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White Man Disguised as Black while Robbing Casino Cashier at Gunpoint

Tags: Cameron James Kennedy, Casino robbery, Las Vegas.
Posted on 20 March 2018 by "T".

A white male reportedly disguised himself as a black man to hide his true identity during an alleged armed robbery of a casino in Las Vegas just this January.

On January 10, Cameron James Kennedy, age 26, allegedly threatened a cashier to give him $23,637 from a casino cage at the New York-New York Hotel & Casino.

On January 25, Kennedy was arrested by Las Vegas Metro police and was charged with one count of armed robbery.

According to U.S. Attorney Dayle Elieson, Kennedy had already been under federal supervision for federal charges and a criminal complaint, which mandated him to wear a GPS monitoring device. Police officers said that he cut off the device three hours before the casino robbery.

The cashier told the cops that she believed the suspect was really a white man because his skin tone was "off" and "blotchy". The suspect's face also appeared darker than usual as though he had wiped something off of his skin.

During the stickup, Kennedy (covered with black makeup) had with him a semi-automatic handgun as he said to the cashier, "I want all your hundreds and don't mess around. I am not kidding, I want all the hundreds."

Authorities initially placed Kennedy under federal supervision subsequently after he pled guilty to a series of bank robberies in 2012. Though he was released in June, he was arrested again in December after he purportedly tried to cash a fake check.

Investigators stated Kennedy had contacted a jewelry store and asked for a gold bracelet worth $1,500. He then spent money on food, hotel bills, debit card deposits using someone else's name, and he even bought marijuana.

On February 14, a witness informed police that Kennedy arrived at an apartment building wearing dark-colored clothes after the robbery occurred. The witness identified the suspect in a series of surveillance images.

Kennedy is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on March 26.

If convicted, the max penalty is 20 years behind bars plus a $250,000 fine.




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14 comments for "White Man Disguised as Black while Robbing Casino Cashier at Gunpoint"

 CALICUL20/03/2018 15:35:15 GMT
we have to admit he had an interesting idea to rob that casino. Unfortunately for him he was caught and now will have to pay an approximate fine x11. 23 k until 250 k is very much and with a few years of jail will destroy the life of this disguised robber. Bad mistake.
 Tony_MON7ANA20/03/2018 19:33:20 GMT
I am glad that no one in the New York-New York Hotel & Casino was injured.
His inability to control his impulse, blatant lack of remorse or guilt for his past conduct is a characteristic of a career criminal. Behind bar is where he belongs.
 RoninHarper20/03/2018 23:58:12 GMT
I hope the boys in prison decide to educate him.
I dislike criminal scumbags in general.
Not all criminals are bad but scumbags like him need special treatment inside.
 Mysik8621/03/2018 08:49:35 GMT
It must be fan of Michael Jackson Big Smile Big Smile Big Smile but MJ "disguised" from black to white, and this guy done totally opposite.
And I must admit, that he has good idea Blink Every knows, that in US if you're black, you're almost automatically seen like a robber Smile
 Mober22/03/2018 15:44:21 GMT
Lets see what else they are going to think of, robbing a place Smile
Ans casinos of course are still a target. Too much money easier than a bank
and open 24 hours per day.
It will always be a good target.
 pochui22/03/2018 21:29:05 GMT
well what can I say, the idea itself was not a bad one, some sort of a mask is preferable option when you are off to commit a crime, probably a plain batman mask from the kids store would have done the trick, but he showed more creativity here.
 CALICUL23/03/2018 15:38:09 GMT
it would be best to disguise it in a black person but to wear a mask, scarf and a pair of gloves. Maybe this offender managed to escape with this plan. I understand many persons who want to steal but i can not accept that they hurt people or to kill them. Casino cases happen because of insufficient security... Sad
 Mober23/03/2018 17:17:25 GMT
I agree that a mask would have been a better idea.
The whole story is like a dumb joke Smile
He went to rob a casino. With so many cameras, and the technology they are
having, how hard was it, to find his real identity.
 pajalnick24/03/2018 10:36:53 GMT
ha ha ha ...... this is certainly a very funny story ... and of course if the perpetrator was not caught then we would never have found out about it .... so of course I'm glad that the offender is punished and yet it gives us an interesting story ..... his idea with such a disguise is certainly a very cool idea
 dule-vu24/03/2018 13:30:48 GMT
he,he,dont know what to say about this story,he thought that nobody will see difference and especially when he backed in hotel!this was stupid move from him,because he already had problems with law and now he will get maybe 20 years in jail!
 ligador3724/03/2018 14:12:50 GMT
I have to say that, despite the bad situation, it was a good idea. Maybe he needed to complement it with a mask, so that the cameras could not identify him. With a mask, maybe the police would still be looking for a black man.
I do not think he's going to have a good time in prison, how his "black companions" going to treat him? Tongue
 Mober25/03/2018 12:49:27 GMT
Once you enter the casino, it is game over, in terms of getting caught by the cameras.
So unless he was wearing the mask before entering the casino,
it would have the same result, with or without it.
And it is not that easy entering a casino, wearing a mask Smile
Unless you go all in, for the robbery, and you dont care about anything i believe.
 dule-vu25/03/2018 13:48:38 GMT
Posted by ligador37:
I have to say that, despite the bad situation, it was a good idea. Maybe he needed to complement it with a mask, so that the cameras could not identify him. With a mask, maybe the police would still be looking for a black man.
I do not think he's going to have a good time in prison, how his "black companions" going to treat him? Tongue

well probably he thought that in same moment when he put mask,before he enter,somebody will react on this!but on "black skin",if its good,nobody will react and he will ask for money!but if he get max of 20 years,he will have time for thinking!
 CALICUL25/03/2018 15:43:47 GMT
Last year in Las Vegas, a casino was robbed by someone who was masked. If i did not mislead i read this news right here. People are desperate and money makes them commit robbery. If i see a lot of money at the TV, internet or in a casino i'm not attracted to them but other people are and do ugly things to steal.

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