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Bozeman Casino Gets Robbed For The Second Time In A Week

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Posted on 04 October 2016 by "T".

A Bozeman business is robbed at gunpoint for the second time in just one week. The first time that Bozeman received a robbery report from Magic Diamond Too Casino was at 10:45 p.m. on Sunday, September 18. Just under $600 was stolen that night.

The second robbery report that the police responded to on the same casino had occurred on the early morning (just after 1 am) of Saturday, September 24. About $900 was stolen that time.

According to the reports, a masked man with a handgun was demanding money from a casino employee. Aside from the mask, the suspect was also wearing a gray sweatshirt over a blue and white checkered shirt, and jeans. There were no physical descriptions of the armed robber given.
Once the robbery has been completed, the suspect fled on foot. The police were on the scene within three minutes but were unable to find the robber even after searching the area. The officers did not state the amount of cash that was taken.

Bozeman police Capt. Andy Knight said the two incidents had certain similarities. He noted the time of day the robbery occurs, the type of weapon the suspect carried, and the choice of attire worn by the robber. Even so, the police captain said investigators have not confirmed if both cases of robbery are connected.

Update: On Wednesday, September 28, Bozeman police received credible information and said they arrested a man who may be related with the two robberies at the Magic Diamond Casino. Using that information and verifying evidence, search warrants were served on the alleged suspect's home and Dodge Ram truck. While serving the warrants, detectives found a white and black "Jack Skellington" mask and other clothing that matched the ones used in the robberies.

Duane Burchill (right in picture), age 46, resident of Bozeman, was arrested last Wednesday afternoon in which he was charged with two counts of felony robbery.

Burchill's criminal history includes convictions for felony counts of burglary, theft, aggravated assault and robbery as well as other misdemeanors.
At Gallatin County Justice Court, a $200K bail was set for Burchill by Judge Audrey Cromwell on Thursday, September 29.

If convicted, Burchill faces a $50K fine and up to 40 years behind bars.



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5 comments on "Bozeman Casino Gets Robbed For The Second Time In A Week"

 pochui04/10/2016 11:22:16 GMT
actually the fact that bozeman casino got robbed for the second time in the same week could only mean that either the robber has forgotten his passport at the crime scene and came back to pocket it, either he didn't have enough bags to take away all the cash with him in the first time of asking or an option nr. 3, there's always option nr. 3.
 doubletop77705/10/2016 08:54:45 GMT
I am glad that this guy has been caught before somebody got hurt in one of these robberies. He sounds like a dangerous individual and, if found guilty, must be sent to jail for a long time
 pajalnick05/10/2016 11:15:20 GMT
two crazy action dude go to jail for 40 years .... I wonder what he hoped ??? and although he initially escaped but then it still caught me ... like now it seems a crime to do not need ... with the presence of the cameras almost anywhere, and the ability to find the DNA ... not really avoid arrest
 bowie198406/10/2016 00:04:40 GMT
Just sounds like a great publicity stunt tbh. This 600 and 900 dollarido losses bought the casino a truckload of free publicity all around the world. Such a small loss to get some great gains, wonderful.

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