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Frost Queen Jackpots (Yggdrasil)

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Posted on 13 January 2021 by "T".

Come visit the Frost Queen in her icy lair and take home incredible jackpots with Yggdrasil's new video slot release, Frost Queen Jackpots.

Check out this winter fairytale-themed slot game that comes with several features including the very rewarding Infinite Treasure Chests Bonus Game and 5 different Jackpots!

  • Frost Queen Jackpots has a 5x3 reelset with 20 fixed paylines.
  • You can win up to €15,000 or 1,265x your bet in this video slot game.
  • The game can be played across all devices and it has a RTP of 96%.

This charming fairytale-inspired game is packed with awesome and rewarding features. There are no Wild symbols in this slot game, but the game has several bonus features. To unlock them, you would need to collect Scatters, keys and gemstones.

Treasure Chest Bonus Game

There are 2 ways into the Treasure Chest Bonus Game.

1. Land 3 or more Scatter symbols to active the Magic Mirror, then trigger Bonus Game.

  • 3 Scatters = Bonus Game
  • 4 Scatters = Bonus Game + 50x bet
  • 5 Scatters = Bonus Game + 500x be

2. Trigger Bonus Game from the Magic Mirror in the Pick&Click Game.

To win in the Treasure Chest Bonus Game, choose one of the three chests on each level. Each time you get to find a reward you will advance to the next chamber. The chests can contain: 5x up to 100x bet, or 1 random key towards the Free Spins collection.

Pick & Click Chest Game

Land 2 Scatters to trigger the Pick&Click Chest Game and win one of these prizes:

  • - 1x to 4x bet
  • - Magic Mirror (awards 10 Free Spins or the Bonus Game)
  • - 1 random key towards the Free Spins collection

Three Ways into Jackpot Free Spins

There are 3 ways into the Jackpot Free Spins.

Land 3 or more Scatter symbols to activate the Magic Mirror, then trigger Free Spins.

To win a jackpot, you need to collect 5 identical gems. Jackpot gems appear in all Free Spins modes. All Jackpot Free Spins line wins receive a 3x multiplier.

  • 3 Scatters = 10 Free Spins
  • 4 Scatters = 10 Free Spins + 50x bet
  • 5 Scatters = 10 Free Spins + 500x bet

Collect 5 identical Keys to get 10 Free Spins + 1 Jackpot Gem.

Trigger Free Spins from the Magic Mirror in the Pick&Click Game to get 10 Free Spins.


Discover riches hidden within the frost queen's mountain abode with Yggdrasil's newest slot game Frost Queen Jackpots!

Release Date: January 21, 2021

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13 comments on "Frost Queen Jackpots (Yggdrasil)"

 dule-vu13/01/2021 15:42:10 GMT
something new and interesting from yggdrasil company!not so much about base game winnings and combinations,but in bonus games,free spins bonus,where you can get jackpot on interesting way,but ofcourse its hard to come till that step!its now on your luck,will you pass this steps and to guess right chest three times!we will see how people will react on this new slot!
 geseco1213/01/2021 16:09:07 GMT
I like slots, well of course this is to have fun and have a good time at home, but it is not a profitable game so do not get frustrated if you lose, that game is like that, that's why I play it more for fun, I think this year the slots are more graphically elaborated, I think to draw attention also of course with tremendous promotions.
 CALICUL14/01/2021 10:15:03 GMT
Geseco12, most slot players go to slot games for a profit of a few hundred euros, so they can be satisfied, but almost all still dream of a jackpot or a bigger prize. This thing is possible. Customers of these devices would not have come to play, if they always lost. They know that, because it is possible to win at slots.
 geseco1214/01/2021 16:23:05 GMT
The slots are very good in these times since they come with great promotions, besides that they paint us as an almost true story, and that catches the players of this site, who hook you to play it all day even though you are losing money , I think I still like to play slots a lot, no matter the version, the story, what I need is to have fun.
 Rogerio1015/01/2021 06:56:19 GMT
Those are the slots i usualy play and have most fun too. Not a fan of classic slots. It's just different when you have free spins, bonuses and jackpots possible. Even that i know i am loosing in long run i am here an there investing some money in it just to try win big and have some fun.
 dule-vu15/01/2021 10:00:07 GMT
yggdrasil is not so popular in last years at players ,so they must change something and they try to offer new slots like this,that force players to comeback and to play their slots!other companies make better slots and last year had big expansion on slots,especially trough corona time,so they made some best slots on market!
 geseco1216/01/2021 19:02:05 GMT
I have played some slots, and I think it would be played for fun, because it is not profitable, in the long term you will always lose, but there I have heard that there are people who play it because they win daily, but I do not know if it will be true, but I think that happens in the end when the system realizes that they already ate enough money, and in the end it releases the prize, and lucky the player who was playing that moment, and I think they do it for that.
 CALICUL17/01/2021 13:58:31 GMT
The fact that many of us always lose is because we are not very talented at slot games. There are enough customers who make money. It is true, that not so many... but they have withdrawals. Try to learn with the free slots from brm.
 CALICUL02/09/2021 19:57:10 GMT
An interesting thing about this game is the 5 different Free Spin modes. I've never heard of this before and i guess it's a good slot. The prizes are good, there are chances to win and we must try. Maybe i'll ever find this game because i find it tempting.
 CALICUL12/10/2021 11:09:14 GMT
is an interesting game where the prize can become more than 50,000 euros as i saw recently. I played a little and i saw that the prizes are different depending on the country. However, it is an interesting slot and can make beautiful differences in case of winning
 CALICUL03/11/2021 19:28:15 GMT
winter is coming and probably this slot game will again be appreciated and played by more people because it has something to offer. Here a prize of a few thousand dollars is good and with a maximum you even have something beautiful if you win it. It is important how often that prize is accumulated. Anyway, this slot is nice.
 CALICUL26/11/2021 00:02:17 GMT
I found this slot and i thought of playing with real money, but i lost it quickly because i closed the page and i couldn't find it. I should play the free version again. to see how it looks. because i have some dollars and i want to risk them.
 CALICUL14/12/2021 12:08:41 GMT
more work needs to be done on this slot in the remaining two weeks of this year because an incentive of prizes can attract these players to play more and it will be something right for them but also for the winners. When you give more you get more if people play.

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