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Macau Betting Scheme using WeChat busted

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Posted on 02 May 2017 by "T".

Seven Chinese citizens were arrested in Macau, as they were accused of operating a sophisticated but lucrative illegal betting scheme which involved high-stakes baccarat and WeChat, the highly popular Chinese social messaging service.

According to Macau's Judiciary police, the group encouraged Chinese mainland gamblers to bet on the results of real baccarat games happening at the VIP tables of Macau-based casinos (the police did not identify the casinos involved). The bets would be laid out and the results communicated in real-time, through the use of WeChat.

During a briefing on April 13, Thursday, Judiciary Police spokesman Tam Weng Keong stated the shady group had about 40 daily customers, and that the operation raked in US$1.3 million in bets last month alone.

How the scheme works
Two to three people will be deployed to gamble at the gaming tables and report the results of each and every game quickly via text in their WeChat group.

Their customers were given about 70 seconds to place their bets. The minimum bet was set at HK$200. What appealed to them on this operation is that it appears there was no upper limit for the wager.

Tam said, "The suspects were very well organized in splitting their tasks. Everyone had their own position: for instance, the first and the sixth suspect were responsible for handling accounting via the computer, and controlled the wagering of their accomplices in the casino. The second and third suspects were mainly responsible for collecting the bets from the [WeChat] group members."

In short, the scheme is all about getting to know beforehand the results of the side bets of every game in order to win.

The group made money by means of charging player commissions and by hedging bets on the game results. Police believe that this operation garnered about $150,000 in profits back in March 2017.

The illegal operation, assumed to be running for at least a month, was exposed after a police raid on a flat in the Nam Van district of Macau, which police considered was being utilized as an unlicensed guesthouse.
Officers became suspicious that there's some illegal activity being conducted from the property, and seized a computer containing records of betting results.

The detained seven were all from Zhejiang province, and police believe many group members are still at large.
WeChat today is a part of daily life on the Chinese mainland, allowing users to do everything from shopping, hailing taxis to navigating the streets and paying utility bills.

WeChat has a "Hongbao" feature, which allows the exchange of virtual credits that can be withdrawn as cash or used for online purchases. WeChat was recently forced to clampdown users who were abusing this feature, who used it as a "virtual red envelope", a reference to tiny money envelopes given at Chinese celebrations like weddings, birthdays and during Chinese New Year; however, many of WeChat's 840 million users effectively turned it into a betting exchange medium.


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14 comments on "Macau Betting Scheme using WeChat busted"

 Gerimantas02/05/2017 12:46:07 GMT
I read how the scheme works but still understand nothing, maybe it is too hard to me to understand or maybe the explanation is not very good, but still it is good that thise people were caught and this is a result that most of the criminals end with. Jail and no money.
 bowie198402/05/2017 13:47:57 GMT
This is what I call degenerate gambling to be honest, even though it was a scheme and not some random thing but betting on how somebody else is playing baccarat anyhow is just really shows you like throw money at things randomly.
 pochui02/05/2017 16:51:00 GMT
ok ok i got a great business idea when i read this informative post: how about setting up a business where we offer clients to bet on the dudes who are betting on the dudes who are actually playing some poker, blackjack etc. i think this is a stellar offer and one that would make us gazillionaires. for a week or so i give you this wonderful opportunity to join this business endeavor for a mere $1000 sent to my stars account... Dollar Dollar Dollar
 Mober02/05/2017 19:21:58 GMT
I have to say some people can think the unimaginable Smile
Betting with chat messages...
And how did they know they were getting the right results after all, since they werent
watching the game live?
I guess the next step will be with live coverage Smile
 pajalnick02/05/2017 23:26:06 GMT
Chinese citizens came up with a system for winning and for them they found a measure of restraint arrest .... maybe the system was quite normal in terms of law but the casino never misses its chances and does not give hope of winning
 DaCapo7103/05/2017 06:56:03 GMT
The criminals all over the word try it again and again, but it was nice to read that the police arrested these guys. Normally Macau was one of the captitals of the sport betting mafia and so it was interesting that the police there catch some criminals, but perhaps they are on a good way.
 RoninHarper03/05/2017 11:11:40 GMT
G'day mates

Wow I really must be slow.
not only do I not understand exactly what the hell it is they were actually doing but I had never even heard of wechat chat before. I guess it is somehow a cross between skype and and only banking site where you can pay bills or something.
hope theses guy's rot behind bars.
I HATE criminals in gereral.
 dule-vu03/05/2017 12:10:14 GMT
on every new way of gambling,people will find way to cheat or taka money on no legal way!and its peoples nature!especially on this thing,where you watch something live and then gambling!its not same as you play on slots or playing poker!they had nice amount of 150 K $!
 doubletop77704/05/2017 07:09:28 GMT
It really is phenomenal what people will bet on these days. I have never heard of anyone betting on things like this and it left itself wide open to fraudulent activities in my opinion
 bowie198405/05/2017 00:35:46 GMT
Posted by RoninHarper:
not only do I not understand exactly what the hell it is they were actually doing but I had never even heard of wechat chat before. I guess it is somehow a cross between skype and and only banking site where you can pay bills or something.

This is probably a chinese thing since they have their great firewall operated by the government and they are having their own local versions of every big app there are. wechat is probaly one of this.
 pokkerimees05/05/2017 06:52:15 GMT
If its mini-baccarat, then its like predicting red-black in roulette. Players cant change the way cards run, like they cant change the way ball falls on numbers.
Players can only place bet on either banker -player or tie, there are rules for dealer, how to take cards, no skill involved in mini-baccara.
 StheP05/05/2017 11:14:12 GMT
well IMO they didnt nothing wrong...they noticed leak in system and using it...I think its actualy mistake of casino for letting them bet with 60 sec delay... if they know results of these game in that 60sec its not their fault...thats like if sports betting were on 60 sec delay, and you have friend watching game, and tell you what happend and you emidiatly place bet... thats not cheating IMO...fault is only to those who let them bet with 60 sec delay...
 Tony_MON7ANA10/05/2017 06:35:48 GMT
I actually did not know this Chinese social media app called WeChat until I read this article. There must be numerous undetected cases like this. Chinese people may just be one of the shrewdest and sneakiest people in the world.
 xpok3rkingx11/05/2017 05:47:20 GMT
its the casinos fault for having that breach in the system but Chinese people are very smart and they will find another way to do it lol I as well have never heard of wechat until reading this crazy lol

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