig's mask is certainly funny ... and a pig in a tuxedo is even funnier ... but of course crime is always a crime no matter how funny circumstances are ..... a pig in a tuxedo and with a sledgehammer .... I imagined it. .. funny
 doubletop77729/03/2017 08:05:34 GMT
This is definitely something out of a move script. It must have been terrifying for the people who witnessed this event and i am glad that they have caught the people responsible
 DaCapo7129/03/2017 09:44:48 GMT
Lol robbers with animal masks are well-dressed Big Smile I think this three guys wearing a pig, a donkey and a monkey mask Cool But who was chef of the gang? I think the donkey Big Smile Now they have a new home in the prison...
 pochui29/03/2017 10:06:33 GMT
lol this was something straight out of cartoon network, the pigs in tuxedos gang completed the robbery in style and now the city depends on the spiderman to fight against this violent crime. well maybe not that violent, but still you can laugh yourself to injury me ponders.
 dule-vu29/03/2017 12:44:57 GMT
cant believe that at such a famous casino,people can come at do such a robbery,especially with masks and with sledgehammers!if they cant put more atention on security,then what to say about small casinos!
 bowie198429/03/2017 13:41:25 GMT
Nowadays when every other car on the street have dashcameras installed and citizen surveillance is at all time high by the goverments hardly any crime in highly populated areas or places with lots of traffic will go unsolved any more IMO.
 Heskor29/03/2017 15:03:46 GMT
Haha they watch too much movies and they wanted a pig mask to do the robbery should just have gone in with naked faces, looks they want more attention than anything, hope they get them as this would not be good to go unpunished and all anyway good luck have fun at the tables hope you dont go there as you always run risk of being robbed, but if you lose like me, no chance of money in the pocket so wont lose anything lol. Cheers peace out guys!
 Mober29/03/2017 18:48:17 GMT
Well heskor, besides that the article at the end of it says they really got them all,
you didnt need to read that far to know that outcome.
Reading the title of the thread, might have given you a clue about this lol.
The "arrested after burglary" part.... Smile
 Tony_MON7ANA01/04/2017 10:16:29 GMT
Hear The Frightening 911 Calls During The Las Vegas Pig Mask Heist
What are these robbers thinking? Can you imagine yourself inside the casino during the incident?
 Gerimantas02/04/2017 08:29:46 GMT
So did the police catch the pigs Big Smile if not then there are some dangerous pigs in the streets of las vegas and no tourists can be safe in this city. I think more officers need to be sent to the streets and try to do some operation "pig" where all pugs in the city must be checked
 pochui02/04/2017 19:14:52 GMT
well i give you a thumbs up mr Gerimantas from the wonderful lands of Lithuania, for the reason of being a good citizen and taking care of the situation surrounding criminals. pigs must indeed be caught and not allowed to poop freely on the streets of the sin city.

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