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Casino fined over $3,000 for "minor" problem

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Posted on 03 May 2017 by "T".

Allowing minors within casino premises can become a pricey ordeal for the casino management. As punishment for permitting a minor to enter the casino and drink at the venue using a fake ID, The Star casino has been fined a total of $3,300.

According to the NSW Independent Liquor and Gaming Authority (ILGA), they found out that in the wee hours of June last year, the 17-year-old teenage girl entered the casino three times with the use of another woman's license before casino employees caught her and notified the authority.

As a result, the ILGA officers issued a fine on the teen for utilizing a fake ID, and in March this year its board conducted an investigation on the incident.
A spokesman for the ILGA said that the fine was "at the lower end of the range in recognition of efforts made by casino staff to scrutinize the minor, noting some similarities between the minor and the image on the driver's licence."

For failure to implement a system of controls and procedures and for permitting a minor into the casino premises, The Star was ultimately fined a total of $3,300 -- $1,100 for each time the girl successfully got into the casino.

A spokesman for The Star said the casino was "committed to its obligation to self-report to the casino regulator. There are extremely rare occasions when a minor does avoid security detection if only for a brief period of time. However, attempted ­entries and use of false identification are routinely prevented and our security procedures are not only rigorous but industry-leading."

"The Star" casino located in Pyrmont, New South Wales, Sydney, Australia, which opened in September 1995, is the second biggest casino in Australia after Melbourne's Crown Casino.



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16 comments on "Casino fined over $3,000 for "minor" problem"

 Gerimantas03/05/2017 15:25:51 GMT
This is a strange situation because I do not read anything about this minor who supplied fake id to the casino because hust like the casino also this guy has to get a fine and maybe even go to jail because whatnhe did is break then rule and he has to get punished
 Odysseus10103/05/2017 16:02:14 GMT
Creating and selling fake ID is certainly a crime, it's forging a government document. Very serious stuff. The minor in the casino certainly will get a slap, but not much because she's a minor. The casino itself, just like any tavern which serves alcohol to minors, has to face a fine and bad publicity. Is that fair? Not really, because people will always find good fake IDs, but there has to be an incentive for the casino or tavern to be diligent in keeping out minors.
 pochui03/05/2017 18:18:15 GMT
a minor causing a major issue... have to admit i really hate how much freedom those so called minors have, they basically can sh1t on your head and it's your problem, if you wipe of the sh1t and put their head right into it- then you're a complete criminal and threat to community... how dare you to raise a hand against a minor...
 Mober03/05/2017 19:38:18 GMT
The funny thing about this story is that they fined the casino 1100$ for each time that girl
entered the casino. But actually this is how the laws should work.
And they did the right thing to report this to the police.
 pajalnick03/05/2017 23:29:52 GMT
It seems to me that the casino was properly fined ... of course, the forgery of documents is becoming more qualitative with real technologies and to understand that this fake is almost impossible ... but the casino is the same bar as all the rest and they must obey the law
 doubletop77704/05/2017 07:11:54 GMT
You must feel a degree of sympathy for the casino in this case. Surely the girl was more culpable than the casino. It is very difficult to tell age and if she is using a fake id, it becomes almost impossible
 DaCapo7104/05/2017 08:01:00 GMT
This young girl will start a criminal career verry early in her life... To play in a casino with different fake ID´s three days in a row was verry strong, but it was good that they caught the teenager. Perhaps she understand that it was not a good idea to do that. Blink
 Mober04/05/2017 19:54:57 GMT
They will have to punish her somehow for what she did.
Otherwise lesson wont be learned.
And if they cant since she is till a minor, there is always her parents, that could take the fall
for her, as it should.
 bowie198405/05/2017 00:29:31 GMT
This is a minor detail in a minor case on a minor court. Allowing minors onto minor casino premises is definitely not a minor problem, but treating it like something not minor and creating minor hysteria where there was not one before is sure no minor way to handle this.
 damosk05/05/2017 07:14:30 GMT
So! Had the casino not self reported they would not have got fined! This seems a perverse situation. Why on earth would anyone self refer if they know they are going to be penalised for their actions? It's a crazy world which creates a situation where casinos will fail to self declare to protect their finances and reputation!
 Mober05/05/2017 20:06:17 GMT
Maybe because it is the right thing to do, saving also the casino from future troubles if they didnt report the violation?
"A spokesman for the ILGA said that the fine was at the lower end of the range"

And for a casino 3300 $ is absolutely noting.
 Gerimantas05/05/2017 20:11:47 GMT
I think it is good that casino reported this incident, but i canmit understand why the fine at all, they checked the documents as they have to, then they know about crime from player they report like they have to and still get the fine? I think casino did nothing wrong this time
 RoninHarper06/05/2017 09:31:49 GMT
Well I personally disagree with the casino getting a fine in this case.
It was after all the casino who discovered the problem, then they reported it themselves.
I think the casino is being wrongfully punished for doing the right thing.
In the future management will think twice before doing the correct thing again.
it will go hmmm we got a minor again sir, shh we do not want to report it or stop it by doing the right thing or we will be fined for trying to do the right thing again.
 superthight06/05/2017 10:42:18 GMT
yup that's a big news about those u have fake id's its about time to discover the unproper treatment about they done to casinos good to know Worship Worship Worship Worship Worship
 bowie198407/05/2017 00:38:35 GMT
Posted by RoninHarper:
I think the casino is being wrongfully punished for doing the right thing.
In the future management will think twice before doing the correct thing again.

They will do the correct thing, even though they will be fined again. Otherwise they would just take away their licenses and no casino will want to risk that.
 Gerimantas07/05/2017 08:36:39 GMT
Yes they will do the report thing again in the future as bowie1984 say I think too so, because the risk is big if you don't report from big fines to no gambling licence and this minor can be someone sent especially to be a trap to casuno, uf he can get in, he calls the people who come in and register the fact

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