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Exclusive Pre-Release: Ivan and the Immortal King

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Posted on 03 December 2018 by "T".

Unlock the chest, break the needle and seize the immortal king's treasure! Ivan and the Immortal King is a striking new Quickspin video slot inspired by Russian folklore. Players will need to help the hero to defeat the evil king. Ivan and the Immortal King will be exclusively available at Casumo until December 11th, 2018.

Game features include the Baba Yaga Surprise, the Koschei Free Spins round triggered by 3 or more scatter symbols and the Free Spins Progression feature full of multiplier action.

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11 comments on "Exclusive Pre-Release: Ivan and the Immortal King"

 bowie198403/12/2018 18:23:52 GMT
Wow. I did not know what I have missed in my life but apparently it has to do with russian folklore. This at first sight has to be a huge clue that gambling companies and software providers are running out of ideas completely.
 pajalnick03/12/2018 21:27:12 GMT
A slot based on Russian folklore is of course interesting ... probably try to see what it is .... and even try to lose .... I hear about it for the first time ... very interesting ... what could be there .. I don’t really like slots but this one Confused Especially since I am registered in this casino ... You can try to play.
 doubletop77704/12/2018 10:04:58 GMT
These games are coming about thick and fast and there must be thousands of them available online. I have never played these but i do see the attraction and i am not shocked that they are very popular
 Mober04/12/2018 12:47:45 GMT
If it has new features and good payouts why not.
The theme is not that important at the end.
You could be playing in a slot with the worst them ever, winning tons of money
dont care at all about it.
It could have been black and white with the worst resolution ever.
No one would complain either Smile
 Gerimantas04/12/2018 13:19:39 GMT
yes again good situation to people who like to play slot machines, because after some time playing same machine you feel not so interested I think and more new machines is always good thing, maybe also get new luck and win more money.
 CALICUL04/12/2018 15:45:37 GMT
In this industry it is normal to introduce always new games, to attract other players who are no longer attracted to other older games.
There are other players who would like to play Super Mario or other old games which does not exist for casinos, but need a variant for slot games.
Anyway, games are enough and you can play with pleasure Ivan and the Immortal King. Blink
 bowie198405/12/2018 21:59:27 GMT
I mean I am not sure russians want to play with something which makes cartoon characters out of their national folklore, altough we saw many time that other nationas like the irish embracing their leprechaun legacy as well as the greeks with their mithological background (Zeus etc.)
 Mober06/12/2018 11:01:31 GMT
The thing with this exclusiveness is, that we cant play in this casino, and
i cant find this slot anywhere else to try it out Smile
Guess will have to wait for the normal release of the game to see, what this is
all about.
Hope it is gonna be a better one than the santa slot.
 pajalnick09/12/2018 03:41:51 GMT
I tried to play this slot .... of course on the demo mode .... in this mode $ 5,000 is given .... I played At the maximum bet of $ 100 .... and in the end, after the bonus game, I increased my account more than doubled ... it was 10,000 dollars more than .... basically an interesting game with its own features .... but I have 0 in my account at the casino .... therefore only Demo mode
 Mober09/12/2018 20:22:56 GMT
I did find the slot after all for a free play.
Started playing the game with 1 USD bets, and after only three spins i got the bonus Smile
It gave 10 free spins, and with the additional coins from the free spins feature,
it progressed on X2, adding 4 more free spins. All that for 13.25 winnings.
 Mober10/12/2018 21:41:55 GMT
Tried the slot again. It took way longer to get the bonus feature this time,
and couldnt get passed the x2
The bankroll was going down and down Smile
I liked the fat santa slot more. Not that there the outcome was a different one.
Lost there too, and even faster Smile

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