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Casino Winner Kidnapped & Robbed at L'Auberge Casino

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Posted on 25 November 2016 by "T".

Police has under custody a man who allegedly kidnapped and robbed a male gambler at a Baton Rouge casino. On November 19, Saturday, the East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office had arrested the suspect, Matthew Johnson Jr., age 32, resident of Baton Rouge, subsequently after a male casino patron identified him as the one who robbed and kidnapped him at the L'Auberge Casino & Hotel.

According to police, on November 5, Saturday, the male victim was in town for the (Louisiana State University) LSU vs. Alabama game and decided to gamble at the casino/hotel where he was also staying for the weekend. The victim said that after he won about $800, he cashed out and decided to go back to his room. In the elevator, an unknown black male (later identified to be Johnson) approached him and started talking to him casually.

The victim did not initially feel that he was in danger at all while with Johnson in the elevator. However, Johnson suddenly said to him, "I have a gun. Do what I say."

They got off the elevator, got into a white Buick Rainier SUV, and proceeded to exit the property, with Johnson driving the vehicle.

According to the victim's report to the authorities, Johnson allegedly talked about buying marijuana and cocaine, demanding the victim to hand him over $200 so he can buy the drugs. The victim said that Johnson drove to an abandoned house, bought the drugs, and then drove around Baton Rouge.

Johnson suddenly stopped and told the victim to get out of the car before showing him a handgun, demanding personal belongings. The victim said he gave Johnson his cellphone, wallet, and a Texas A&M class ring.
Upon reviewing the surveillance video footage, police confirmed the incident and were able to determine a description of the suspect and sent out photos for a media release to local news outlets. The suspect was described to be a black male, stands about 6 feet tall, and with gold teeth in the front of his mouth.

An anonymous tipster reported to police that the man they were looking for was called Johnson. The victim later identified and confirmed Johnson in a six-person lineup of other male suspects with similar characteristics.
Johnson was arrested and charged with armed robbery and aggravated kidnapping. He's currently being held on a $125,000 bond.




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9 comments on "Casino Winner Kidnapped & Robbed at L''Auberge Casino"

 doubletop77725/11/2016 10:32:12 GMT
This must have been a terrifying ordeal for the victim and i hope he is not too mentally scarred by the whole thing. I hope this guy, if found guilty, goes to jail and gets the help he needs not to do this again
 dule-vu25/11/2016 10:39:32 GMT
in todays world you cant win anything!always somebody watching and want to rob you!now people when exit from casino,must look who is out and not to talk to anyobdy or this is just in america!more people will play online casino!
 pajalnick25/11/2016 17:13:40 GMT
confirmed once again what I always say: you have to be real mad and do not have a mind to commit a crime near the casino .. hope in prison he was a little fix the brain so that it was not such a stupid man
 pochui25/11/2016 18:18:11 GMT
actually i must admit that i am really not that surprised wit the disclosed fat that casino winner was kidnapped and robbed at l'auberge casino. now what would really surprise me and leave absolutely stunned would be the fact that casino loser was kidnapped and robbed at l'auberge casino.
 bowie198426/11/2016 00:57:20 GMT
Kidnapped and robbed? Come on now. He was obviously let the fella take him out to the local crack den to buy himself some recreational drugs but things gotten out of hand I guess. Cannot believe these kinda stories still can be seen as true crime tales when obviously he was just rustled and learned the lesson so next time he wont let strangers drive him to anywhere to buy pot.
 TheMachineQC26/11/2016 08:17:32 GMT
Crazy story. That's why you shouldn't buy hard drugs like that especially to people you don't know that could put anything in it while you have like 1k cash on toy. Besides this guy should ask Pochui what to smoke...

All that for only 800$, that junky thought "easy money, I just take my hand gun out and I can snort for days". Blink
 Mober26/11/2016 16:59:29 GMT
One of the reasons in many countries, including ours, have taking measures against online
gambling was to protect their citizens as they said. What a story right? Smile
But it seems though the ones going to physical casino's need the protection Smile
 bowie198427/11/2016 01:11:35 GMT
Posted by Mober:
What a story right? Smile
But it seems though the ones going to physical casino's need the protection Smile

The story itself had nothing to do with the casino, except that both of them happened to be there when they've met. Its not really gambling related.
 Mober27/11/2016 17:43:21 GMT
How is that not gambling related? They went to the casino before the incidents, didnt they?
If they hadnt gone to gamble at all, none of this would have happened.
Its a point of view after all.
A bot of ironic post, referring to the silly excuses of some, when they decided to ban
all the sites here, that didnt acquire permits Smile

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