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Las Vegas Casino Worker arrested for Stealing Lobster Tails

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Posted on 02 March 2018 by "T".

Be it cash, casino chips or something else, stealing can absolutely get you into trouble, especially if you stole that something from a casino, that is.

An employee at the posh Bellagio casino and resort located in the Las Vegas strip was accused of stealing 25 lobster tails worth exactly $1,875, and for that, he was arrested on Monday early morning.

Metro Police say that on Sunday night, hotel security detained Alex Hernandez, who works as a chef at the establishment, after being caught putting lobster in his backpack and trying to walk out a back door. They kept him under watch until police arrived and took him into their custody early Monday.

Jail records show that Alex Hernandez, age 49, faces one count of embezzlement.

He is being held at the Clark County Detention Center and his bail is set at $5,000.



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15 comments on "Las Vegas Casino Worker arrested for Stealing Lobster Tails"

 Birmin02/03/2018 08:50:13 GMT
It's cost for him 5000$ and reputation=stealing lobsters tales is not good idea.
 LIKEIT2702/03/2018 09:47:03 GMT
Lol stealing lobster, the casino were you work,..
And u get in the walk off shame,..with youre name totly exposed in the nespapers,..
And even wore in bankrollmob with more members then the newspaper Big Smile
O well the lobsters are saved and can now be eaten by the police, something different then Donuts Smile
 pochui02/03/2018 11:51:21 GMT
well fuck yeah- what a nice title to put on your cv- a lobster tails thief.
sure in reality it is quite pathetic to be caught when stealing something less than a cool million of dollars. so better think twice before attempting a small scale theft
 godoy02/03/2018 12:18:00 GMT
MY GOD, that's how it can be said that I'm sorry for how little I know that in a casino I ate in the bathrooms I'm watching cameras and I'm so sad that it's worth it.
 pajalnick02/03/2018 13:20:18 GMT
at work, of course, these people are tempted to commit theft .... although something that will take from work ..... but of course it's very funny and if he is put in jail there over him everyone will laugh and maybe he will have problems with cellmates ..... but he deserved his stupid theft
 CALICUL02/03/2018 14:31:39 GMT
the man has destroyed himself his working career in that Bellagio where he earns a normal salary for his job. If he stole the casino chips i understood him, but with food has destroyed his life, if he gets into prison. Anyway now he has a criminal file and is not at all good for him. Sad
 godoy05/03/2018 14:25:48 GMT
It will be possible if a chef cooks to steal lobster broths even more from a casino where he is guarded 24 hours a day and it hurts bumps because Germans lose their prestige and the job is also stuck for little coziness and is banished from all casinos from the world I'm even stupid
 dule-vu05/03/2018 20:30:44 GMT
he,he,dont know what to say about this news!yes,its good money for some food,but to do something like this and to steal 25 lobster at place where security is on such a high level,its stupid!that amount he earn very fast,so he didnt make much,but now will pay till rest of life!
 pochui05/03/2018 20:38:41 GMT
ahh the lure of lobster tails, it can make any man lose his mind and force him into completely and utterly crazy moves. yes the lobster tails are a truly amazing force not be underestimated, therefore whenever in your life you do happen to bump into a few lobster tails, proceed with extreme caution.
 semirkarla08/03/2018 06:13:02 GMT
but of course it's very funny and if he is put in jail there over him everyone will laugh and maybe he will have problems with cellmates ..
 CALICUL18/03/2018 15:33:03 GMT
in America it is very easy to go in jail for any deed. Where a prisoner's life is always endangered by the other prisoners. Most of the time they eat... beatings or are violated. There are many mentally ill people, which are part of all sorts of gangs and often have all sorts of veneric diseases, hepatitis or AIDS. So if you are in America be careful to respect the law. Blink
 Tony_MON7ANA22/03/2018 08:57:44 GMT
The Buffet at Bellagio is a must-try. Not too pricey for what you get.
 Mober22/03/2018 15:51:30 GMT
This one a first also. Stealing from a casino what?
Now for that, he is being held and the bail is like three time more the value of what he stole Smile
Who in the right mind goes for something like this.
The lobster tale has only 75 USD each Smile
 magatt96629/03/2018 08:31:02 GMT
At a first look at thread title I jumped on my chair, but then reading the whole article understood he worked as a chef and then ..well still a weird behaviour but my guess it was not the first time he was doing that.

Anyway stupid move in my opinion.
 godoy15/01/2019 18:13:00 GMT
and always what I say robbery and robbery no matter what object or food or money all the final me and theft and still masi in casinos where it is treated in the worst possible way because if there is one thing that they do not support and lose and even more and be stolen hahahah

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