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Lucky Gambler Wins 65,000 at Online Casino from 2 Bet

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Posted on 31 May 2018 by "T".

Striking it rich overnight doesn't happen very often, but the thing is, it can happen every now and then, especially if you are a player at Casumo!

On December last year, Neil, a first-timer at Casumo got super lucky and won £6.3 million from just a £4 bet!

Now, a man named Dennis has managed to win an amazing £65,000 prize, from just a £2 bet!

Dennis, from Burton-on-Trent in East Staffordshire, England, managed to scoop the £65,826 jackpot prize while playing an online slot game named Divine Fortune at the Casumo online casino right before midnight struck.

Dennis said, "I hit the jackpot around midnight and then I just couldn't sleep. I was too excited and too much in disbelief to be able to settle. I did try to catch some z's but after a couple of hours of tossing and turning I just ran downstairs to get the laptop and check if the win was real and still there."

It was only in December of last year that Dennis created his account on Casumo for the first time, and since then he has become a regular player.

With this lucky break, Dennis has already planned on which things he would initially spend some of the money on. To start, he's going to give some generous cash gifts to his two children, he will shop around for a new car, and then he will be able to finally finish off his home renovations.

As a special treat for his wife, Dennis has booked a trip for both of them to Tenerife this week.

The slot game in which Dennis won a nice jackpot prize is called Divine Fortune from Net Entertainment, which allows you to bet as little as 0.20 up to 10.00 per spin, and Dennis was betting a decent £2 per spin. This bet amount secured him a lucky spin into the jackpot bonus game, and as the golden coins stacked up in his favor, he had unleashed the Mega £65,826 prize, which was remarkably 32,913 times his bet!

Dennis said, "I love playing at Casumo, simply because of the variety of games you have on the site. But if I had to pick my top three games I would choose Divine Fortune, Mega Fortune and Roulette."

Spokesperson for Casumo Claire Steggles said, "We are always happy to see our customers win big, and we hope Dennis uses the money to achieve his dreams. While a score of £65K is a little far off the winning sum we uncovered in our study (the study states that Brits need to win around £336K in order to feel like big winners), for a £2 entry it's not bad innings."




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12 comments on "Lucky Gambler Wins 65,000 at Online Casino from 2 Bet"

 godoy31/05/2018 12:13:26 GMT
these games with gigantic jackpots are a very good bait to take millions and millions of muggles dollars and give some milhao to some troxa that spent maybe two or 10 million casino game and gambling and period
 shokaku31/05/2018 15:35:03 GMT
Playing those progressive jackpot games, when the jackpot is already really high, might be the only option to have a +ev game at a casino. Of cause there must have been a lot of suckers before, to fill up those jackpots.
 ligador3731/05/2018 15:47:02 GMT
Woow, what a tremendous profit. I think something like that will never happen to me. Not only because I do not like to play Slots or Casino games (except Roulette hehe). But how nice to earn such a sum with so little money.
But yes, for the jackpot to reach that sum of money, before many had to leave enough money.
1 earns a lot, but many lose more.
 Mober31/05/2018 19:51:21 GMT
Well it says he has become a regular player.
So the question is, how much was up or down, till he hit that jackpot Smile
But trying the slots that have jackpot is the only way to go to win big,
if you are a small stakes player
 godoy01/06/2018 15:50:42 GMT
This is good luck with apemas 2 euros to win a lot of this kkkk wanted me to have won more I hope he does not play again so early if not this money will be more for the better parabens parabens hope they will be used lucky
 CALICUL01/06/2018 17:41:50 GMT
This gain of 65.000 euro with 2 euro bet is more reasonable than 4 £ bet and earnings 6.3 millions £ but if the prizes are so great sometimes, it's good to win. Very beautiful this amount of money for this gambler and i hope he will enjoy this money with his family.
 pochui01/06/2018 19:56:16 GMT
ok 6.3 millions form 4 pounds bet is way better than 65K from 2 pounds bet, but not that I would say no to any of those options. of course realistically it is probably bigger chance to find a sack with 10 millions laying on the street than to win same 10 millions in a casino
 Tony_MON7ANA02/06/2018 15:43:43 GMT
Congratulations to Dennis on winning a GBP65,000 (approximately USD87,000) prize playing online slot machine game at Casumo. It must be an incredible feeling hitting the jackpot. Is he going to quit gambling?
 godoy02/06/2018 20:32:29 GMT
what the feeling of winning a prize of this size even more having fun would like to know one more day I think it must be very cool and unusual because it is difficult to believe
 Mober03/06/2018 07:02:23 GMT
It is a very good win, for a reasonable bet, unlike some others we have seen so far.
I think all of us change the amount from time to time, going up and down, trying to hit the
free spins and bonus, with a higher bet. Some times it works Smile
That way a 2 pounds or euro bet seems very reasonable.
 pochui03/06/2018 10:11:14 GMT
well this is an interesting question raised by tony mon7ana- is he going to quit gambling after winning those 65K of pounds, I personally highly doubt this mainly because it is not that huge sum really, if we talk about the previous big winner mentioned in the article who took home 6.3 millions form 4 pounds bet, then yeah, he can and probably should quite gambling and spend his days somewhere in Bahamas, or just play for small stakes just for fun.
 CALICUL10/06/2018 18:16:01 GMT
Pochui when i said reasonably i was referring to the fact that those 6.3 millions could be divided into 50 or 100 players and it would have been great. These players would be very pleased if this had happened. Unfortunately it did not happen in this way and only player won this huge prize.

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