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BitStarz Player Wins $98,730 in Just Two Spins!

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Posted on 18 September 2019 by "T".

When it comes to online slots games, some people get lucky to hit the jackpot, while some are extremely lucky to win big not just once but twice from two different slot machines. How lucky can this one person get?

On the second week of September 2019, a very lucky BitStarz player won a juicy $98,730 prize from doing just two spins. From just a single spin, he managed to scoop up a sum of $50,380 from the Azarabah Wishes slot and then he also snatched up $48,350 from Slotomon Go.

Azrabah Wishes
Azrabah Wishes is a 5-reel, 50-payline slot from GameArt. Straight off the fairytale story of Aladdin, this game includes a tiger, the parrot Iago, Abu the monkey, a fez and royal values from Jack to Ace. Princess Jasmine is the Wild symbol, whereas the Genie's lamp is the Scatter. There are also two Wilds active during Free Spins: Jafar is an expanding Wild, while Aladdin is a sticky Wild.

The max coin win is 2500 but you can win up to 15,000x your bet during the free spins.

Just this May, BitStarz has awarded the biggest win ever on the Azrabah Wishes slot game, a cool $2,458,064 from just one spin of the reel!

Slotomon Go
Slotomon Go was inspired by the Pokemon Go frenzy that was first released in July 2016 and was one of the most used and profitable mobile apps of that year. With 5 reels and only 5 paylines, Slotomon Go is indeed a highly volatile slot.

You don't have to walk for miles to catch your favorite Slotomon pocket monster - you just spin the reels to catch that Slotomon to win a specific multiplier unique to them. Find the Gem scatter symbols hidden in the reels that will trigger 10 free spins with a special symbol. Any paylines with 3 to 5 Gem symbols are multiplied by 15x up to 1500x!

Back in March, another BitStarz player won a whopping $1,376,221 from a single spin on Slotomon Go!

Both Azrabah Wishes and Slotomon Go are high volatility slot games with a healthy RTP of 96% and 97% respectively. This means that when you win, the chances of it being a very big win are astounding, and it's going to be definitely life-changing!

Congratulations to the latest winner in BitStarz, taking home an amazing $98,730 in two spins!



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12 comments on "BitStarz Player Wins $98,730 in Just Two Spins!"

 dule-vu20/09/2019 12:01:40 GMT
I was wondering where are news from some big win at bitstarz casino,but after month or two,we got some news from them and ofcourse it story with some big hit or jackpot!ofcourse always big numbers and story how you can win big in few spins!only difference is that we dont have anything about director Srdjan Kapor in this news Big Smile
 CALICUL20/09/2019 12:14:33 GMT
I read this news and it makes me to laugh, when i see what he writes here. Of course, this player is very lucky and to win two jackpots prizes in two spins, is very easy to obtain. I think his chance was one to tens of billions, or maybe i'm too exaggerated, but only two spines... Smile
 pajalnick20/09/2019 12:19:52 GMT
win the jackpot at the casino This is of course very cool .... but when one person does it twice for it is just super news .... this news suggests that if a person won the jackpot this does not mean that what is no longer possible for him. ... which potentially attracts many additional players to this casino
 bowie198420/09/2019 21:22:38 GMT
Posted by dule-vu:
ofcourse always big numbers and story how you can win big in few spins!only difference is that we dont have anything about director Srdjan Kapor in this news Big Smile

There are smaller jackpots out there but what would be the incentive to parole around with somebody who won $500 one week as a marketing strategy?
 dule-vu21/09/2019 12:27:04 GMT
just dont know where all of you see that this player got jackpot on this games!this text just say that some player got two big wins on two slots on two spins,not that he got jackpots on this games!as I see,this news is more promotions of this two slots and to say how god they are,but there is nothing about this player,just how much he "got" on both slots!
 pajalnick21/09/2019 12:55:42 GMT
Of course, we need big jackpots and small jackpots that fall more often ... so that players have an interest in the game .... since the opportunity to win the jackpot is more likely than if it is a very big jackpot but it is very rare .... there are different approaches in different casinos for a super prize and it seems to me that both options have a right to exist
 CALICUL21/09/2019 13:11:44 GMT
You must be careful when you read this material again and you will see where jackpot writes. It's at the beginning after a few words. However, this does not matter and the odds to win two jackpots are astronomical... You have higher chances for two big prizes but for this is unbelievable...
 dule-vu21/09/2019 13:15:47 GMT
This isnt jackpot win,this is win from regular play with big bets!
 Mober22/09/2019 10:56:53 GMT
I like the fact they are saying in just two spins.
How lucky can you be, to win in two different slots such amounts of money with just one
There are others trying for year and havent got a single win like this, and wnever will get one.
If you have it coming... Smile
 CALICUL25/09/2019 10:14:18 GMT
Mober, this is a news which must be told to grandchildren. Marketing Director from Bitstarz he is very generous with his clients and you only see this in movies, video clips or commercials. Now we see in reality and this news will mark me for life. Cool
 levi981220/10/2019 21:26:38 GMT
omg,2 spins? :0 that is wonderfull, if i play on bitstarz they only eat my money : (
 CALICUL21/10/2019 07:42:52 GMT
Most players will lose money when they play, this is obvious, but there is a chance and you can win an amount of money. In every casino there is a chance to win but now it depends on how lucky you are. Sometimes it is good to think of a good strategy for customers, and they will win more often but smaller amounts. That would be better.

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