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Six-Handed Poker the New Norm at the Bellagio Casino

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Posted on 24 June 2020 by "T".

The Bellagio poker room raised the standards last week when it reopened with the installation of plexiglass dividers at every table, which allowed six-handed games to be played, and it also made the wearing of masks optional for players.

New Norm at the Bellagio
The use of plexiglass dividers enables the Bellagio to allow one more player to participate on each table over the standard five-handed games and this also makes the wearing of masks optional rather than mandatory, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

This new norm precautionary measure by the Bellagio has made them the role model for other poker rooms to follow suit.

Despite the new norm dictating a lessened number of players per table to encourage social distancing, poker rooms still enjoyed a lot of action throughout the weekend.

Bellagio director of poker operations Mike Williams said, "We're really happy to be open. We've definitely had a positive response."

The room was running about 15 to 20 games throughout the weekend and is open 24 hours a day. Bobby's Room, the high-stakes section of the Bellagio poker room, was empty Saturday. Williams is hoping to see the high-stakes games return soon and that the room is ready anytime.

Other Poker Rooms in Las Vegas
Poker room manager at The Orleans Garrett Okahara said he too had ordered dividers and hopes to have them installed by the end of this week so they can also offer six-handed poker. One of the first in Las Vegas to reopen on June 4, The Orleans has so far enjoyed a good flow of business, with 20+ games running on the weekends. Okahara wrote in an email, "Although I assumed there would be pent-up demand upon opening, the demand has certainly exceeded my expectations to this point. It can only get better with six players, too!"

Meanwhile, the Sahara Las Vegas and Caesars Palace poker rooms will run five-handed games and in accordance with the newest safety guidelines of the Nevada Gaming Control Board. All players will be required to wear face masks.

Caesars Palace executive manager Ryan Bishop sees no need to install dividers, "We're getting plenty of business without it. The players are happy." Caesars runs 10 to 15 games throughout the weekend.

Poker room manager Jason Sanborn at The South Point wants to also offer six-handed but without placing dividers. He said the new requirement of wearing masks eliminates the need for plexiglass, "Gaming indicated that masks equal plexiglass by the way they worded the new guidelines, so we feel like we have a good case to go six without them."

The South Point runs 15+ games throughout the weekend. Sanborn said, "The demand for poker has been great, and traditional tournaments haven't even been added back into the schedule yet."

The first room to bring back multi-table tournaments was The Venetian, when they offered $250 buy-in 80-player shootout events last Friday and Saturday. The 80 players were distributed at 16 five-handed tables. Each table played down to one winner, then those 16 winners were put at 4 four-handed tables. Those four winners then advanced to the final table.

The 80 seats got sold out before the tournament began on both days. The Venetian said on Twitter they would offer the same format and same 80-player field next Friday and Saturday, with the buy-in raised this time to $300. The Venetian, which runs 20 games for most of Saturday, did not say if they would install plexiglass.



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42 comments on "Six-Handed Poker the New Norm at the Bellagio Casino"

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» Six-Handed Poker the New Norm at the Bellagio Casino

 CALICUL29/06/2020 09:30:54 GMT
I live in the capital of my country where i am unofficially about 2,500,000 people or more. No one died of Covid 19 because the authorities lied. Why do you think about me that i have some reason to lie? Apart from this, there are a lot of Romanians who work in Europe where there are even assistants in many hospitals. They told the truth...
 dule-vu29/06/2020 17:53:20 GMT
yeah antonis,you can seat for hours on this table,you can imagine how many times will chips go from hand to hand,so why players dont have masks and gloves?I will repeat,I dont say that somebody will die,but if players and lot of people have this corona,then there is something!
rules should be then same for all,when this dealers need to have this!
 antonis32129/06/2020 20:45:57 GMT
Masks and gloves for better protection . now these dividrs I do not like them , not good for the fun of the game , it's like you are in a cage , really not good looking , but if they are necessary , then ok . Now six max is possible , I hope things go better and 9max return someday soon , why not ?? When this virus spread crisis will end , it's gone too far .... Hope they find a solution , a vaccine ????
 maragatero30/06/2020 01:50:45 GMT
I insist, that situation has too much suicidal tendency! First, you are in a country with millions of infected people with erratic measures to defend. To arrive at a table, with or with not plexiglass you have to travel, enter the casino, sign up and go through lounges and people. Then you have to stay there a lot of hours...have no sense!
 CALICUL30/06/2020 11:02:02 GMT
I have never liked this 6-handed game because it is too fast when you play at other tables and my skill level is too low to advance at the final table of tournament. It takes a lot of ambition to learn and then prove your abilities.
 dule-vu30/06/2020 18:16:40 GMT
I know that life cant stop now and that people need to do things that they like or that they need,especially when now is summer and they want to go on sea,to go out every night when is hot and so on!but when you make rules,then make same for everybody!ofcourse its great that they take care for dealers and they need to have this protection,but then also players need it when they seat for hours!
 antonis32130/06/2020 19:05:15 GMT
I also don't like 6 max , at least until I learn how to play better on 6max cash games , or 6max tournaments . I have to get improved so as to be able to play these games , until now whenever I try I get crash , zoom 6max higher stakes , 6 max satellites , 6 max tournaments , 6max cash games , lol Smile

That's why nowi like 9max tbls , easier for me to play there . I guess there are players like me at live games that also like 9 max only tournaments , if things get better they will be able to play them again . Ifnot , thanks god there is online poker , they can play high stakes or all other stakes there , and have fun and win big Smile
 maragatero01/07/2020 15:16:56 GMT
Well, I understand all the people desires and needed, I´m one of them. But to enjoy the sun, the summer, and the sea; you need to be alive! Priority question. About the six-handed, obviously that is too much different of full ring. There you have to be more aggressive, and makes a more loose decision with your ranges
 antonis32101/07/2020 23:31:31 GMT
I am a tight player I would say , so 9max cash games or tournaments are better for me . On 6max so easily and quickly you are on tough spots , ready to lose a buyin easily , or win one . I lose there a lot , have seen some bad beats also , so i am conservative with this thing , 6 max is not for me for now , hopefully in the future . i like fast action , but ofcourse if I know what to do , I don't like losing money , not nowadays , lol Smile
 CALICUL02/07/2020 16:56:08 GMT
I don't like to lose money and no quick action. I also prefer the tables of 9 players. An probation in which learning how to work with 6 hands is very beneficial, but i don't like learning at this moment. Instead, you can play directly without detours.
 maragatero02/07/2020 21:38:42 GMT
Well antony321, in six-handed there is tight and loose players (and maniac, nit, etc), but all the game is more aggressive and you can/have to play with a wide range of cards. That is a consequence of the less chance of a better hand than yours. And as you know, more villains in the table, better cards in the hand
 dule-vu03/07/2020 20:31:25 GMT
six-handed poker is ofcourse much faster and all depend is in some tournament situation or its cash game!on tournament blinds can go very fast and if you dont get some good hand in first hour,you can be out very fast!but all of us are different and we are lucky that in todays poker world we have something for everybody!
 maragatero03/07/2020 22:34:43 GMT
As you know, tournaments are a particular table of cash where you can´t replace your stack when you are beaten. hahaha... seriously, the difference between full ring and six-handed are constant in the cash games and the tournament. More speed, more aggressive, and your medium hand maybe a premium. I good to my kind of play, specially good to Double or Nothing
 antonis32104/07/2020 15:57:23 GMT
6max I can lose money instantly , the greter losses on my bankroll and momney invested or played in one day where in zoom 6max , also tournaments of 6max or 6max satellites or 6max sngs , even the shootouts kind of lolm, which ofcourse it's another format , low stack/blinds good shove fold startegy and chart is really needed . A lot of bluffs in 6max , greater ranges , more hands to shove , many more traps ... Not for me .. I play very simple poker , almost bingo kind of , lol , I hit on flop , I play , I do't I am ready to quit , bluffs not common for me , successfull bluffs rarelly , with this kind of game , better stick to 9max , everywhere , lol Smile Also in 6max blinds move faster than 9max ,, less hands to see , less bigger cards to wait to play , stack get cripled too fast , you need to play , cannot wait .... Smile
 maragatero04/07/2020 22:52:14 GMT
Excuse me antonis321, but I think that you lost money in Zoom by the speed of the game. I don´t play that, but I know that is something that seems the Snap game, where the tables change in each hand. There you can´t make any adjustment to the kind of players because they change, so you just can play on medium mode (no tight, no loose) and pray for your money!
 CALICUL05/07/2020 05:11:05 GMT
Zoom ( pokerstars) and Snap ( 888 poker ) is the same game but with other name. Full Tilt he also had a name in the past but nothing is different between them. Good players make money fast at 6-player tables and at 9 it's good for us i think.
 dule-vu05/07/2020 09:50:05 GMT
Posted by maragatero:
As you know, tournaments are a particular table of cash where you can�t replace your stack when you are beaten. hahaha... seriously, the difference between full ring and six-handed are constant in the cash games and the tournament. More speed, more aggressive, and your medium hand maybe a premium. I good to my kind of play, specially good to Double or Nothing

I mean on different type of poker,but also is it online tournament or live tournament,is it cash game where you can just go from table or its some fast version of poker!so everything is different and every way of poker can be good,just depend what you like to play!but 6 hand poker on online tournament can also be very good!
 antonis32105/07/2020 15:37:00 GMT
Besides zoom that I play nowadays , i used to play 6max cash games when I began , Limit holdem , rarely No limit Holdem . Then I also had losses , not many everyday cause I was depositing little money every time/day , but yes I also then had losses , it's not the zoom format to blame Smile

Snap poker doesn't have the 9max 2nl , that's why I like zoom , in the past it also used to have 5nl , it has disappeared months ago .
I wonder , with the isolation and the increased number of players online 1-2 months ago , why Pokerstars didn't try to bring 5nl zoom back , or try bringing a 10nl 9max , why not ?? So many players on zoom then , it was a mistake of them not to do so , the same mistake as the one they make nowadays trying to introduce a extra ante to the zoom tables . Sucks .
 maragatero20/07/2020 01:30:23 GMT
I insist with the kind of difference if you make a comparison between the same kind of speed. Fewer players you have in a table, more aggressive you have to be. Your range of hands miss a position (you don´t have UTG range), so your range in early position is more loose. That´s the real difference if you compare the same condition...
 antonis32120/07/2020 02:27:15 GMT
I like 9max only , for the time being . 6 max is so fast , has somuch action , and bluffs , you could say i am more kind of bingo player , not so the bluff guy , or the one with the good reading players skills , or the right bets depending on the flop , lol .. Anyway , on the micros , cash games or tournaments they call ATC , lol .

The greatest majority of the players like to play 6max , undoubtfully , I think this is the most usual format of cash games in the casinos , but for tourneys I think it's the same that i also like , the 9max .

Ofcourse 6max is better than 5max or 4 max, good that they invent ways to bring back more people per table in the poker rooms Smile
 CALICUL20/07/2020 06:44:40 GMT
Same like me with 9max, but sometimes i register for a single cash table with 6 players. Poker is for smart guys and we are in the century of speed. With some training we could learn more and will manage to play more easily.
 maragatero21/07/2020 01:41:09 GMT
Me too! I like Full Ring or his cousin 8 max. Only played in six max when Party Poker offers some good freeroll, so I play there with the same chart than FR but I eliminate the UTG position. Is not the same than build a specific chart to this kind of game (because you should be more loose) but is a good support to play it.
 CALICUL21/07/2020 08:32:23 GMT
I don't like situation of online poker at this moment and the players are much fewer with every day. Something is happening and poker rooms should focus on profit of players, not just on their commissions. People are tired because they have no earnings...
 antonis32121/07/2020 21:25:06 GMT
I heard some news that one casino will have 8max tables , with the help of plexiglass dividers or sth like this . This is very good news , I knew they could bring sth like that , the only thing that was missing was the good will to act accordingly , because of the pressure that they had from governments and the threats of penalties and fines . Things hopefully will go better for employees , businesses and players , hopefully , although with govenrments you never know ...
 CALICUL22/07/2020 08:51:53 GMT
In future we will also have plexiglass windows but also masks on faces in the same time. Then we realize how the New World Order is making fun of us with their politicians puppets. USA must to start online poker in all its states and it is better to play online.

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