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Man rife with gambling debt blames casino, attempts to rob it

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Posted on 29 August 2017 by "T".

According to an arrest report, a man was accused of attempting to rob a casino cashier's cage who lost $5,000 while gambling it all away.

On August 3 Thursday, Richard Watkins, age 41, pointed his handgun below the iron cage bars at the Silver Sevens casino, located at 4100 Paradise Road. He threatened to shoot, demanded money from the staff and fired one round prior to being subdued by casino security guards. Police were called to the casino at around 9:55pm on reports of a robbery in progress.

Watkins recently lost his job and money while betting at a sports bookmaker. The arrest report stated, "Watkins was clearly upset that he lost money and blamed the state of Nevada for allowing casinos to take his money."

Staff behind the cage went down for cover and one of them activated a silent alarm as Watkins, who wore a mask at the time, pointed the gun and said, "Give me all $100 bundles." After threatening them, he then fired one round that missed the staff and instead hit a door behind them.

The sound of the gunshot was heard by a security guard, who quickly went to the cashier's cage and aimed his gun at Watkins, requesting him to drop his weapon and reach for the ground. Watkins hesitantly went down to the floor, then a bartender jumped over a bar and landed on Watkins' back, held him down until more security guards appeared at the scene. Afterwards, police arrived and took him into custody.

Watkins faces many charges such as attempted robbery with a deadly weapon, attempted murder, and attempted burglary while in possession of a deadly weapon. As of August 8 Tuesday he is imprisoned in Clark County Detention Center and was held without bail.



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14 comments on "Man rife with gambling debt blames casino, attempts to rob it"

 doubletop77729/08/2017 07:23:11 GMT
This guy must have been really desperate to try this but you cannot take the law into your own hands. I am very glad that no-one was seriously hurt and they can get over this traumatic event quickly
 Tony_MON7ANA29/08/2017 11:09:10 GMT
Silver Sevens is formerly known as Terrible's. The casino is located just east of the Las Vegas Strip. It's kind of a small establishment. Definitely not a 4 or 5-star place. I remember Club Paradise (now called Centerfolds Cabaret) was on the same street.
 shokaku29/08/2017 11:13:06 GMT
A bit one sided attempt to get some cash back from the casino. But it is a to familiar situation. First the guy messes up by gambling his money all away, and then he blames others for his failures. Lame.
 dule-vu29/08/2017 12:27:12 GMT
and now he will be in jail for few years,because of this act!he didnt even take money,lost his own and what he have from this!now he will have lot of time to think about it and he have only 41 years!very stupid from him!
 CALICUL29/08/2017 16:44:54 GMT
Some people get into panic or shock when they lose their jobs. Then they become disoriented and they do desperate things. He did not have to go into that casino to play his last money. He had to go home and try to look for work elsewhere. Now he's going to spend some time in jail for an unhealthy deed. Aww crap!
 Odysseus10129/08/2017 16:55:31 GMT
And this is the dark side of gambling of course. Does gambling lead to addiction which leads to this sort of thing? What happens when an adult gambles away the kids' college fund? I believe that everyone should be accountable for their actions, but we have to acknowledge that some people simply can't control themselves, plus with every passing year the games and casinos themselves become more and more scientific in their entrapment through every element of the casino environment. The games are getting better and better at appealing to the player on a psychological level to continue. At what point do we recognize that the casinos and game developers are at least partially responsible for this sort of thing?
 Mober29/08/2017 17:24:21 GMT
Not the first case ot the last we are gonna hear about this.
Not to mention all other that dont come up to the surface.
When some become desperate can do everything, without even thinking.
Now he will have lots of time to think about it.

But its true of course. Gambling has ruined and closed down, many many houses....
 pajalnick29/08/2017 19:11:33 GMT
Every person has a point of no return ... when he has already done something and there is no way back ... and everyone has different ..... there are people who generally do not control their behavior ..... they act on instincts ... and by the instincts we predators probably
 pochui30/08/2017 08:15:07 GMT
well it's another of those sad stories where people treat casino as the last resort to solve their financial troubles and put their lives back on track but are knocked even further back. not casino's fault to be honest, they're just a business.
 Tony_MON7ANA30/08/2017 13:43:51 GMT
“The blame game is something that addicts can use to justify their addiction. They can use it alongside denial to remain in their self-imposed hell. The addict will usually be able to provide many reasons for their substance abuse and most of these will involve blame.”

Source: Blame and Addiction

I think the above statement summarizes the issue nicely. Blame-transference or blame-shifting is one of the traits of a compulsive gambler.

 bowie198402/09/2017 00:02:07 GMT
Posted by pochui:
well it's another of those sad stories where people treat casino as the last resort to solve their financial troubles and put their lives back on track but are knocked even further back. not casino's fault to be honest, they're just a business.

The last resort... Why not ask for a job application form then rather than trying to rob the place. Desperation has many forms.
 Gerimantas02/09/2017 18:01:40 GMT
Yes this is sad story and again it show that some people cannot control themselves and this is not noce, they can create problems to themselves and to their family and also to some people they do not know. I think some people cannot go to casino at all.
 av196602/09/2017 20:05:49 GMT
Hello my friends

Well that is a sad story but that kind of problem is the prove that gambling can be a problem but also credit cards, not having control not beeing able to set rules to your self are Aww crap! Aww crap!
Some people do stupid things and then blame others for there wrong doing in this case was a casino but maybe next time a bank will be also blamed
 godoy15/02/2018 23:18:19 GMT
This is very complicated, but it's not the fault of the state, much less of the casino. The players have to understand that the game is like that, and it's not to arumar the life, but for fun and when you lose everything, you can not do it. Money is lost albeit free too.

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