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Man Admits to decapitating Casino Patron in Montana

Tags: Donald Ray Cherry, homicide, Jeffery Glen Haverty, Montana.
Posted on 18 June 2019 by "T".

One of two men who were charged with decapitating a casino patron has now pleaded guilty.

According to a report from the Billings Gazette, Jeffery Glen Haverty, age 34, pleaded guilty on Monday in Yellowstone County District court to deliberate homicide.

Haverty (pictured left) and his companion Donald Ray Cherry (pictured right), age 32, were charged with deliberate homicide in the death of 41-year-old Myron Wesley Knight on October 26, 2017.

Prosecutors as well as Haverty's defense lawyers say they will jointly seek 50 years behind bars in the Montana State Prison under a plea agreement. The charges carry a maximum of 110 years. Haverty must be interviewed by detectives and testify against Cherry if necessary, as stated in the terms of the agreement.

Police say during that tragic night, the casino gambler Knight asked a casino employee (of Montana's Lil's Casino on King Avenue West) to hold onto his $120 that he won before leaving with the two men. The employee told police Knight handed the money to him for safekeeping, in case Haverty and Cherry planned to rob him.

Police state Haverty robbed Knight of his remaining $6 and started decapitating the poor man in a transient camp.

Authorities pointed out that after he returned from a gas station, Cherry also took part in the decapitation.

Knight's headless body was found three weeks later, on November 15, 2017.

Cherry's trial is scheduled to start in July.

This unfortunate story reminds us that when inside land-based casinos, always be alert and if you can prevent it, do not leave the premises with people you do not know. Notify an employee or another patron in the casino if you think you are in danger.



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14 comments on "Man Admits to decapitating Casino Patron in Montana "

 dule-vu18/06/2019 18:14:18 GMT
what to say on this kind of story!really sick!
 bowie198418/06/2019 23:31:56 GMT
This is really just a sad story, there is nothing to say here. Taking away somebody else life for money is nothing but a crude act but this scenario is almost like something from a Coen Brothers movie movie - it's so blatant and absurd.
 CALICUL19/06/2019 08:43:47 GMT
When you kill an animal for food is normal but when you want to rob a man and after that to kill him is something what i can not explain in words. The law is too good and allows these criminals to do things like that. The law must be amended and the death penalty restored.

 Mober19/06/2019 11:29:52 GMT
I have to say that i read the story twice, cause at first i thought i misread,
or missed something.
They did all this for that kind of money? Is this for real?
They robbed him for 6USD? 6USD? And then killed him?
Their penalty must be far more greater than the one mentioned above...
 CALICUL19/06/2019 11:46:16 GMT
This is true. He had only six dollars to him and is just the equivalent of a pack of cigarettes. This is terrible and something need to change here. People pay taxes and they need it good laws. States of the world do not do that and this is not fair.
 bowie198420/06/2019 17:50:43 GMT
Posted by Mober:
They did all this for that kind of money? Is this for real?
They robbed him for 6USD? 6USD? And then killed him?
Their penalty must be far more greater than the one mentioned above...

Sadly it does not make it better if they would have done this for six million bucks either.
 Arithmajik20/06/2019 21:24:36 GMT
Wow, the guy on the right looks sketchy as hell with that dirty chin strap, I wonder how they could have possibly convinced this guy to leave with them, I mean common, he had the common sense enough to suspect foul play so he gave away his money for safe keeping, if you're gut was telling you this was dangerous why even go if you had no money?
 CALICUL22/06/2019 13:00:46 GMT
I sit and think to what the these criminals are now thinking. 6 dollars and a crime is a worldly shame. A lot of years of prison for few bucks. Incredible. I would not kill a man for a million ( with some exceptions when people are very bad ). Normally i consider that very bad people deserves capital punishment, when they do bad things.
 Arithmajik22/06/2019 22:33:25 GMT
Ha ha yeah, I imagine a lot of people would pretty gladly take a million dollars to dish out some capital punishment to someone that genuinely deserved it. I think the going rate is considerably less, probably closer to something like $50,000 USD a year for the guards who are staffed with the task.
 Nightkid23/06/2019 12:15:27 GMT
Well, unfortunately, this often happens, I think not only in my country but also in many other places due to the inequality that in the matter of money ... many are lacking and others have so much that I do not think that the years to spend everything but good so things are sometimes Aww crap! Aww crap! Aww crap!
 CALICUL23/06/2019 14:15:01 GMT
To kill very bad people for 50,000 dollars it is very good of course but you have to be careful not to get caught. In general bad people should be punished and banished on some islands, to kill between them or to die there. The law does not agree with this and is Sad
 pajalnick23/06/2019 21:28:20 GMT
This is of course a very horrific murder story for such little money .... it's just awful .... and for big money, murder is horrible .... in general, in my opinion, no one can take a life .... .... a poem I think if a person deprived the life of another person, then he should receive an adequate punishment ..... Eye for eye
 Arithmajik26/06/2019 04:01:43 GMT
Ha ha I don't know about banishment calicul, some comedy did a pretty good bit on how that was how australia was used for, to put prisoners from the commonwealth. Turned out to not be such a bad place, here violent criminal, as punishment for your crimes enjoy this tropical paradise Smile
 CALICUL26/06/2019 14:29:44 GMT
The jokes are good in the majority of cases but we also need to think about protecting people.
Governments of the world do not think right and aggressions increases in every country and the number of crimes is the same. That should be an alarm signal for mankind. We must protect ourselves and to force the governors to make bad laws for criminals.

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