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Las Vegas in Semi-Lockdown amid Coronavirus

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Posted on 16 March 2020 by "T".

Major cities in America are following European nations and capitals in shutting down bars, theaters, schools and other public buildings as precautionary measures to delay the spread of the coronavirus that is devastating countless lives across the world.

Los Angeles, New York and Washington State have all announced that public buildings will be temporarily shut down, amid fears that the number of inflicted individuals will continue to grow beyond the confirmed 3,000 cases. On Sunday night, the National Security Council emphasized there is no national quarantine or US-wide shutdown.

Just like the rest, Las Vegas is now under temporary lockdown as casino resorts close one by one as a way of curbing the incidence of new cases of the rapidly-spreading COVID-19.

Today, MGM Resorts announced the closing of its Las Vegas properties. They are one of the many companies that made similar announcements from across the US gaming industry.

MGM closes its doors starting March 17 Tuesday and has quickly followed up with its Detroit property. Meanwhile Wynn Resorts has temporarily shut its large resort casino in Las Vegas and Eldorado Resorts has closed its Grand Victoria Casino in Illinois for 14 days.

Other gambling companies across Europe are taking similar measures. Today, Australia's The Star Entertainment Group has taken a milder approach to the situation, deactivating every second slot and table game to give extra space between players, reducing the number of gaming tables available, and limiting the number of guests who can go in to the food and beverage outlets.

A long list of European nations has made serious country-wide lockdowns including Denmark, France, Ireland, Spain and the Netherlands.

As of this Monday March 16, the coronavirus US death toll climbed to 69, with over 3,770 confirmed cases. The global death toll has exceeded 6,500.



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44 comments on "Las Vegas in Semi-Lockdown amid Coronavirus"

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» Las Vegas in Semi-Lockdown amid Coronavirus

 dule-vu20/03/2020 11:59:57 GMT
it want be strange if they close everything in america,especially places like las vegas,where so many tourists come to enjoy,to gamble,to stay in hotels and go party,it just time when everything will be shut down!when you see number of nba players that are affected,you see that they will need to something!they cant allow 500 people in some casino,that gamble in same time!
 maragatero21/03/2020 03:19:22 GMT
Yes is true! But Trump are more interested in his fight with China than do something radical with this infection. In fact, several states and cities (like New York) are acting before President desition...and he claims for this!!! Really, there are some governments like Trump, Bolsonaro and others, that have no sense and are playing with thousands of lives only for vanity!
 CALICUL21/03/2020 10:41:42 GMT
Trump knows very well that this coronavirus is not very dangerous and i told you that the United States of America spread this virus in the same day when China equaled and probably surpassed the USA in the world economy. WSOP 2020, EURO football and hundreds of millions of lives have been changed because that's what the leaderships of USA wants.
 Mober21/03/2020 19:39:14 GMT
If this virus is not that dangerous, then why all the have taken all these measures?
And there are more to come.
But i guess you have lived and experienced more situations like this one
and you know better Smile
And one of the things that has made this so dangerous according to the experts,
is the speed of course of the transmission.
 maragatero22/03/2020 05:24:02 GMT
Oh CALICUL, at this time, I only wish that your denial position of this matter don´t make you hurt. How many dies do you need to see before you change your opinion? And the issue of how it´s begin could be a fantasy tale. So far scientists assume it is a remarkable cross between bat and snake. Remarkable (and unpleasantly) both are consumed in China.
 CALICUL22/03/2020 11:12:28 GMT
You really think this disease came from bat and the snake? That it means you are a man which is manipulated very easily. It's incredible how you can believe in lies of those who trying to "implant" a world government. All the culprits who lied and spread the coronavirus including governors, need to be arrested because they intentionally destroyed lives of many people. We have no sports, money from our jobs, no live poker, etc ... Our rights are being curtailed and is very ugly because the dictatorship is established.
 dule-vu22/03/2020 12:42:07 GMT
they take measures because they dont know with what they fight and that people die from this virus!ofcourse most of this people are old,over 70 years,as they die every winter from normal flu,but reason isnt normal flu and thats why people are scared!you can that younger people,basketball and football players get it,but their body can take it!thats why they close so many town in world,as they will probably whole las vegas!
 maragatero23/03/2020 06:19:51 GMT
In fact, the situation in Las Vegas made changes that become it in a strange landscape. Do you see the picture? That city with all her lights off in the night is really rare thing, like an invasion or a big catastrophe! All the world is like that. The best-known sites, without people, are a picture of a paralel universe...Or a picture took by a machine after the neutronic bomb!
 CALICUL23/03/2020 11:16:50 GMT
Those who have online casinos can still make money, but this whole story with the coronavirus, affects hundreds of millions of lives. In Las Vegas the money will no longer be earned by all owners who have business there. This is it and we can't do anything.
 maragatero01/04/2020 01:53:10 GMT
Well I´m fine with the isolation. I found that this is good for me. I stand up late, after sleep all that I wanted, I make the meal that I want at the time that I want, I seat down in my desktop to see all that I want, and I play all the tournaments that I really want. I might be used of this schedule, without chief and gymnastic effort! It´s a joke, my organism need the sun and the physical training to make a good life!
 CALICUL01/04/2020 13:07:34 GMT
It is good that you are in isolation and not in quarantine, because this manipulation can get you there , if you get a little flu. Las Vegas can be reopened quickly or it can be over 9 months. Great disaster brings these strong leaders of the world...
 dule-vu01/04/2020 19:13:45 GMT
as I see from some you tube videos,that gambles posting on their channels,they say that now everything is closed in las vegas and that they have videos from days before this closing,so we are sure now that everything is "dead" in this city that never sleep!how can everything change in just one month!
 antonis32103/04/2020 07:33:24 GMT
It would be one of the kind and super weird if they decide to schedule all WSOP tournaments ONLINE , in their poker room , or another poker room , lol .

Anyway ,I haven't heard of WSOP cancellation or postponement until now , I don't know what they will decide in the future .But it's really strange that others got on a rush to postpone or cancel other major sport or culture events , which would happen it 3, 4or more months , but WSOP officials haven't made their mind yet what theya re going to do . Not that I am against this calm approach , trying to earn some time , see what next days will be like or whatever , I like this . I am just saying why other rushed so much to take immediate decisions , as if waiting for 15 days , one month or twoo months might be disastrous , really strange behavior , really it makes you wonder ....

Anyway , Las Vegas is a dead/desert city now , evrything closed , disaster for the casinos and some good profitable series of pker that they would run this summer ....
 CALICUL03/04/2020 13:43:50 GMT
It's not too big a disaster for casinos but their losses are quite large. When things get back to normal people will play more and spend if their unemployment is paid. It is important for people to realize that it is not good for the economy and to start quickly the restart of the jobs.
 dule-vu03/04/2020 19:47:45 GMT
antonis321 at this moment there is not chance that we will have wsop this year!at this moment in america they have 245 000 people who are affected with corona and who know where is end of it,so everything will be stopped for sure in next months!we know that now everything is closed in las vegas and they cant think on wsop in this moment!
 antonis32104/04/2020 07:33:27 GMT
So many infected , this is very sad news , I heard sth that it will take a long time , some months to find the vaccine , I hope this is exaggeration , I wish they will find a way to restrict it asap , this month or next month .
Ofcourse , on the meanwhile any thoughts for some events to take place , despite the cancellations of the previous days/months , is totally unrealistic . If a miracle doesn't happen , WSOP cancellation is a standard to bet , a safe bet and win . Although , I wonder , could they play few of the WSOP events (the non online ones ) also online , logically with far less prizes ?????? I wouldn't like to see sth like this . Better postpone it for a six month period , or cancel it at all ......
 CALICUL04/04/2020 16:52:18 GMT
Too much infection with lies because here we are talking about political things that many of us do not understand... Fear is not good and people have two options 1. To stay at home. 2. To go out and not to obey the law. Las Vegas will be ok for a while.
 dule-vu05/04/2020 17:59:25 GMT
would be good that somebody stop this spaming in every thread about corona and lies about everything!
antonis for sure there will be nothing in america in next months,dont know till when,but when you see in what problems they are,its say everything!I dont think that they will make this online,because in america there is not legal to play online poker,so how would americans played this?but even if they can play,this wouldnt be same game,its not like when is live and ofcourse who know how much money they get for live game on tv!
 CALICUL05/04/2020 18:10:42 GMT
Coronavirus has semi-closed many countries and it is normal for all people to talk about it. I read a lot and this is a biological terrorist attack. Because of that we people suffer and business owners as well. I would like those who rule the world to be arrested and judge by a coorect law.
 antonis32106/04/2020 09:24:53 GMT
Yes , you are right , there is no legally regulated online poker in all US states ,so it wouldn't be possible this series , at least some of tits games to played online , and declare a World Champion for each event played .

If not all players from the world have the chance to compete in this series of WSOP tournaments , for sure we cannot say the winner would be a World champion Smile

He would be a ''regional winner'' . WSOP has all this glamour and fame , because all players from around the world come to compete each other , for the greatest prizepools . If not all can play if they wish , if the prizepools are too low and very decreased , this is not worthy of WSOP fame and history Smile
 dule-vu07/04/2020 20:12:06 GMT
there is no chance that we will wsop if corona stay in every country for next month or two!you just cant make this kind of tournaments in las vegas!people cant fly from their countries,americans cant play online (and this isnt online series,so wouldnt be same) and everything is closed in las vegas at this moment!who would think on poker,when they so many people in danger,especially in new york!
 antonis32108/04/2020 01:31:35 GMT
Yes , absolutely sure noone wants to think of live poker , when they have to deal with these everyday isolation problems and the dangers due to corona virus . These days , online poker has shown its great value , importance and contribution to the game , thanks to online poker players can still grind , try to win their poker earnings or even big lifechanging money , despite the ipossibility to play their favorite live casino games or tournaments .

Also there are restrictions in movement , airports , transportation , so players probably wouldn't be able to travel to Las Vegas to play in , online , all tournaments .

It might seem like science fiction fantasy scenario Smile But think , If this series was actually possible to be played in one major poker room ,like PartyPoker or 888 or PokerStars , many would take part , much more than other online smaller poker rooms , but still many would not have the possibility to play , they would be excluded , every poker room is not in all countries Smile .

But then there's ACR , lol , Big Smile ,, which might not be so big/great room as the prerefered , but it is still big , it offers poker almost everywhere in the USA , also in MOST counties (amost every state ??) around the world , much more countries than every other poker room , although I think I saw in the recent past a video saying they departed from some countries cause players there couldn't deposit Blink That's normal . If they want to find a online way by all means for this series to be played out , I would recommend without precaytions or hesitation the Americas Cardroom (ACR) , for sure , we could say then that the winner of such a wsop online tourney is a world champion Smile

Not that this is possible to happen , just saying what I would like to see SmileIf it's true that this corona virus outbreak will last 2 years , the same as most huge influenza virus outbreaks in the world the last century , then probably not even next year WSOP will happen , they might have to find a way to deal with this fact Smile

 CALICUL08/04/2020 08:53:21 GMT
The coronavirus pandemic has turned Las Vegas into a ghost town. Nightlife and its eccentric tourist attractions they were stopped until the politicians decide to start again. I have two neighbors from the neighborhood who are in this city and took pictures. It's incredibly empty.
 dule-vu08/04/2020 20:32:51 GMT
yes antonis321,there is no chance that something will change fast in las vega or any big city in america!today I found news at one site from my country,where man from bosnia,who live for long time in america and work in las vegas casino as security,describe situation in that city!whole town is dead,nothing work,people buy everything,especially toilet paper and guns!yes,guns,lot of them,because there is legal to own it!so who know where is end!
 antonis32109/04/2020 19:00:30 GMT
I believe this crisis will end someday soon ,at least this is what I hope for. Cause if a serious pandemic can last up to two years , just imagine this chaotic situation to go on for two more years , i don't want to imagine this scenario at all !!!!! Bad for our everyday lives , our pshychology , our '' pockets '' , bad for all the businesses , among them casinos and sportbetting companies Smile

I just wonder , if they hadn't taken all these measures , what would be the condition two months ago , now, in 5-10 months ?? Milions more would have died ??? Some more thousands ?? Is it really so deadly , that millions or hundreds of millions could die?? I see from seasonal flu 1-4 millions in two years can die during a pandemic . I have never heard governments to take so serious measures for seasonal flue , just to save some of these 1-4 millions . I am just sceptical ....... Maybe I don't know how to read the statistics, the viruses' history ,I don't know ...Or maybe it's one more proof that this world is full of countless sheep , and some dogs to watch them , watch them until their ''time'' comes ...

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