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Baccarat Dealer admits to helping Players Cheat Casino out of $1 Million

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Posted on 13 September 2018 by "T".

On September 11 Tuesday, a baccarat dealer working at a casino in Maryland admitted to conspiring with players in exchange for getting a portion of their ill-gotten wins.

This month, Ming Zhang from Alexandria, Virginia, who worked as a baccarat dealer at the MGM National Harbor Hotel & Casino, intentionally lifted the deck to reveal a part of the unshuffled baccarat deck, with which a player at the table would then take a photo of the cards. Players would then use this information to their advantage, placing huge bets at the best possible times.

Assistant US Attorney Erin Pulice explained that having knowledge of the card sequence allows players to predict the outcome of hands in baccarat "with near-perfect accuracy", and specified that the scheme got the casino cheated out of $1,046,560.

Zhang, as punishment for having a cut of the players' profits for his involvement in the scheme, faces up to 5 years in jail. Initially the casino remained unnamed in court documents or wasn't mentioned on Tuesday's hearing in Greenbelt, but in the end a spokesperson for MGM National Harbor named Malik Husser confirmed Zhang's former employment at their D.C. area casino, who said, "Ming Zhang is no longer employed by MGM National Harbor. We have provided our full cooperation with authorities throughout this investigation

According to Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency spokeswoman Carole Gentry, Zhang's gaming license is in the process of being revoked by the state regulatory agency.

A Repeat Offender
Before this fiasco at the MGM, Zhang was also present when an alleged co-conspirator did the same scheme at a different Maryland casino (there are 6 casinos in Maryland), which happened sometime between July 2017 and September 2017. Investigators revealed that Zhang accepted a $1,000 payment from his co-conspirator at a nearby hotel.

Zhang also asked for additional payment from one of his co-conspirators, who told him they would contact him soon. When confronted by investigators the next day, Zhang purportedly lied about the scheme.
Zhang is the only person so far who has been charged in this scheme.
He is scheduled to be sentenced by US District Judge Paul Grimm on January 31.



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21 comments on "Baccarat Dealer admits to helping Players Cheat Casino out of $1 Million"

 Gerimantas13/09/2018 06:22:52 GMT
Interesting situation, of course not good to dealer because he get time in jail, but a lot better situation to people who create this situation because not hear that theu have to get money bqck to casino or jail time not any bad things to them
 shokaku13/09/2018 07:26:39 GMT
Another proof, that the most dangerous attacks come from the inside of a company. But i am a bit surprised that the person on the floor didn`t notice that players were taking pictures of the cards. Should ring some alarm bells.
 doubletop77713/09/2018 07:42:32 GMT
I really do not think that he could get away with this with all the security protocols that these casino's have in place. I am glad that he was caught and it looks like he is going to go to jail for quite a long time
 Gerimantas13/09/2018 13:02:24 GMT
I think they take photographs very smart way to use some technology that it is not easy for person on the floor to see players take photos. And of course they all and dealer think about this situation for long time so that not get attention
 Mober13/09/2018 15:40:36 GMT
Why is he the only person charged so far?
At the end he was getting just a small portion of the money.
A meaningless amount, compared to the actual winnings.

Does this news reminds you of something?
Like Ivey and Sun conspiring? The moment this happens you are breaking rules and laws...
 pajalnick13/09/2018 18:04:44 GMT
of course this is a group fraud, and therefore all the participants in this violation of the law must be in answer .... he received part of the money ... others also received part of the money ... others are also supposed to suffer punishment .... to be fair ... . all fines and in prison
 CALICUL13/09/2018 19:17:06 GMT
Another case in which a casino employee conspire with friends, to win illegal money from a casino. I do not understand why he received so little money for this maneuver, in the other casino where he worked, only $ 1000. Anyway, this guy is another loser who will get in jail because he was caught. It's interesting to know what was his share of this million dollars.
 bowie198413/09/2018 22:08:27 GMT
Posted by Gerimantas:
I think they take photographs very smart way to use some technology that it is not easy for person on the floor to see players take photos.

But then everybody going to see you are into your smartphone all the time something happening on the table. It's not a foolproof plan either.
 dule-vu13/09/2018 22:34:15 GMT
so he made almost same things for second time and ofcourse now he will be for long time in jail!probably when he go out from prison,he will do it again!from so many casinos there will be always people who cant deal with this kind of money on tables and would take chance to cheat and take something from it!
 BubbleGumTrb13/09/2018 22:53:05 GMT
Trying to steal from your work place? Not a very good idea, but I bet he did this before and he didnt get caught. Also, I'm wondering how were the players taking photos and nobody saw them? And for how long did they play to take away over $1.000.000? Casinos these days have a lot of tech to catch cheaters, it's not worth trying to steal from a casino, you will definitely end up in jail.
 Mober14/09/2018 16:23:03 GMT
If it is a big casino, it isnt that easy to check everyone out.
There must be a delay at some point. Catching everyone in the act must be hard.
I doubt too many are getting away with it.
And if the repeat their actions, then they are betting on casino's favor catching them Smile
 damosk14/09/2018 16:39:13 GMT
The risk reward ratio in this is not good. The risk far outweighs the reward of stealing from your employer so this was a bad call on the part of the dealer. Why oh why do people still think they can get away with it? Maybe some do, but it really is arrogant to think you can get away with it, cos you will lose it all in the end anyway!
 pajalnick14/09/2018 19:41:14 GMT
this is one of the few stories about dealers scammers .... usually such stories are buried in the wilderness of Nevada .... of course now are other times but gangsters and mafia are immortal .... maybe the dealer is still lucky that he will just go to jail ... perhaps
 bowie198414/09/2018 23:11:02 GMT
Posted by BubbleGumTrb:
Casinos these days have a lot of tech to catch cheaters, it's not worth trying to steal from a casino, you will definitely end up in jail.

I think many of them trying to be paperless as much as they could so thy do not have to fear the random robberies which could occur at these places as well.
 Gerimantas15/09/2018 19:36:50 GMT
I not think people who take pictures take them with smartphone many chance that they use some other technology to nit be able to see easy, maybe some micro camera, for example in our local casino you cannot put anything on table not cigarettes not matches box, maybe it is different in this casino
 bowie198415/09/2018 23:20:24 GMT
Maybe, maybe not. But whats the point using these if they are not sitting at a high roller table. Lifetime ban and prison sentence versus a couple hundred/thousand dollars. Ir is very far from the whole thing being even, very-very far - in my opinion.
 dule-vu16/09/2018 10:19:36 GMT
I would understand if you do something for big amount,like million or two and then to go in jail for few years,that would understand why he do it!but for few bucks to spend so many years,you must be mad!you know what is law in america,so what can you expect,especially if do it for second time in life!
if you get bigger amount,then you have something after you go out from jail,but for this...
 Mober16/09/2018 15:07:49 GMT
The worst thing is not that, that he did it for a small amount.
The worst thing is that he did it while he was employed.
Others have not a job at all and are struggling to keep it straight,
and you get the ones that have one, to steal, from their own job on top...
 Gerimantas16/09/2018 21:11:29 GMT
I understand frok text in front that casino has cheat out of 1 millions dollars, so not sime hundreds or few thousand dillars and people who make this money not go to jail but this dealer who gets small money is. So not clear situation but i think in this schemes
 misteriopj20/09/2018 14:10:32 GMT
The casino must investigate each of its workers, as it is possible that Ming Zhang, has several investigations for similar facts and continue to work as a letter dealer, it is left if you revoke the license and stop committing these frauds in the casinos
 Mober20/09/2018 19:00:40 GMT
There is no chance he is going to work in a casino again.
Data like this travels all around the casinos.
The even share players details, from casino to casino,
and you may denied entrance in a specific casino, for something that you did in another one.

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