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Lucky Neko GigabloxTM (Yggdrasil)

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Posted on 10 September 2020 by "T".

Yggdrasil Gaming unveils a game-changing mechanic in their latest slot release - Lucky Neko GigabloxTM.

This tranquil yet exciting Orient-themed slot takes you to a traditional shop in Japan, where you get to see Daruma dolls and the lucky cat which are Japanese symbols for good things to come.

  • Lucky Neko GigabloxTM slot has a 6x4 reelset with 40 paylines.
  • You can win up to 6,950x your stake in this slot game.
  • The game can be played across all devices and it has a RTP of 96.40%.

This lucky-themed game has the new GigabloxTM mechanic with generous bonus features - Gigablox symbols land on every spin, a Wild symbol, and Free Spins with Expanded Reels and a 5x Blessed symbol.

Check out the Lucky Neko GigabloxTM slot and its colossal-sized Gigablox, which can land on each spin! All symbols can land as Gigablox sized up to 6x6 on the reels.

  • In the Base game the Gigablox sizes are: 2x2, 3x3, and 4x4
  • In Free Spins the Gigablox sizes can be: 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5 and 6x6!

Hit 5 or more Free Spin (Cat) symbols in the base game to trigger the Free Spins feature. Each Free Spin symbol awards 1 Free Spin. Hit additional Free Spin symbols in the Free Spins round to earn extra Free Spins.

  • Expanding Reels - The reels can expand to 6x8 in the Free Spins round.
  • Blessed Symbol - For each Free Spins session, one random symbol becomes Blessed. All wins with the Blessed symbol get a 5x Multiplier!

Not only that, as you play the game you get to hear basic Japanese phrases or sentences like Arigatou (Thank you), Arigatou Gozaimasu (more polite form of Thank you), Nanika osagashi desu ka (Are you looking for something?), Omatase shimashita (I'm sorry to have kept you waiting), Omedetou (Congratulations), Sugoi (Awesome) and many others.

Senior Product Strategist at Yggdrasil Jonas Strandman said, "Every spin of Lucky Neko GigabloxTM is a joy to play. With the Gigablox reels the next big win is just around the corner and the free spins offer some serious win potential from time to time. We continue to drive innovation throughout the industry and can't wait to see how the GigabloxTM mechanic is received by our fans across the globe."

The GigabloxTM mechanic follows the series of two other exciting mechanical innovations this year, SplitzTM and MultiMax introduced in the popular game MultiFly.

Sit back, unwind, get to learn a few foreign phrases and enjoy the hospitality and rich culture of Japan with this relaxing new slot from Yggdrasil Gaming, the Lucky Neko GigabloxTM!


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13 comments on "Lucky Neko GigabloxTM (Yggdrasil)"

 dule-vu10/09/2020 08:56:29 GMT
this kind of news about new slot I like and when you can see short video that explain everything and what can you expect from this slot!this will be very interesting slot and this is something new on market!I think that we didnt had any slot like this and its great what kind of different gigablox you can get,in free spins they will be even bigger!must say that I will play this slot for sure!
 geseco1210/09/2020 19:43:35 GMT
Well this slot sounds interesting to play, good video explained correctly to play it effectively, well I think I'll play it later.
 dule-vu11/09/2020 19:44:22 GMT
too bad that on lot of sites that will offer this slot,I cant play anymore,because of stupid goverment restrictions and now even with VPN I cant play on party casino,because they show me message that I cant log in from my country!
must say that this slot have something that you just need to try it and hope that I will find site where I can play it!
 antonis32111/09/2020 21:23:47 GMT
Interesting slot , cute them and enjoyable mucic , the Japaneese language , all these make it very cool and likeable to play it . Ofcourse the gigablox can give you megawins and the free spins can boost your winnings with all the features this gamehas tooffer . very nice game , i would love to give it a try in one of the sites that BRM suggests . Good luck everyone playing it Smile
 CALICUL13/09/2020 08:17:54 GMT
Yggdrasil Gaming has been active in this field for several years and sometimes offers beautiful things which matters most to gamblers. This new game can be something special as well because can bring interesting prizes. Good luck, guys.
 dule-vu13/09/2020 09:27:39 GMT
yes,this symbols and their language bring something special to this slot and something different then other slots!probably players from whole world will love to play it,because its not normal way of reels and symbols!just depend how much will this game took money from players,this will show how much they will play it!
 CALICUL14/09/2020 09:52:14 GMT
I played a Japanese game a few years ago and it was very beautiful. Songs were not many ( they chosen intentionally and pleasantly). Slot games can be the same and then there is a greater pleasure to play because of a good ambiance.
 antonis32114/09/2020 19:33:01 GMT
I like very much japanese themes and songs , either its songs or video games , also slots Smile I have spotted recently two slot games , their music is awesome , I want to listen to them , especially to one of them like a maniac , I log in I listen to the music and that's all , not playing , it log me out but I can stil listen to the music , lol . lol Now that's not cool for the casino , or the game provider , maybe this is a reason not to make awesome music for a slot game , it really absorves you completely , lol Smile
 CALICUL17/09/2020 14:47:13 GMT
The Japanese nation have a different culture and beautiful. Their songs are very interesting, relaxing or enjoyable. You don't have to think for play this slot, if are a bigger or smaller gambler because have your chances and the joy of playing.
 dule-vu19/09/2020 10:33:47 GMT
now its hard to find site that every of this new game,but on which I can play without any restrictions or which my goverment didnt ban!unibet is one of sites that I still can log in and play,but didnt make deposit there for months!casino sites from my country dont have slots from this company!
 CALICUL19/09/2020 15:20:29 GMT
In Romania we know which are casinos, sports betting halls, poker rooms, lotteries or something else... where we can play legally. The others who do not buy a license have their sites blocked, due to a government order. We have slot games and it's good.
 geseco1220/11/2020 03:29:44 GMT
The lucky cat, so that you always win and not be frustrated, I like this slot a lot for the rituals that they do to always win like the cat and the maruma doll, although slot games in general do not depend on them. Cabalas that worked to come out of the bad streak in the games and that it goes well.
 dule-vu27/12/2021 17:00:47 GMT
this game and some others from yggdrasil company changed concept of normal slots because they made slot with this gigablox system and how they fall from top,so you can make bigger winnings!ofcourse not all players like it,but it was something new that other companies didnt have!

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