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First Major Step in Preventing Gambling Harm in Victoria

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Posted on 30 October 2023 by "T".

The Allan Labor Government has taken its first step in implementing its nation-leading reforms to protect Victoria residents from gambling harm.

Melissa Horne, the Minister for Casino, Gaming and Liquor Regulation, introduced on the first week of October the Gambling Legislation Amendment Bill 2023 to Parliament, which shall enforce mandatory closure periods for all gaming machine areas in venues except the casino from 4am to 10am daily.

This addresses the fact that some venues stagger their open hours to encourage patrons to move between nearby venues just to continue gambling once one closes.

An important gambling harm prevention measure is by providing people with a break in play, as it gives them ample time to stop and mull over the decisions they are making and whether they are prepared to potentially lose more money. The mandatory closures shall come into effect by mid-2024.

The Government moved quickly to implement the Commission's 33 recommendations as a response to the alarming behavior revealed by the Royal Commission into the Casino Operator and License.

The Bill builds on this work by making it easier and clearer for the Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission to deal with casino property if it decides to hold back on granting a casino license. It also ensures the mandatory pre-commitment and carded play systems will work across the casino, including on table games.

From December 2023, anyone who plays a gaming machine at a casino will be required to track their play activity using the pre-commitment system, YourPlay.

By December 2025, this must be implemented on table games such as baccarat and poker, thus requiring new table game technology to be developed.

The Bills comes after the Government's commitment in July 2023, to introduce extensive reforms to provide Victorians with the strongest gambling harm protections in Australia.

The package of reforms includes:

  • Mandatory pre-commitment limits
  • Carded play for all electronic gaming machines
  • Capped load up limits of $100
  • Slowing of spin rates to reduce the pace of games

Minister for Casino, Gaming and Liquor Regulation Melissa Horne said:
"Our previous reforms have delivered stronger oversight of the gambling industry in Victoria with a regulator unafraid to hold venues to account - now we're doing more important work to prevent and reduce gambling-related harm.
We've seen predatory behavior from some venues, allowing people to keep gambling for hours, at any hour. Closing gaming areas between 4am and 10am will give people an important break to reassess and walk away."



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5 comments on "First Major Step in Preventing Gambling Harm in Victoria"

 dule-vu30/10/2023 12:43:39 GMT
so same as UK made some rules, now australian or at least Victoria want to make new rules about limits in gambling and some other things! at leas this will happen till 2025. , so players will have time same as casinos to set up new rules! ofcourse I am against all rules that will slow down players and to strict them how much they will spend, how much they will bet per spin and other things! we will see reactions from australia!
 tomex1131/10/2023 06:13:39 GMT
It's good that they want to introduce some rules to prevent addictions, but on the other hand it can be frustrating for players... I'm not a fan of it, and it depends on what it would look like. Because of all these restrictions and taxes, the game becomes more burdensome and less profitable... It used to be a paradise for players when gambling had no restrictions almost all over the world.
 dule-vu31/10/2023 06:30:11 GMT
Players dont like any restrictions, especially when they set up limits!
 geseco1202/11/2023 08:46:08 GMT
I believe that this does not affect everyone, but it does affect a minority that must have restrictions to protect their identity. Gambling addictions in many people are strong, that is why they have to work very often to overcome it.
 dule-vu02/11/2023 08:48:42 GMT
but one thing is to set up deposit limit or how much you can spend in live casino and other thing is when you set up bets per spins, buy in future options and this kind of things! we can see how this rules are strict in last years in UK, now australia, at least victoria state, want to change thing also in next years! we will see reaction from players!

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